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Civil War Papers: Read Before the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts, Military Order of the...      1900     Goo

Complete record of the names of soldier and officers in the military service and of all the seamen and officers in the naval service of the United States from [Brimfield] during the rebellion begun in 1861    Arc

A History of Massachusetts in the Civil War  by William Schouler   1871  Arc     Goo

History of Worcester (Mass) in the War of the Rebellion.     by Abijah Perkins Marvin,  Goo      1870   1880

The Independent corps of cadets of Boston, Mass., at Fort Warren , Boston harbor, in 1862    by  Henry Watson Gore, 1842- comp  Arc     

Massachusetts in the War, 1861-1865.     by James Lorenzo Bowen. 1889     Goo

Massachusetts in the army and navy during the war of 1861 -65     by Thomas Wentworth   Higginson,  1823-1911  Arc  vol 1    vol 2 pt 1    vol 2 pt 2

Massachusetts in the rebellion : a record of the historical position of the commonwealth, and the services of the leading statesmen, the military, the colleges, and the people, in the civil war of 1861 -65 - Headley, P. C. (Phineas Camp), 1819-1903   Arc    OpL

The Melrose memorial the annals of Melrose, county of Middlesex, Massachusetts, in the great rebellion of 1861-'65     by Elbridge Henry Goss,    A. Mudge & Son, 1868   OpL

Massachusetts Memorial to Her Soldiers and Sailors Who Died in the Department of No. Carolina, 1861-65   by James Brown Gardner Boston: Gardner and Taplin, 1909    ECU

Massachusetts officers who died while in the service of the US during the war of the rebellion -    Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US   Arc

Official souvenir of the twenty-eighth annual encampment of the Dep't of Massachusetts Grand army of the republic, and the sixteenth annual convention of the Department of Massachusetts Woman's relief corps by Grand army of the republic. Dept. of Massachusetts; Woman's relief corps. Dept. of Massachusetts    1895    Arc

Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861 - 1865 .    Published by the Adjutant General, under...General Court     Arc     Vol 1     vol  2

History of the Richardson Light Guard, of Wakefield, Mass. 1851-1901 by William E. Eaton   1901   Goo

Report of the Joint Special Committee on the burial of Massachusetts dead at Gettysburg     1863    OpL

The Town of Hingham in the Late Civil War: With Sketches of Its Soldiers and Sailors...    by Fearing Burr, George Lincoln. 1876     Goo


Compiled military service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served with the United States Colored Troops   1st through 5th United States Colored Cavalry, 5th Massachusettts Cavalry (Colored), 6th United States Colored Cavalry    2d United States Colored Cavalry    Arc     { more reels are being added, go to Inertnet Archive }

Reel  0001 Akess, Alexander - Bom, John H.      
Reel  0002 Bomer, James - Cartwright, John   Reel  0022 Garris, Henry - Harrison, Thomas
Reel  0003 Casey, Thomas - Davenport, John J.      
Reel  0004 Davis, Augustus - Floyd, George      
Reel  0005 Fly, Benjamin - Griffin, Oliver Reel  0058 Robinson, William E- Thomas, Stephen
Reel  0006 Griffin, Quinton - Holstead, Peter   Reel  0059 Thomas, William - Williams, Horace
Reel  0007 Holt, George - Jones, Herbert      
Reel  0008 1st Cavalry Jones, Howell- Macoy, Peter   Reel  0067 Harrigan, Harden - Hughes, Thomas
Reel  0009 Madry, Andrew - Mosley, Jacob   Reel  0072 Ray, Thomas - Sherrod, Willliam
Reel  0010 Moss, James - Polk, James      
Reel  0011 Pollard, Sipio - Sales, William   Reel  0084 Hill, Richard - Johns, Thomas H.
Reel  0012 Sample, Abram (Abraham)- Smith,Ives   Reel  0088 Nelson, Preston - Preston, Thomas
Reel  0013 Smith, James - Times, Nelson
Reel  0014     Reel  0093 Williams, Abram H. - Thomas 
Reel  0015 Whitby, Joseph - Wilson, Isaac      
Reel  0016        
Reel  0017        
Reel  0018 Abbot, John-Bell, Charles      
Reel  0019        
Reel  0020        

The First Regiment Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, United States Volunteers ... by James Albert Frye 1899    Goo

First regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry veteran association 1861 Arc     vol 1    vol 2

First Regiment of Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia by Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1903   OpL

 History of the First Regiment (Massachusetts Infantry), from the 25th of May, 1861, to the 25th of May, 1864; including brief references to the operations of the Army of the Potomac    by  Warren Handel Cudworth, d1883    Arc

Memorial service in memory of the dead of the First regt. Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861 -64    Massachusetts infantry. 1st regt.     vol 1    vol 2

