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Buchanan Goo Memoir of the Last Illness and Death of the Late William Tharp Buchanan, Esq ... by William Shepherd, of Ilfracombe William Shepherd 1837
Buchanan FHB Shadrach & Hopey Rogers and family : including allied families of Ainsworth, Barfield, Barnes, Biglane, Bradford, Buchanan, Carr, Craft, Doughty, Duckworth, Haralson, Hinton, Hobgood,
Buchanan Goo The Story of a Labor Agitator, Joseph R. Buchanan: by Joseph Ray Buchanan 1903
Buck OpL Buck history and genealogy by Samuel Buck, Free Press Printing Co., 1917
Buck Arc Genealogy of the Buck family by Elizabeth S. Richards Eagle Book and Job Press, 1913
Buck OpL Genealogy of the Samuel Buck family by Horace B. Buck, O.B. Wood, 1894
Buck Arc The Bucks of Wethersfield, Connecticut and the Families with which They are … by Albert Henry Buck
Buck LC Yankee trader in the gold rush; the letters of Franklin A. Buck, (1826-1909) A native of Maine working in New York City when he heard of the gold strikes and set out for California in January 1849 compiled by Katherine A. White
Buckingham Goo A partial list of the descendants of Dan and Philena (Guernsey) Buckingham
Buckingham Arc Memorial addresses on the life and character of Wm. Alfred Buckingham, (a Senator of Connecticut), delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, Forty-third Congress, second session, February 27 and March 1, 1875, with other tributes of respect
Buckingham vol 1 Personal memoirs and recollections of editorial life, By Joseph Tinker Buckingham
Buckingham Arc Southworth, with collateral lines : Buckingham, Collier, Kirtland, Pratt, Shipman : ancestral record of Henry Martyn Lewis by Harriet Southworth Lewis Barnes, 1860-
Buckingham Goo The Buckingham family: or, The descendants of Thomas Buckingham, … by Frederick William Chapman, William Alfred Buckingham 1872
Buckland Arc Buckland genealogy by W. Tracy Eustis,
Buckles FHB Who is in my genes? : French -- Taber -- Morrison -- Klinglesmith families of Hardin County, Kentucky; with family lines of Abell, Allen, Ament, Buckles, Crume, Harris…
Buckminster Arc Biography of J.S. Buckminster [ Joseph Stevens, 1784-1812 ], S.C. Thacher and J.E. Abbot
Buckminster Goo Memoirs of Rev. Joseph Buckminster, D. D., and of His Son, Rev. Joseph Stevens Buckminster. By Eliza Buckminster Lee. 1849
Buckminster vol 2 The works of Joseph Stevens Buckminster: with memoirs of his life: 1839
Bucks HT The Bucks of Wethersfield, Connecticut and the families with which they are connected by marriage : a biographical and genealogical sketch. By Albert H. Buck,  1909
Budd FHB A brief pedigree of Merritt Lum Budd, Jr., born November 16, 1916
Budd OpL Reminiscences of Isaac and Rachael (Budd) Collins by John Collins, Lippincott, 1893
Buell Arc "The cannoneer." Recollections of service in the Army of the Potomac byAugustus Buell,
Buffield FHB The ancestry of Richard Keith Slaymaker : Allen, Barnes, Bates, Beeghly (U.S., Germany), Bell, Bergman (Germany), Blanchard, Bosworth, Brown, Cleveland, Curry, Curtis, Dean (U.S.)….
Buffington FHB A brief history of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman and Woodside families : and their collateral kindred of Pennsylvania
Buffum FHB The American ancestors of Josiah Abbott Obear : families, Batchelder, Bean (e)/Beans, Bland/Smith, Buffum, Chalkley/Chawkley, Chandler, Davis, Dodge, Drake, Els (t) on/Helson, Fowler, Gorball, Hall, Haukins/Hawkins,
Buford Goo A genealogy of the Buford family in America: with records of a number of …‎ 1903
Buford UNC The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits, Adventures and Travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army, by Loreta Janeta Velazquez, ed. by C. J. Worthington
Buist vol 1 Sermons by the Reverend George Buist, D. D. : minister of the Presbyterian Church and President of the College of Charleston, South Carolina George Buist, 1770-1808
Buist vol 2 Sermons by the Reverend George Buist, D. D. : minister of the Presbyterian Church and President of the College of Charleston, South Carolina George Buist, 1770-1808
Bulkeley FHB The ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912) wife of Learner Blackman Harrison : with lines from Adams, Allyn, Andrews, Austin, Bachelder, Bishop, Blake, Blanchard, Boylston, Bright, Bronson, Bulkeley, Butler, Call, Cooke, Clarke, Crawford
Bulkey HT Bates; a brief history and genealogy of Joseph Harrison Bates. By his son Madison C. Bates. 1915
Bull Arc Meet your grandfather, a sketch-book of the Hagood-Tobin family by Johnson Hagood
Bull Goo Record of the Descendents of John and Elizabeth Bull, Early Settlers in … by James Henry Bull, Anita Newcomb McGee - 1919
Bullen FHB Genealogy of the families of Gallemore, Bullen, McAnulty, Pierce, MacFarland and Dunlap : from 87 years B.C. to 1922 A.D.
