Connecticut civil war regiments

Connecticut CW Regiments

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Catalogue of Connecticut volunteer organizations     by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office   Hartford, Press of Case, Lockwood and Company,   Arc  1864     OpL     1864    1869

Catalogue of Connecticut volunteer organizations : (infantry, cavalry, and artillery,) in the service of the United States, 1861-1865, with additional enlistments, casualties, &c., &c., and brief summaries, showing the operations and service of the several regiments and batteries by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office Colin Macrae Ingersoll,  1819-1904   Hartford : Brown & Gross, 1869   Arc     OpL   

The military and civil history of Connecticut during the war of 1861-65 : comprising a detailed account of the various regiments and batteries, through march, encampment, bivouac, and battle, also instances of distinguished personal gallantry, and biographical sketches of many heroic soldiers, together with a record of the patriotic action of citizens at home, and of the liberal support furnished by the state   by W. A. Croffut, (William Augustus), 1835-1915 Morris, John M   New York : L. Bill, 1868   Arc      OpL

The county regiment    by Vaill, Dudley Landon Litchfield County University Club   Winsted? Conn.] Litchfield County university club, 1908   OpL  

Stamford soldiers' memorial   [includes soldiers from other states]   by E. B. Huntington,    The author, 1869   OpL   

A complete roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr.'s regiment of Connecticut volunteers     by A. H. Clark,   A.S. Clark, 1897   DBI    OpL    


History of Company K, First Connecticut volunteer infantry , during ...   Goo 

History of the Second connecticut volunteer heavy artillery. Originally the Nineteenth Connecticut vols - Vaill, Theodore Frelinghuysen, 1832-1875  Arc   Gut

The county regiment  [ Connecticut Artillery. 2d Regt ]    by Dudley Landon Vaill,   Arc    

The old Sixth Regiment : its war record, 1861-5     by Charles K   Cadwell New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, printers, 1875   OpL  

History of the Ninth regiment, Connecticut volunteer infantry, "The Irish regiment," in the war of the rebellion, 1861-65. The record of a gallant command on the march, in battle and in bivouac     by Thomas Hamilton   Murray, b1857  New Haven, Conn., The Price, Lee & Adkins co, 1903   Arc    Goo   OpL    Qui

The knightly soldier a biography of Major Henry Ward Camp, Tenth Conn. Vols        by H. Clay Trumbull,    Nichols and Noyes, O. S. Felt, 1865    OpL

War memories of an army chaplain - Trumbull , H. Clay (Henry Clay), 1830-1903     United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 10th (1861-1865);   Arc

History of the 13th Infantry Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers During the Great Rebellion    by Homer B. Sprague,   Principal of the Connecticut State Normal School, New Britain ,Connecticut.  1867

     Arc   ABL     Goo     MoA      OpL     Qui

History of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Vol. Infantry    by Charles Davis Page,  1839-    Meriden, Conn. : Horton printing co, 1906   Arc  vol 1   vol 2    OpL   

Address delivered at the dedication of monument of the 14th Conn. vols. at Gettysburg    by   H. S. Stevens, (Henry S.)   Arc

Memorial of deceased officers of the Fourteenth regiment, Connecticut volunteers       by  Henry Perkins Goddard,   Arc

The history of the Fifteenth Connecticut volunteers in the war of the defense of the Union, 1861-1865    by Sheldon Brainerd Thorpe, 1838-1924   New Haven, The Price, Lee & Adkins co, 1893    Goo    OpL

History of the Eighteenth Regiment Conn. Volunteers in the War for the Union      by William Carey Walker, Norwich, Conn. : Published by the committee, 1885    OpL    Arc

The County Regiment A Sketch of the Second Regiment of Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery, Originally the Nineteenth Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War    Arc    Gut

The "Twentieth Connecticut"; a regimental history      by John Whiting Storrs, 1824-1887    Arc

The Story of the Twenty-first Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry ... by William Stone Hubbell, Delos D. Brown, Alvin Millen Crane  1900    Goo

In the lowlands of Louisiana in 1863; - Sherman, Andrew M. (Andrew Magoun), 1844-1921  [Connecticut Infantry. 23d Regiment]  Arc

The Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion - History, Reminiscences, Description of Battle of Irish Bend, Carrying of Pay Roll, Roster      by George P. Bissell     MBk

Roster of the Twenty-Fifth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers   DC

The Twenty-fifth regiment, Connecticut volunteers in the war of the rebellion; history, reminiscences, description of battle of Irish Bend, carrying of pay roll, roster    by U S Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 25th (1862-1863)   Rockville, Conn., Press of the Rockville Journal, 1913   Gut   MBk      OpL

Battle fields of Louisiana revisited a second time     by Thomas McManus,   [Connecticut infantry. 25th regiment  ]   Arc

The "Twenty-seventh, a regimental history     by Sheldon, Winthrop Dudley, 1839-1931 Making of America Project   New-Haven, Morris & Benham, 1866    Qui

Out of the briars : an autobiography and sketch of the Twenty-ninth regiment, Connecticut volunteers     by Alexander Herritage Newton,  b1837    A.M.E. book concern, 1910   Arc   OpL

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