A history of the First regiment of Massachusetts cavalry volunteers.     by Benjamin William Crowninshield   Houghton, Mifflin, 1891     OpL

The story of the First Massachusetts light battery, attached to the Sixth army corps. A glance at events in the armies of the Potomac and Shenandoah, from the summer of 1861 to the autumn of 1864 - Bennett, Andrew J., b. 1841 or 2    Arc

History of the Second Mass regiment   of infantry: second paper.   Delivered at the annual meeting of the Second Mass. Infantry Assoc., on May 11, 1874.     by George Henry Gordon, 1825?-1886.   Boston,: A. Mudge & Son, 1874.    MoA

History of the Second Massachusetts Regiment of Infantry: Beverly Ford    by Daniel Oakey 1884   Goo     Gut    MBk   OpL

Record of Second Massachusetts Infantry: 1861-1865.     by Alonzo Hall Quint. 1867       Goo    OpL

Life & letters of Wilder Dwight,  1833-1862 Lieut.-Col. 2nd Mass. Inf. Vols. [Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 2nd]   1868   DBI

The Organization and Early History of the Second Mass.  Regiment of Infantry ...   by George Henry Gordon 1873  Goo

Brook Farm to Cedar Mountain: In the War of the Great Rebellion 1861-62; a [ 2 nd Mass]...   by George Henry Gordon 1883  Goo

Field, camp, hospital and prison in the civil war, 1863-1865: Charles Alfred Humphreys, Chaplain 2nd Mass     Goo

Reminiscences of Company F, Second Regt. Massachusetts Infantry, U.S.V ... ‎    1906   Goo  

Reminiscences of the experiences of Company L, Second regiment Massachusetts ... By Frederick Everett Pierce    Goo

The Third Massachusetts cavalry in the war for the union     by James Kendall Ewer  1903   Goo

The Third Massachusetts Regiment Volunteer Militia in the War of ...   Goo

The Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in Its Three Tours of ...   by Alfred Seelye Roe  1911    Goo

Across the continent with the Fifth Cavalry    Goo

History of the Fifth Massachusetts battery - Massachusetts Artillery. 5th Battery, 1861 1865  Arc 

History of the Fifth Massachusetts Battery: Organized October 3, ...    Goo

The Fifth regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry in its three tours of duty 1861, 1862-'63, 1864   ECU

Musket and sword, or The camp, march, and firing line in the Army of the Potomac [ Mass infantry. 5th regt., 1861 &  22d regt. 1861-64]  by Edwin Clark Bennett,   Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Historical Sketch of the Old Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers ...  by John Wesley Hanson 1866    Goo   LC    OpL

April 19, 1861. "Old Sixth" Mass. Regt. April 19, 1870.  . Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 6th (1861-64) Lowell, Marden & Rowell, printers, 1871  LC

History of the Seventh Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the War of the ...   by Nelson V. Hutchinson   1890    Goo

"Ours." Annals of the 10th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, in the Rebellion   by Joseph Keith Newell  1875  Goo   

The Tenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1864: A Western ...  by Alfred Seelye Roe  1909   Goo  OpL

The history of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery of Light Artillery in the War of the Rebellion. Formerly of the Third Corps, and afterwards of Hancock's Second Corps, Army of the Potomac . 1862-1865 by John Davis  Billings,b1842   Arc

History of the Twelfth Massachusetts volunteers (Webster regiment)    by  Benjamin F.  Cook,Twelfth (Webster) regiment association, 1882    OpL

Three Years in the Army: The Story of the Thirteenth Massachusetts ...   by Charles E. Davis   1894  Arc    Goo

The Story of the Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the ...     by Andrew Elmer Ford   1898    Goo

Roster and Genealogies of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry    NTe

Reminiscences of the Military Life and Sufferings of Col. Timothy Bigelow, Commander of the Fifteenth Regiment of the Massachusetts Line in the Continental Army, during the War of the Revolution   by Charles Hersey   MBk

Memorial history of the Seventeenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (old and new organizations) in the Civil War from 1861-1865    by Thomas Kirwan,  1829-1911 Henry 1837-   Salem, Mass., Pub. for the Committee on History by the Salem Press Co, 1911   OpL

Soldiering in North Carolina ; being the experiences of a 'typo' in the pines, swamps, fields, sandy roads, towns, cities, and among the fleas, wood-ticks, 'gray-backs,' mosquitoes, blue-tail flies, moccasin snakes, lizards, scorpions, rebels, and other reptiles, pests, and vermin of the 'Old north state.' Embracing an account of the three-years and nine-months Massachusetts regiments in the department, the freedmen, etc., etc., etc - Kirwan, Thomas   Arc

Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment.      by John Gregory Bishop Adams, 1899   Goo

History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer ...    Goo

The Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1861-65      by George Anson Bruce  1906  Goo    OpL