Bullitt OpL My life at Oxmoor life on a farm in Kentucky before the War by Thomas Walker , John Pitt. Morton and Co., 1911
Bullock FHB A Bullock family history from Rehoboth to Holcomb (1643-1957) [Richard Bullock (1622-1667) [ immigrated in 1643 from England to Rehoboth, Massachusetts, moved to Newtown, Long Island…]
Bullock Arc A genealogy of Charles Carlson and Caroline Marie Haas, Utah immigrants by Bullock, Kenneth C, 1918-
Bullock Arc Address of His Excellency, Alexander H. Bullock - Massachusetts. Governor, 1866-1869
Bullock FHB Descendants of Peter Muncy : with genealogy of the Bullock, Davenport, Muncie, and Helton families by Bullock, Henry Washington, 1866-
Bullock FHB The descendants of Francis Muncy I : with genealogy of allied families of Adams, Brewster, Ludlow, Skidmore, Smith, Anderson, Wheatley, Wynn, ...Davenport, Bullock, Brantley, Brown, Connell, Wells
Bullock vol 2 The Hickman family history : John Peter Hickman (1740-1825) and his descendants : including the allied families
Bullock vol 1 The Hickman family history : John Peter Hickman (1740-1825) and his descendants : including the allied families of …Bennett, Blevins, Blakeley, Brown, Bullock, Harkins…
Bullock FHB Wolfe and Hickman of East Tennessee
Bumgarner FHB A genealogy of Stephen Bumgarner (1811-1901) by Friend, Flora Bumgarner, 1914-
Bumstead Arc Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA by Jesse Howell Finch
Bunderson FHB A biography of William Rudolph Bunderson and Lucy Irene Roe
Bundy LC Early days in the Chippewa Valley, [Wis] by Charles Smith Bundy, 1831-1928. Menomonie, Wis., Flint-Douglas ptg. Co, 1916.
Bunn FHB The ancestors and descendants of George Thomas Smith and Gertrude Bartlett Smith : - part I, family history - part II, lineages of associated families including: ….Badlesmere, Bartlett, Beamon, Belmeis, Bigod, Bliss, Bohun, Braiose, Bunn…
Bunn Cor The life and adventures of Matthew Bunn. By Matthew Bunn, b. 1772?
Burbank Goo Contribution to the genealogy of the Burbank and Burbanck families in the United States. By Gideon Tibbetts Ridlon1880
Burbank Goo Defence of Lieut. Col. Gardner Burbank: before the general court-martial … Gardner Burbank 1819
Burch Arc Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA by Jesse Howell Finch
Burdette OpL The drums of the 47th by Robert J. Burdette, The Bobbs-Merrill company, 1914
Burdge Arc Burdge-Burdg family : Monmouth County, N.J. headstone inscriptions by George Castor Martin, b. 1885
Burford HT Burford genealogy, showing the ancestors and descendants of Miles Washington Burford and Nancy Jane Burford, the father and the mother of Wesley B. Burford, the compiler 1914
Burford HT Genealogy of the Virginia family of Lomax … by one of the seventh generation in the direct line; with references to the Lunsford, Wormeley, Micou, Roy, Corbin….other prominent families of Virginia and Maryland. 1913
Burge UNC A Woman's Wartime Journal: an Account of the Passage over Georgia's Plantation of Sherman's Army on the March to the Sea, as Recorded in the Diary of Dolly Sumner Lunt (Mrs. Thomas Burge) New York: The Century Co., 191
Burgess FHB Brown family history : ancestors/descendants of Jesse Jacob Brown and Ruth May (Conrow) Brown : with connections to the following families -Marker, Michael, Moore, Powell, Schlaster, Stokes, Tanfield, Ulrich and Wright
Burgess Goo Burgess Genealogy: Memorial of the Family of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess, who … by Ebenezer Burgess - Massachusetts – 1865
Burgner HT History and genealogy of the Burgner family : in the United States of America, as descended from Peter Burgner, a Swiss emigrant of 1734 by Jacob Burgner. 1890
Burhans Goo Burhans Genealogy: Descendants from the First Ancestor in America, Jacob Burhans, 1550 and his son Jan Burhans, 1663 10 1893. by Samuel Burhans 1894
Burke FHB 3,500 years of Burkes
Burke FHB Descendants of John and Nancy Floyd by Mary Fay Campbell Schertz, 1909-
