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MoA [pb 77] Family Monographs: The History of 24 Families living in the Middle West Side of NYC by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld, 1881-; 1905

FHA A Barltrop chronicle embracing Bakers, Brays, Nichols and Carpenters

Arc A genealogical history of the Rehoboth branch of the Carpenter family in America, brought down from their English ancestor, John Carpenter, 1303, with many biographical notes of descendants and allied families by Amos Bugbee Carpenter, b1818

Arc Essays on men, things and events, historical, personal and political, including essays on Roscoe Conkling, Thaddeus Stevens, Matthew H. Carpenter

Goo Genealogical Notes of the Carpenter Family: Including the Autobiography, and ... by Seymour David Carpenter 1907

HT Genealogy of the Beach family of Connecticut, with portions of the genealogies of the allied families of Demmond, Walker, Gooding and Carpenter. By Charles Cor. McClaughry, 1905

Arc Genealogy of the De Carpentier family of Holland by Edwin Jaquett Sellers

HT History and genealogy of the Carpenter family in America, from the settlement at Providence, R.I., 1637-1901, by Daniel Hoogland Carpenter

Goo History and Genealogy of the Carpenter Family in America: From the … by Daniel Hoogland Carpenter 1901

Goo Lineage of the Lloyd and Carpenter family: compiled from authentic … by Charles Perrin Smith 1870

Arc Marshall family record, with Haskell, Boutwell, Barrett, Wadsworth, White, Read, Maurice, Kingsbury, Holbrooke, Stevens, Carpenter, and allied families. Dedicated to mother, Ellen Maria (Carpenter) Kingsbury ..

FHA Porter profiles : the John Porter family from Nelson County, Virginia

Goo Supplement to Genealogies. (Philadelphia) by Edwin Jaquett Sellers. Press of Allen, Lane & Scott 1922
Jasper FHA Descendants of Jasper Newton Carpenter 1868-1949 and Annettie Adaline Jackson 1873-1942
Samuel Goo Samuel Carpenter and His Descendants by Edward Carpenter, Louis Henry Carpenter – 1912
William Arc Genealogy of One Branch of the Carpenter Family [William, 1576-1659 or 60] by Martin Leonard Roberts


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