History of the Twenty-First Regiment: Massachusetts Volunteers, in the War for the Preservation of the Union, 1861-1865, With Statistics of the War and of Rebel Prisons   by Charles F. Walcott  Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1882.     ECU

Musket and sword, or The camp, march, and firing line in the Army of the Potomac [ Mass infantry. 5th regt., 1861 &  22d regt. 1861-64]  by Edwin Clark Bennett,   Arc  vol 1    vol 2 A record of the Twenty-third Regiment Mass. Vol. Infantry in the ...    Goo

The Twenty-fourth Regiment, Massachusuetts Volunteers, 1861-1866,...   by Alfred Seelye Roe  1907    Goo    OpL

The Captured Scout of the Army of the James: A Sketch of the Life Sergeant Henry H Manning  1869   Arc

Wearing the blue in the Twenty- fifth Mass  volunteer infantry: ...     Goo

My Diary Of Rambles With The 25th Mass\. Volunteer Infantry, With Burnside's Coast Division, 18th Army Corps, and Army of the James    by D. L. Day Milford, MA: King and Billings, 1884  ECU

Bearing Arms in the Twenty-Seventh Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteer Infantry During the Civil War, 1861-1865   by William P. Derby Boston: Wright and Potter Co., 1883  Goo    ECU    

Passages from the life of Henry Warren Howe, b1841 consisting of diary and letters written during the civil war, 1816-1865. A condensed history of the Thirtieth Massachusetts regiment and its flags, together with the genealogies of the different branches of the family      Arc

Record of the Thirty-third Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry   by Andrew J. Boies, Sentinel printing co.   1880  OpL

Life with the Thirty-fourth Mass. Infantry in the War of the William Sever Lincoln,   Press of Noyes, Snow & Company, 1879    OpL

History of the Thirty-Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865.    by 05"  Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment   1884  Arc    Goo   OpL

History of the Thirty-sixth regiment Massachusetts volunteers. 1862-1865   By US Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 36th (1862-65)  Goo

History of the Thirty-seventh Regiment, Mass., Volunteers, in the Civil War ...   by James Lorenzo Bowen 1884     Arc   Goo

Recollections of [Mason Whiting Tyler ] the Civil War : with many original diary entries and letters written from the seat of war, and with annotated references [Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 37th  ]   1912       Arc   Goo

The Story of the Thirty Eighth Regimentof Massachusetts Volunteers...   by George Whitefield Powers  1866     Goo    OpL

The Thirty-ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865   by Alfred Seelye Roe 1914   Goo   OpL

Company E, Thirty-Ninth Infantry in the Civil War  By John H. Dusseault   Goo

History of the Forty-second regiment infantry     by Charles P[alfray] Bosson,    Arc   Goo

Reminiscences of Military Service in the Forty-third Regiment, Massachusetts ... by Edward H. Rogers   1883   Arc   Goo

Record of the Service of the Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, August 1862 to May 1863 Arc     ECU  Goo   OpL

Letters from the Forty-fourth regiment M.V.M. : a record ...Department of North Carolina in 1862-3    by Zenas T.Haines, 1830-1900   Arc

History of the Forty-fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia ...     by Albert William Mann   1908   Arc    vol 1    vol 2     ECU    Goo 

The campaign of the Forty - fifth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer militia     by Charles E[ustis] Hubbard, 1842-    Arc

The Forty-fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia--nine months' men ... By Edward Winslow Hincks  1883    Goo 

Roster, Forty sixth regiment, M.V.M. .. - Massachusetts infantry. 46th regt., 1862-1863  Arc 

Forty-seventh    Massachusetts in the war, 1861-1865   By James Lorenzo Bowen   Goo

History of the Forty-eighth Regiment, M.V.M. during the Civil War      by Albert Plummer,    Arc     

Life with the Forty-ninth Massachusetts Volunteers     by Henry T. Johns, b1827 or 8   1864    Arc   Goo    MoA   OpL

A poem delivered at the reunion of the Forty-ninth regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, at Pittsfield, Mass., May 21, 1867     by Samuel B. Sumner, 1830-91   Arc

History of the Fiftieth Regiment of Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer ...   by William Burnham Stevens, William C. Eustis, Solomon Nelson   Goo      OpL

History and camp life of Company C, Fifty-first Regiment, Massachusetts ...    by Charles F. Pierce, Henry Stevenson Washburn  1886   Goo

Souvenir of army life. 1862-1863. Company C. 51st Massachusetts regiment‎ Charles F. Pierce 1863   Goo

History of the Fifty-second Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers     by J. F. Moors,    Press of G. H. Ellis, 1893   OpL

History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Luis Fenollosa Emilio   1894  Goo

Casualty List of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment from the Assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina: 07/18/1863     NArc

The Fifty-seventh Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers in the War    Goo

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