Burke Que Edmund Burke, New York Agent: With His Letters to the NY Assembly & Intimate Correspondence w/Charles O'Hara. 1956. by Ross J. S. Hoffman
Burke Cor Letter, Edmund Burke…[re] Effect of the Quebec Bill on the Boundary of NY
Burke FHB The Burke and Alvord memorial by J. A. Boutelle, (John Alonzo)
Burke Goo The Burke and Alvord Memorial: A GenealogicalAccount of the Descendants of … by John Alonzo Boutelle, William Alvord Burke 1864
Burkett FHB The descendents and ancestors of George Burkett (1788-1877) and Jane Spence Burkett (1793-1883) : and their children William Burkett, Jacob Burkett, Delilah Burkett Spence, Mary Burkett Alder, (James Burkett), Peter Burkett
Burleigh Goo The Genealogy of the Burley Or Burleigh Family of America by Charles Burleigh 1880
Burleson HT History and genealogy of the Burleson family. 1877
Burleson Goo The Life and Writings of Rufus C. Burleson: Containing a Biography of Dr … by Georgia Jenkins Burleson, Rufus Columbus Burleson, Harry Haynes - Baptists - 1901
Burley Goo The Genealogy of the Burley Or Burleigh Family of America by Charles Burleigh 1880
Burn HT Genealogical memoirs of the family of Robert Burns, and of the Scottish house of Burnes, by the Rev. Charles Rogers, 1825-1890. 1877
Burnes UNC Forget-me-nots of the Civil War; A Romance…Reminiscences..Original Letters of Two Confederate Soldiers
(North Carolina Infantry Regiment, 4th. Company F.) Laura Elizabeth Lee Battle & Bryan Burnes, St. Louis, Mo.: Press A. R. Fleming Prt Co. 1909
Burnet HT Genealogy of the Whipple-Wright, Wager, Ward-Pell, McLean-Burnet families, together with records of allied families, 1917 by Charles H. Whipple, 1849- 1917
Burnett MoA [pg 95] Family Monographs: The History of 24 Families living in the Middle West Side of NYC by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld, 1881-; 1905
Burnett FHB Genealogy of the Whipple, Wright, Wager, Ward, Pell, McLean, Burnett families together with records of allied families by Charles Henry Whipple,
Burnett FHB Lest we forget, history of the Burnett and Fuller families
Burnett LC Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer, by Peter H. Burnett, 1807-1895. New York, D. Appleton & company- California – 1880
Burnett FHB Some Onslow families : with collateral lines - Andrews, Bishop, Burnett, Ennett, Fisher, Horne, King, Lane, Lloyd, Mason, McClammy, McDaniel, Redd, Sidbury, Stockley, Stroscio, Thompson, Triscuizzi, Walker (Onslow County, North Carolina)
Burney Arc The house in St. Martin's street; being chronicles of the Burney family. With illus. by Ellen Goo. Hill - Hill, Constance, 1844?-1929
Burnham FHB A brief history of the Barber family [Three brothers named Barber immigrated from England to New England about 1650, and one of them settled in Rhode Island. Joseph Barber (b.1744), a direct descendant, moved about 1765 from Rhode Island ]
Burnham FHB A Holmes migration : from England through New England and Maine to New Brunswick, 1635-1992 David Holmes (ca. 1635-1666) was born in England and died in Milton, Massachusetts
Burnham Goo Address by Rev. A.W. Burnham, D.D., of Rindge, N.H.: At the Centennial … by Amos Wood Burnham 1865
Burnham Arc Genealogical records of Thomas Burnham, the emigrant : who was among the early settlers at Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. America, and his descendants
Burnham LC Recollections of the revolutionary war, from Bunker Hill to Yorktown. By John Burnham, 1749-1843. Woodbury & Haskell, 1881
Burnham Arc Seventy years a teacher. Sketch of the life of Rev. Jonas Burnham .. by Arthur Wellesley Perkins, 1860-
Burns HT Genealogy of the descendants of Rev. Thomas Guthrie, D.D., and Mrs. Anne Burns or Guthrie : connected chiefly with the families of Chalmers and Trail, to which Mrs. Guthrie belonged, through her mother, Mrs. Christiana Chalmers or Burns 1902
Burns HT The book of Robert Burns; genealogical and historical memoirs of the poet, his associates and those celebrated in his writings. by Charles Rogers, 1825-1890 1891
