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Missouri CW Regiments

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Selected Items on the Civil War in Missouri    St. Louis Area Civil War Digitization Project

Missouri troops in service during the civil war : Letter from the secretary of war, in response to the Senate resolution passed on June 14, 1902, transmitting a paper prepared by the chief of Record and pension office of the War department, showing various classes of Missouri volunteers, militia, and home guards in service during the civil war, and the laws, etc. under which they were raised; also what classes of such are recognized ... as being in the military service of the United States and what classes are not so recognized. June 18, 1902.   Record and Pension Office. 1902     Goo    UMo 

Fort No. 5 : a civil war field fortification in Springfield, Greene county, Missouri. A survey of the historical records prepared for the city of Springfield, Missouri.      by John F. Bradbury, 1985 UMo  

Organization and status of Missouri troops, Union and Confederate, in service during the Civil War.    1902    UMo 

Charles W. Quantrell; a true history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri and Kansas border during the civil war of 1861-1865,   by John P. Burch, as told by Captain Harrison Trow. 1923   UMo  

State Historical Society of Missouri and Edward C. Parker. Union burials : Missouri units. 1999    UMo   

State Historical Society of Missouri and Marie Concannon. Grand Army of the Republic-Missouri Division-Index to Death Rolls 1882-1940: from Proceedings of the Annual Encampments 1995 UMo  

State Historical Society of Missouri and Marie Concannon. Index to Missouri Military Pensioners 1883. 1997   UMo  

United States. Record and Pension Office. Organization and status of Missouri troops, Union and Confederate, in service during the Civil War.   1902    UMo 

With the light guns in '61-'65; reminiscences of eleven Arkansas, Missouri and Texas light batteries, in the civil war.     by W. E.   Woodruff,    1903   UMo 

The Confederate mail carrier; or, From Missouri to Arkansas through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. An unwritten leaf of the "Civil War". Being an account of the battles, marches and hardships of the First and Second brigades, Mo., C. S. A. Together with the thrilling adventures and narrow escapes of Captain Grimes and his fair accomplice, who carried the mail by "underground route" from the brigade to Missouri.     by   James Bradley,   1835-.   1894      MoA

The Lyon campaign in Missouri. Being a history of the First Iowa infantry… the conditions in Iowa preceding the great civil war of 1861.    by Eugene Fitch Ware,1841-1911.1907    UMo  

History of the First and Second Missouri Confederate brigades, 1861-65.   by Robert S Bevier,   1985   MoA  

Memoirs, historical and personal : including the campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade.   by Ephraim McDowell Anderson,    1868      UMo   

A history of the Third Missouri Cavalry from its organization at Palmyra, Missouri, 1861, up to November sixth, 1864 : with an appendix and recapitulation.      by A. W. M. Petty, 1997, 1865     UMo 

The Company roll, with a brief comment upon each member of Company I, 7th Cavalry Missouri Volunteers  by John Shaver,   1898   UMo 

Missouri. Militia, Enrolled Missouri Militia, 4th Military District, Order Book, 1862-1863    1099   MSH

History of the Fifth Missouri Volunteer infantry     by James E. Payne, 1841-.   1899    Goo   UMo  

Regimental history of the tenth Missouri volunteer infantry    by M.O. Frost,   UMo  

Reminiscences of S.H. Ford, Captain of Company "F", 2nd Reg. - General Jos. O. Shelby's Brigade of Missouri Confederate Cavalry - 1861-1865    by Salem Holland Ford, 1835-1915.   1956    UMo 

The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry Veteran Volunteers - Holman, T. W., comp  Arc

An illustrated history of the Missouri engineer and the 25th infantry regiments; together with a roster of both regiments and the last known address of all that could be obtained.     comp. by Dr. William A. Neal.   1889    UMo 

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