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Clack HT Kinfolks, a genealogical and biographical record of Thomas and Elizabeth (Stuart) Harllee, Andrew and Agnes (Cade) Fulmore, Benjamin and Mary Curry, Samuel and Amelia (Russell) Kemp, Sterling Clack and Frances (King) Robertson…. 1934
Clap Arc Genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of George Augustus and Louisa (Clap) Trumbull, of Trumbull square, Worcester, Mass by Lea, J. Henry (James Henry), 1846-1914
Clap HT Genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of George Augustus and Louisa (Clap) Trumbull, of Trumbull Square, Worcester, Mass. By J. Henry Lea, (James Henry), 1846-1914. 1886
Clapham FHB The pedigrees of Beakbane of Lancaster : Bragg of Netherend, Clapham of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Harrison of Grassgarth, Waithman of Lindeth
Clapp Har English and Scotch immigrant ancestors of the Clapp-Cheney family. Pope, Charles Henry, 1900.
Clapp HT Genealogical record of Thomas and Harriet Clapp McKnight, Charles and Almira Clapp McKnight, and descendants, here styled the McKnight family circle by William S. Brockway. 1899
Clapp Arc Pedigree of Eunice Pierce, 1775-1849 ; wife of Dea. Ebenezer Clapp
Clapp Goo The Clapp Memorial: Record of the Clapp Family in America, Containing Sketches of the Original... by Ebenezer Clapp. 1876
Clappe LC The Shirley letters from California mines in 1851-52…from Dame Shirley (Mrs. Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe, 1819-1906.) to her sister in Massachusetts… by Thomas C. Russell; San Francisco, Printed by T.C. Russell, 1922
Clare Goo The Magna charta barons and their American descendants with the pedigrees of ... By Charles Henry Browning
Clark FHB A brief record of the Ebys : from their arrival in America to my grandparents Peter and Margaret Hess Eby, their descendants, my uncles, aunts and cousins, their births, deaths and ages, together with their companions as well as I was able to l
Clary FHB Clary, Stebbins, Bryan descent lines : to some of the Puritan engagers of Hadley, Massachusetts, to early southern Maryland and to other colonial ancestors
Clausen Arc Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA by Jesse Howell Finch
Claypool FHB A brief account of the incidents connected with the life of Edward Fay Claypool : including a carefully prepared genealogical statement and sketches of different members of the family, together with an autobiographical narrative and a brief acc
Claypoole vol 3 The Claypoole family in America by Bracken, Evelyn Claypool, 1909-; Hurst, Arthur M. (Arthur Marion), 1883-
Claypoole vol 1 The Claypoole family in America Bracken, Evelyn Claypool, 1909-; by Arthur M Hurst, (Arthur Marion), 1883-
Clayton OpL (Edward Clayton, 1817-1895 ) Letters addressed to a college friend during the years 1840-1845 by John Ruskin, Macmillan, 1894
Clayton FHB Ancestors, descendants and other relatives of Jeremiah Clayton (1829-1874) : of Bradford, Yorkshire County, England, and Greene County, Indiana,
Clayton UAl Interview with Bobby Clayton, July 17, 1984 Alex Bryant recalls his early life on the farm in Barbour County
Clayton Goo Memorials of the Clayton family: With unpublished correspondence … by Thomas William Baxter Aveling 1867
Clayton Arc William Clayton's journal : a daily record of the journey of the original company of "Mormon" pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake by William Clayton, 1814-1879
Cleaveland MoA An address on the life and character of Parker Cleaveland, byLeonard Woods, 1807-1878 Portland,: Printed by MBk. Thurston, 1859
Cleland HT Cleland Cousins: A Genealogy and Biographical Album of Cleland, and the Allied Families of Baker, Blair, Collins, Fisher, Gowdey, Haylett, Hume, Moody, Oliver, Richards, Ross, Wells, Etc. Dallas: Lithography by Lamb-Wilkerson, 1962
Cleland FHB Oh Shenandoah I love your daughter : the Irwin - Holler story with supplemental on Gilreath : also excursus, Berryhill, Cleland, Coffelt, Coffman, Dake, Dellinger, Folt
Clemens Rweb The Clemens Family Chronology 1610 - 1912
Clemens Arc The Clemens family chronology, 1610-1912 by William Montgomery Clemens
Clemens FHB Wolfe and Hickman of East Tennessee
Clement CRP Lewis Metzler Clement: A Pioneer of the Central Pacific Railroad, by Bruce Clement Cooper