Burnside Goo Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Ambrose E. Burnside,.. United States Congress 1882
Burnz OpL In memoriam, Eliza Boardman Burnz, born, October 31, 1823, deceased, June 19, 1903. by Eliza Boardman Burnz Burnz & Co., 1906
Burr HT A genealogical record and history of the Georgia family in America; being the children and descendants of William and Sarah (Cable) Georgia and the children and descendants of Elijah Burr (1st) and Keziah (Stewart) Georgia
Burr 2 ed A General History of the Burr Family: With a Genealogical Record from 1193 ... by Charles Burr Todd 1878
Burr 4 ed A General History of the Burr Family: With a Genealogical Record from 1193 … by Charles Burr Todd 1902
Burr UGr Aaron Burr, Jr. (1756-1836): A Brief Biography by Alexander Valentine, 1996-7
Burr Arc An historic mansion, being an account of the Thaddeus Burr homestead, Fairfield , Connecticut, 1654-1915 by Frank Samuel Child, 1854-
Burr Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [ Theodosia Burr (Mrs. Joseph Alston)] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
Burr UPa Memoirs of Aaron Burr, 1756-1836: with miscellaneous selections from his correspondence by Matthew L. Davis. New York : Harper & brothers, 1836-37.
Burr MoA Prison life … the arrest, trial, conviction, imprisonment, treatment… and deliverance of Work, Burr, and Thompson… Missouri penitentiary, for attempting to aid slaves to liberty ..., George Thompson, 1804-1878
Burr Goo The Private Journal of Aaron Burr, During His Residence of Four Years in … by Aaron Burr 1838
Burrage OpL The Burrage Memorial. A genealogical history of the descendants of John Burrage who settled in Charlestoe, Mass in 1637. 1877
Burrell OpL A quiver of arrows being characteristic sermons of David Burrell, D.D., LL.D., delivered in the Marble collegiate church of New York City; selected and epitomized by Thomas Douglas, Ph.D, intro by Wayland Hoyt, D.D.,LL.D. 1902
Burrill Arc The Burrill family of Lynn, during the Colonial and Provinicial periods, with some of their descendants [ Burrill, George, ca. 1591-1653 ] by Ellen Mudge Burrill, 1872?-1937
Burritt Arc Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879; Modern agitators: or, Pen portraits of living American reformers by Bartlett, D. W. (David W.), 1828-1912
Burritt OpL One line of the Burritt family by Mary Lord Burritt Foster 1898
Burritt Arc Sketch of Rev. Blackleach Burritt and related Stratford families : a paper read before the Fairfield County Historical Society, at Bridgeport, Conn., Friday evening, Feb. 19, 1892 - Raymond, Marcius Denison, 1833-1911
Burritt Arc The Burritt family in America : descendants of William Burritt of Stratford, Connectucut, 1635-1940 by Lewis L Burritt
Burrough CTH A Memoir of the Life and Religious Labours of That Eminent Servant of Christ and Minister of the Gospel, Edward Burrough (revised from an 1850 edition by the Friends of Jesus Christ, Farmington Falls, ME, 2002), by William Evans, Edward Burrough
Burroughs Arc Genealogy of the Burroughs family by L. A. Burroughs, (Lewis Amos), b1820
Burrow vol 1 Ancestors of Parley Mark Stearns : Silsby
Burrow vol 2 Ancestors of Parley Mark Stearns : Silsby
Burrowes FCL Marcus Burrowes English Revival Architect. By Jean MoA. Fox. Farmington Hills (Mich) Historical Commission, 1992
Burrows FHB Descendants of Walter Everenden, powdermaker in Massachusetts, 1684
Burrows Goo Fifty Years in Iowa: Being the Personal Reminiscences of J. M. D. Burrows … by John McDowell D. Burrows - Davenport (Iowa) - 1888
Bursley FHB A brief account of the American branch of the Dimmick family [ Dimmick family; Bursley family; Bradford family; Gurley family; Lynnbert family ]
Bursley Arc Nathaniel Crocker, 1758-1855, his descendants and ancestors of the names of Allen, Blood, Bragg, Brewster, Bursley, Chase, Davis … with genealogies of many of their connections; a contribution to Mayflower genealogy 1923
