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The Blue laws of New Haven colony, usually called Blue laws of Connecticut; Quaker laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. First record of Connecticut; interesting extracts from Connecticut records; cases of Salem witchcraft; charges and banishment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other interesting and instructive antiquities. Compiled by an antiquarian     by R. R. Hinman,   (Royal Ralph), 1785-1868, comp   Arc

The British invasion of New Haven, Connecticut, together with some account of their landing and burning the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk, July, 1779     by Charles Hervey Townshend, 1833-1904 New Haven, Conn., 1879   OpL

The centennial : One hundredth anniversary of the most worshipfulGrand Lodge of Connecticut. New Haven, July 10th, A.L. 5889    by Joseph Kellogg Wheeler, 1834- Hartford, Conn: Peck & Prouty, printers, 1890   OpL

Classes:  various biographical record, sketches, meetings, etc.    Goo    MoA    OpL

     vol 4 1778-92    1802     1822     1826     1835     1837      1840      1844     1845      1850      1868      1868    1874 Pt   Fourth, 1874-1909

     1879     1884    1887      1887     1896     1896      1903      1904      1904     1906      1907      1911      1912     1913     1914

A Discourse, Commemorative of the History of the Church of Christ in Yale ... by George Park Fisher    1858   Goo

Early New Haven     by Sarah Day Woodward    Press of the Price, Lee & Adkins co., 1912   Arc      OpL

History of New Haven County, Connecticut    by Rockey, J. L. (John L.)   Arc

History of the colony of New Haven, before and after the union with Connecticut. Containing a particular description of the towns which composed that government, viz., New Haven, Milford, Guilford, Branford, Stamford, & Southold, L. I., with a notice of the towns which have been set off from "the original six."     by Edward Rodolphus Lambert,   New Haven, Hitchcock & Stafford, 1838   OpL

History of the Colony of New Haven to its Absorption into Connecticut    by  Edward Elias Atwater , 1816-1887.   1902  ABL    Goo   Oui

The History of the North Church in New Haven, from Its Formation in May ...    by Samuel William Southmayd Dutton   1842    Goo

History Yale College : From Its Foundation, A.D. 1700, to the Year 1838   by Ebenezer Baldwin  1841   Goo   OpL

The annals or history of Yale - college , 1700 to 1766   by Thomas Clap – 1766    Goo

Biographical record   Yale University. Class of     Arc   1842     1858     1860 

Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale College with annals of the college history.   by Franklin Bowditch Dexter,  H. Holt, 1885   OpL

vol 1  Oct 1701 – May 1745

vol 4  July   1778 - June 1792
vol 2  May 1745 – May 1763 vol 5  June  1792 – Sept 1805
vol 3  May 1763-  July 1778 vol 6  Sept, 1805 – Sept 1815

The Book of the Yale Pageant, 21 October 1916: In Commemoration of the Two ...   by George Henry Nettleton  1916    Goo

Chancellor Kent at Yale , 1777-1781: A Paper Written for the Yale Law Journal    by Macgrane Coxe   1909   Goo

The Coming of Yale College to New Haven: An Historical Address at the ...     by Williston Walker   Goo    OpL

Connecticut's Seminary of Sedition ,Yale College     by Louis Leonard Tucker   1974   Goo

Directory of the Living Graduates of Yale University     by Yale University       1872   1872-89   1906   1908   1910   1912   1914  1916

Fifteen Years in the Chapel of Yale College    by Noah Porter - Sermons, American 1887   Goo

Meeting of the class of xxxx Yale college,   with biographical notices of the class     1819     1826    1850

Memorials of Eminent Yale Men: A Biographical Study of Student Life and ...      Goo

Obituary record of graduates     by Yale university  Arc Goo     1870    1880     1860-70-- 1950/5 1 vol  1880-90) 

Official Positions Held by Alumni of Yale , Princeton, Columbia, Brown ...   by Richard Henry Greene   1890   Goo

The Past and the Present: Semi-centennial Address to the Alumni of Yale ..    by Samuel Bulkley Ruggles, Yale University Class of 1814.     1864   Goo

Removal of Yale College to New Haven     by Franklin Bowditch Dexter   1918   Goo

Sketch of the History Yale University   by Franklin Bowditch Dexter  1887  Goo

Sketches of Yale College: With Numerous Anecdotes, and Embellished with More ...   by Ezekiel Porter Belden   1843    Goo

Yale Banner    Yale University 1881   Goo

Yale and Her Honor-roll in the American Revolution , 1775-1783: Including Original Letters ...     by Henry Phelps Johnston. P Putnan  1888    Goo

Yale and "The City of Elms,"   by William Emery Decrow   1885   Goo 

Yale College: Some Thoughts Respecting Its Future,  by Timothy Dwight   MoA

Yale, Her Campus, Class-rooms, and Athletics  by Lewis Sheldon Welch 1899   Goo

Yale's Needs: Report of the President of Yale University for the year ending December 31st, 1889.    The New Englander,vol. 53, issue 247    Cor

The Yale pot-pourri. Yale college     by Yale 1868  Goo

Yale Yesterdays   by Clarence Deming  1915    Goo  

New Haven, Connecticut 1894 City Directory    DC   1894 

Papers of the New Haven Colony Historical Society    by New Haven Colony Historical Society - Epitaphs – 1908   Goo

Records of the colony & plantation of New Haven, 1638-1649     MoA    OpL

Revolutionary characters of New Haven: the subject of addresses and papers delivered before the General David Humphreys branch, no. 1, Connecticut society, Sons of the American revolution; also list of men so far as they are known from the territory embraced in the town of New Haven, Connecticut, who served in the Continental army and militia and on Continental and state vessels and privateers, and those who rendered other patriotic services during the war of the revolution, and a record of known casualties [comp. by W. S. Wells]; together with the location of known graves in and about New Haven of patriots of 1775-1783.   And catalogue of the officers and members of Gen. David Humphreys branch since its organization     General David Humphreys branch, no. 1, Connecticut society, Sons of the American Revolution, c1911   Arc    Goo   OpL

Stories of Old New Haven.     by Ernest H. Baldwin,    Qui

Vital records of New Haven, 1649-1850    Order of the Founders and Patriots of America   Arc   pt 1     pt 2   OpL   pt 1     pt 2

Vital records of Woodstock, 1686-1854  - Woodstock (Conn.)   OpL

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