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HT A brief genealogy of the Baldwins by N.A. Baldwin. 1891

FHB Ancestors and descendants of the James family : the Lobdell family and collateral families of Baldwin - Bryan - Burwell - Fenn - Heath - Hyatt - Pierce - Prentice - Reynold - Scott

FHB Baldwin ancestry by Millie Eva When Baldwin, b1853

VOL 2 Baldwin family history

VOL 1 Baldwin family history

FHB Genealogy and reminiscences of our Baldwin family by James Baldwin, b. 1848

HT Genealogy of Baldwins from Queens County, Ireland, and their descendents in America and elsewhere by William Baldwin. 1918

vol 2 Genealogy of the Crane family [Henry Crane (ca.1635-1711) and Benjamin Crane (ca.1630-1691), brothers (according to the author), immigrated from England to Wethersfield, Connecticut ]

FHB Hendry / Sedgwick, Sutcliffe / Baldwin : a family history [John Littleberry Hendry, son of Littleberry B. Hendry (1825-1891) and Amanda Bradley (1829-1907), was born in Taylor's Creek, Georgia. He married Alice Sedgwick]

Goo Investigations concerning the family of Baldwin, of Aston Clinton by Joseph Lemuel Chester 1884

FHB Matthew Williams, c1612-c1666, of Wethersfield, Connecticut and descendants : principal collateral lines: Ackerman, Baldwin, Brundage, Crane, Edison, McCandless, Ogden, Swaine, Tapp, Treat, VerPlanck, Winfrey

FHB Pedigree chart & war records of Baldwin, Jamison, Croxall and allied families

Arc Sons of the Puritans : a group of brief biographies    American Unitarian Association

HT supplement. The Baldwin genealogy By CC Baldwin, Cleveland leader. Print, 1889

OpL The Baldwin genealogy from 1500 to 1881. by C. C. Baldwin, Leader printing company, 1881

Goo The Baldwin Genealogy Supplement by Charles Candee Baldwin 1889
Aaron FHB The descendants of Deacon Aaron Baldwin of North Branford, Conn., 1724-1800, with a brief account of his ancestors
Alice Uta An Army Wife on the Frontier: The Memoirs of Alice Blackwood Baldwin, 1867-1877, ed Robert C. Carriker and Eleanor R. Carriker
Betsy FHB Dr. Jonas C. and Mrs. Betsy Baldwin : the founders of Baldwinsville, New York, and some of their descendants
Charles Goo Memorial of Charles Candee Baldwin, LL. D.: late president of the Western … By George Frederick Wright
Christopher Goo Diary of Christopher Columbus Baldwin: librarian of the American … American Antiquarian Society 1901
Elizabeth HTD Ancestors and descendants of Lewis Dodd and Elizabeth (Baldwin) Dodd … By Bethuel Lewis Dodd, 1826- 1889
Henry MoA A memoir of Henry Perrine Baldwin, 1842-1911 by Arthur Douglas Baldwin, 1876- Clevln 1915
Henry 1893 In memory of the Honorable Henry Porter Baldwin of Detroit 1893
Homer FHB Baldwin line of Homer E. Baldwin
Jeduthan Goo The revolutionary journal of Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, 1775-1778 1906
John HT A record of the descendants of John Baldwin of Stonington, Conn. : with notices of other Baldwins who settled in America in early colony times by John D. Baldwin, 1809-1883. 1880
John Goo Memorial of John Denison Baldwin: minister, legislator and journalist by Samuel Elias Stapels 1884
Jonas FHB Dr. Jonas C. and Mrs. Betsy Baldwin : the founders of Baldwinsville, New York, and some of their descendants
Loammi Goo A sketch of the life and works of Loammi Baldwin: civil engineer, … by George Leonard Vose 1885
Marcia FHB Descendants of John Calvin and Marcia Field Baldwin, 1816-1984 by Richards, Choice Baldwin, 1889-1978; Richards, Grace Choice, b. 1917 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Matthias Opl Memorial of Matthias W. Baldwin, 1795-1866. Collins, 1867
Roger Goo An address at the funeral of Hon. Roger Sherman Baldwin, February … by Samuel William Southmayd Dutton 1863
Sylvester Arc Notes on the ancestry of Sylvester Baldwin fl. 1638 by C. C. Baldwin (Charles Candee), 1834-1895
Thomas Goo Memoir of Rev. Thomas Baldwin: late pastor of the Second Baptist … 1841
Thomas KDL Narrative of the massacre, by the savages, of the wife and children of Thomas Baldwin, who, since the melancholy period of the destruction of his unfortunate family….western part of the state of Kentucky
William Goo An American citizen: the life of William Henry Baldwin, jr 1910
William Goo Memorial to William Henry Baldwin, Jr by People's Institute (New York, N.Y.) 1905
William Goo William H. Baldwin, president of the Boston Young Men's Christian … by George S. Baldwin 1910

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