Burt FHB [Cundiff family genealogy] : Descendants of William Henry Jackson Cundiff (1865-1923) and Arquilla May Rowe (1884-1967)
Burt Goo A great labour leader: being a life of the Right Hon. Thomas Burt 1908
Burt FHB A history of our families : Reginald Nelson Burt - Mary Amelia Wight and their parents, Thomas Albert Burt = Ingeborg Lenora Nelson and Thaddues Wight = Harriet Elizabeth Wight
Burt Goo A tribute to the memory of ... Charles Burt Robinson by James Phillippo Mursell 1862
Burt Arc Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA by Jesse Howell Finch
Burt Arc Biography of Ann Howell Burt by Sophy Valentine,
Burt Goo Early Days in New England: Life and Times of Henry Burt of Springfield and … by Henry Martyn Burt, Silas Wright Burt 1893
Burt Goo Genealogical records of Henry and Ulalia Burt, the emigrants who settled Springfield Mass … 1892
Burt Arc Genealogical records of Thomas Burnham, the emigrant : who was among the early settlers at Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. America, and his descendants
Burt FHB The legacy of the Burt family missionaries by Richard Wight Burt
Burt FHB The Mormon pioneer families of Mary Amelia Burt by Richard Wight Burt
Burt FHB The Reginald Nelson Burt family : Danish connection, Niels Hans Nielsen and Ane Cecelia Pedersen by Richard Wight Burt
Burt Goo William Austin Burt, inventor of the typewriter first constructed in any … By Horace Eldon Burt
Burton UNC Burton, Annie L., b.1858? Memories of Childhood's Slavery Days Boston: Ross Publishing Company, 1909
Burton NYPL Memories of childhood's slavery days, Annie L. Burton 1909
Burton FHB Pedigree of the family of Fletcher : connecting the families of Bracebridge and Keeling, Picking and Keen, Blakemore, Best, and Russell, Burton, Bainbrigge, and others
Burton Arc Re-union of the Burton and Robinson families: [Burton, Benjamin, d. 1763; Robinson, Moses, fl. 1740] records of proceedings, historical records and genealogy of the families, 1879
Burton Goo Richard F. Burton ...: his early, private and public life with an account of his travels and... By Francis Hitchman. 1887
Burton UNC What Experience Has Taught Me: An Autobiography [illus.] by Thomas William Burton, 1910
Burtons Goo The Hillyars and the Burtons: A Story of Two Families by Henry Kingsley 1899
Burwell FHB Ancestors and descendants of the James family : the Lobdell family and collateral families of Baldwin - Bryan - Burwell - Fenn - Heath - Hyatt - Pierce - Prentice - Reynold - Scott
Bush bk xlv Elsie Thoresen collection : Hirtle family genealogy (book xlv): Wolfe, Abbot Theodore - Zwicker, William Herman
Bush HT Genealogy of the descendants of John M. Bush and Jane Osterhoudt of Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y., 1791-1914. by Beatrice Bush, 1887- 1914
Bush FHB The Bush family of England, Virginia & Kentucky, 1568 - 1997
Bush FHB The family history of Theodore Rugg Noble : a descendent of the Westfield family of Thomas and Hannah Warriner Noble : with genealogical information of other families related by marriage : Bush, Campbell, Deming ...Stebbins, Treat, Walkup, Warriner, Wells
Bushnell Arc Bushnell, Horace, 1802-1876; Modern agitators: or, Pen portraits of living American reformers by Bartlett, D. W. (David W.), 1828-1912
Bushnell FHB Daniel Edwin Bushnell : a memorial by Bushnell, Emma Helen, 1866- Chattanooga : MacGowan-Cooke Pub. Co.
Bushong FHB Ancestry of Robert Wright Boyd Jr, 1911-1994 : including sketches of the Boyd, Bushong, Ellmaker, Gray, Lightner, Roberts, Rutter and Steinmetz families
Butcher OpL Gibbens-Butcher genealogy. by Alvaro F. Gibbens, G. B. Gibbens, 1894
Butt Arc A History of Captain Roswell Preston of Hampton, Connecticut, his ancestry and descendants ; including ancestry in the Eaton, Knowlton, Butt, Raymond, Witter, Killam, Hinds and other kindred families
Butt Arc The fountain in memory of Francis Davis Millet, 1846-1912 Archibald Willingham Butt, 1865-1912.
