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A complete history of Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from the emigration of its first planters, from England, in the year 1630, to the year 1764; and to the close of the Indian wars ..   by Benjamin Trumbull, 1735-1820 New-Haven : Maltby, Goldsmith and co   1818    Arc    vol 2     OpL    Goo     Qui  

Connecticut as a Colony and as a State: Or, One of the Original 13    by Forrest Morgan, Ellen Strong Bartlett, Frank R Holmes, Jonathan Trumbull 1904  Goo

Connecticut as a Corporate Colony ...     by Nelson Prentiss Mead.   1906    Goo 

Connecticut in Transition, 1775-1818    by Richard Joseph Purcell   1918    Goo

A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Rhode - Island ...   by John Chauncey Pease, John Milton Niles   1819    Goo

A history of Connecticut    by Benjamin Trumbull,    ABL

The history of Connecticut: from the first settlement of the colony to the adoption of the present consititution...   by Gideon Hiram Hollister , 1817-81

 Goo   1855   1857        MoA   vol 1    vol 2

The History of Connecticut: From the First Settlement to the Present Time  by Theodore Dwight   1842    Goo

The Judicial and Civil History of Connecticut.    by Dwight Loomis, Joseph Gilbert Calhoun. 1895    Goo

Sketch of Connecticut: forty years since    by Lydia Howard Sigourney, 1791-1865 Hartford, Conn. Oliver D. Cooke, 1824   OpL

The story of a Connecticut life    by Charles Q. Eldredge, 1845-  Troy, N. Y. : Allen Book and Printing Co., 1919   OpL

Taylor's Legislative History and Souvenir of Connecticut, 190 Portraits and Sketches of State Vol 6, 1907-09   by William Harrison Taylor   Goo

Three Commonwealths, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island ...  by William Babcock Weeden    1903   Goo

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