Clement UNC Memoirs of Samuel Spottford Clement Relating Interesting Experiences in Days of Slavery and Freedom Steubenville, Ohio: Herald, 1908
Clemons FHB Lindsey, Clemons, Lee, McClure family stories : John Isaac Lindsey, Jr.; Bertha Mae Clemons, John Isaac Lindsey, Mary Marinda Lee, William Sullivan Clemons, Elizabeth McClure
Clepper OpL Interviews with Henry Clepper, Kenneth MBk. Pomeroy and Fred Hornaday 1968
Cleugh FHB A clerical tradition : the story of the Black and related families in Scotland, Ireland, USA & Australia
Cleveland Arc A family gathering of the descendants of Mrs. Sarah Cleveland Dodge, on her eightieth birth-day. November 7, 1860
Cleveland vol 12 Cleveland Family Chronicles Research Society newsletter : the official newsletter of Cleveland Family Research Society, Vol. 12
Cleveland Goo Letters of the Hon. C.F. Cleveland, and Hon. Henry Hubbard: Governors of …‎ Henry Hubbard, Thomas Wilson Dorr, Marcus Morton, Chauncey Fitch Cleveland - Dorr Rebellion, 1842
Cleveland FHB Notes on my family : Welch, Swan, Pierce, Tompkins, Jenkins, King, Harris, Carter, Hooper, Bennett, Cleveland, Brown, Prigmore, Moore, Lane, Sears, Walker, Wilcoxon, Boone, Owens, Green, Terry, Royall, Ruby, Barnes, Waits, Ashlock, Earthenhous
Cleveland FHA Some ancestors and some descendants of Wibbie Reams Nelson and John Andrew Franklin Morrow
Cleveland Goo The authorized pictorial lives of Stephen Grover Cleveland and Thomas .. By.‎Frank Triplett 1884
Cleveland Arc The founder of the city of Cleveland, 1754-1806; and other sketches by Harvey Rice
Cleveland Arc The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families by Edmund Janes Cleveland
Clewell Arc History of the Clewell family in the United States of America, 1737-1907 by Lewis MBk. Clewell, 1839-
Clifford vol 2 (Clifford family; Good) Mornings in spring; or, Retrospections, biographical, critical, and historical by Drake, Nathan, 1766-1836
Clifford vol 1 (Clifford family; Good) Mornings in spring; or, Retrospections, biographical, critical, and historical by Drake, Nathan, 1766-1836
Clifford Goo Memoir of the Hon. John H. Clifford, LL.D.: Prepared Agreeably to a ... by Robert Charles Winthrop, Massachusetts Historical Society, Massachusetts Historical Society - 1877
Clinkscales UNC John George Clinkscales, 1855-1942 On the Old Plantation: Reminiscences of His Childhood Spartanburg, S.C.: Band & White Publishers, 1916
Clinton Goo George Clinton : Some of His Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-revolutionary … by Ralph Earl Prime 1902
Clopton UNC A Belle of the Fifties: Memoirs of Mrs. Clay, of Alabama, Covering Social and Political Life in Washington and the South, 1853-66 by Virginia Clay-Clopton, 1825-1915 New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1905, c1904
Clothier Arc Letters, 1853-1868 [ Isaac Hallowell Clothier, 1837-1921; Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, 15th (1862-1865) ] by William Jackson Palmer, 1836-1909
Clothier OpL Letters, 1853-1868. Correspondence William Jackson Palmer, 1836-1909 & Isaac H. Clothier, 1837-1921. Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, 15th Ketterlinus, 1906
Clough HT Clough and Chamberlin family records; descendants of John Clough, 1635, and Henry Chamberlin, 1638, by Anna E. Armstrong, 1861-1946. 1938
Clough HT The Genealogy of the descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, Massachusetts by Eva Augusta Clough Speare 1952
Clough HT The story of the family of John Clough of Salisbury, Massachusetts / story of the family of John Clough of Salisbury, Massachusetts 1943
Cloyd Arc Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp families in America ; with brief sketches referring to the families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith by Cloyd, A. D. (Augustus Davis), MBk. 1860
Cluff Arc The Cluff family journal 1899
Cluff FHB The Richard Bowman and Izetta Cluff history book : as written by members of their posterity and memories written by Annie Bowman Olsen ; Cressa Cluff Hunsaker ; Priscilla Cluff Morris-Davis
Clyde UAl Interview with Dr. Wallace Clyde, October 19, 1984 pediatrician at the Lloyd Noland (or TCI Hospital) from 1924 to 1929

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