Butterbaugh FHB Brown family history : ancestors/descendants of Jesse Jacob Brown and Ruth May (Conrow) Brown : with connections to the following families -Marker, Michael, Moore, Powell, Schlaster, Stokes, Tanfield, Ulrich and Wright
Butterfield OpL Genealogy of Champion Spalding Chase and Mary Sophronia Butterfield, his wife. by Chase, Champion Spalding 1894
Butters Goo Harry Butters, R.F.A., "an American Citizen": Life and War Letters by Henry Augustus Butters, Denis OpL'Sullivan - World War, 1914-1918
Butters Goo The genealogical registry of the Butters family… by George Butters 1896
Butterworth Arc Diary : Clarkson Butterworth, born 1826, died 1916. A Quaker who lived most of his life in Clinton and Warren counties, Ohio. He died in Oregon (Volume 10 by Clarkson Butterworth, 1826-1916
Buttman Goo A Brief History of the Andrew Putman (Buttman, Putnam) Christian Wyandt ... By E. Clayton Wyand 1909
Buttolph Arc John Randolph Buttolph, - Civil War Memoirs Second Iowa Battery,
Button FHB Norris, Hackett, Prescott and allied families : our ancestors and their descendants, including Adams, Andrews, Bachelder Bartlett, Coulter, Brewer, Brown, Burge, Button, Carter, Chandler, Coxe, Dalton, Davis, Dingley, Eastow, Folsom, Ford, Hard
Buttram FHB A chronicle of Smiths and related families : related families, Baily, Benton, Brinkley, Buttram, Cagle, Counts, Gable, Gentry…
Buxton Arc Forty-fifth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rev. Edward Buxton as Pastor of the Second … Congregational Church (Webster, N.H.)
Buzzell Har Trial of John R. Buzzell, the leader of the convent rioters, for arson and burglary committed on th containing the arguments of counsel, judge's charge, c containing the arguments of counsel, judge's charge, c. Buzzell, John R. 1834.
Byers FHB A brief record of Henry Byers, 1846-1916 & Matilda Berky, 1847-1918, and Joseph Franklin Byers, 1877-1937 & Mary Catherine Schmucker, 1884-1963, and their children
Byers FBS Family lines of Nichols, List - Byers, Lawson - York - Hittle, Proctor by William W. Tucker, (William Weaver), 1925-
Byfield Arc A narrative of a light company soldier's service in the Forty-first regiment of foot (1807-1814 & War of 1812 Campaigns), by Shadrach Byfield, b1789
Byles Arc Diocese of Connecticut : formative period, 1784-1791 Contains extracts of letters and biographies of … Mather Byles, Bernard Michael Howseal, by Joseph Hooper
Byles Goo The Famous Mather Byles: The Noted Boston Tory Preacher, Poet, and Wit, 1707 ... by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton - Biography & Autobiography – 1914
Byon FHB George Myron Hartford and Lillian May (Walker) Hartford: the story of their lives : including the Hartford, Rosenbeger, Walker, Williamson, Byon and Leatherman ancestral families
Byram Arc Ancestry and descendants of Samuel Bartlett and Lucy Jenkins by Edith Bartlett Sumner, b. 1882
Byrd HT Genealogy of the Campbell, Noble, Gorton, Shelton, Gilmour and Byrd families, and numerous other families of prominence in America with whom they have intermarried, by Mildred Campbell Whitaker (Mrs. Alexander Edward) 1927
Byrd HT Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia : also a condensed account of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with references to the Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer… Washington, and other distinguished families in Virginia 1883
Byrd Goo Some Colonial Mansions and Those who Lived in Them: And Those who Lived in ... by Thomas Allen Glenn - Historic buildings - 1899
Byrd OSP To the Pole: The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd, 1925-1927 , by Richard Evelyn Byrd, Raimund E. Goerler Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1998
Byrds FHB A sketch of the Willis family of Virginia, and of their kindred in other states : with brief biographies of the Reades, Warners, Lewises, Byrds, Carters, Champes, Bassetts,
Byres Arc The families of Moir and Byres by Andrew John Mitchell Gill, 1847-
Byron Arc A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard , Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family from Assheton, Byron and Hulton of Hulton Park by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch, 1852-
Byxbie Arc A genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Bixby, 1621-1701 of Ipswich and Boxford, Massachusetts, who spell the name Bixby, Bigsby, Byxbie, Bixbee, or Byxbe …descendants of Walter Bekesby, 1427, of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk

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