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Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Digital Collection    Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures

A descriptive reading on Alaska.  by W. H. Rau  1890   OpL

Alaska, and Missions on the North Pacific Coast ,    by Sheldon Jackson   New York: Dodd Mead and Company, 1880   LC

Appleton's Guide-Book to Alaska and the Northwest Coast    by Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1893   LC

The building of railroads in Alaska.    United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Territories - 1918   Goo   vol 1-9

Chinook As Spoken By the Indians of Washington Territory, British Columbia and Alaska; for the Use of Traders, Tourists and Others Who Have Business Intercourse With the Indians: Chinook-English, English-Chinook ,     by Charles Montgomery Tate   Victoria, BC: M.W. Waitt, ca. 1889    Can 

English-Eskimo and Eskimo-English Vocabularies, Preceded By Ethnographical Memoranda Concerning the Arctic Eskimos in Alaska and Siberia ,    by Roger Wells and John W. Kelly    1890    Can

The Fairbanks and Rampart Quadrangles, Yukon-Tanana Region, Alaska.  by Louis Marcus Prindle. 1908   Goo

General information regarding the territory of Alaska.     United States. Dept. of the Interior.    Washington,: Govt. print. off, 1912    MoA

Geographic dictionary of Alaska     by Baker, Marcus   1902   Arc  Goo

Glimpses of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Wash. and the Great Northwest      Chicago: Laird and Lee,   1909    LC

... History of Alaska: 1730-1885.    by Hubert Howe Bancroft, Alfred Bates, Ivan Petroff, William Nemos. 1886    Goo 

Isolated Paradise: An Administrative History of the Katmai and     by Frank B. Norris   NPS

Kaffir, Kangaroo, Klondike: Tales of the Gold Fields   by Thaddeus William Henry Leavitt   Toronto: R.H.C. Browne, 1898   Can

Klondyke Nuggets: Being a Brief Description of the Famous Gold Regions of the Great Canadian Northwest and Alaska ,   by Joseph Ladue     New York: American technical book co., 1897     LC     Gut

Klondike, the Chicago Record 's book for gold seekers     Goo    

Alaska and the Klondike gold fields ...: practical instructions ...    by A. C. Harris  1897   Goo

Legacy of the Gold Rush: An Administrative History of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park ,    by Frank B. Norris    NPS

Map of Alaska Showing Known Gold-bearing Rocks...    by Geological Survey (U.S.), Samuel Franklin Emmons - Gold mines, mining  1898    Goo

Minutes of the Daily Proceedings, Alaska Constitutional Convention ,     by Alaska Constitutional Convention (1955-56) AK

The Native Tribes of Alaska: An Address Before the Section of Anthropology of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, At Ann Arbor, August      by William Healey Dall   1885    Can

Pocket Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon: the Indian Trading Language of Alaska, the Northwest Territory and the Northern Pacific Coast     San Francisco: Downing & Clark, 1898    Can

Reply of the Alaska Commercial Company to the charges of Governor Alfred P. Swineford, of Alaska, against the company in his Annual report for the year 1887.    S._ : S.W. Ravely, 1888?    MoA

Seal and Salmon Fisheries and General Resources of Alaska ...: Reports by W ... By United States. Dept. of the Treasury Special Agents Division, David Starr Jordan, Henry Wood    1898  Goo

Settlers , prospectors, and tourists guide     by Newton H. Chittenden,   Arc

Sights and Scenes in Oregon, Washington and Alaska for Tourists ,    by Union Pacific Railway Company     LC

Sketches of an Excursion to Southern Alaska ,    by Aaron Ladner Lindsley   LC

A study of the Thlingets of Alaska   By Livingston French Jones  1914  Goo

Travels in Alaska ,     by John Muir     SiC    Gut

Two Women in the Klondike: The Story of a Journey to the Gold-Fields of Alaska ,      by Mary Evelyn Hitchcock   NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1899   Can

What Has Alaska to Offer Postwar Pioneers?      by Merle Colby   1944    His 

A Woman's Trip to Alaska: Being an Account of a Voyage Through the Inland Seas of the Sitkan Archipelago in 1890 ,    by Septima M. Collis    New York: Cassell, 1890   Can

Wonderland: or, The Pacific Northwest and Alaska      by John Hyde   Chicago: Rand McNally, 1888   LC

The Yukon Territory: the narrative of W.H. Dall, leader of the expedition into Alaska in 1866-1868; the narrative of an exploration made in 1887 in the Yukon district by George M. Dawson; extracts from the report of an exploration made in 1896-1897 by Wm. Ogilvie       by Dall, William Healey, 1845-1927 Dawson, George Mercer, 1849-1901 Ogilvie, William, 1846-1912 Trimmer, F. Mortimer     LondonDowney, 1898    OpL