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Recollections of the Early Days of the National Guard: Comprising the ...   by Asher Taylor, John Mason 1868   Goo

Military history of Wayne County, N.Y. : Military register. Wayne County in the Civil War, 1861-1865.  L. H. Clark,     Cor      

Presentation of flags of New York volunteer regiments & other organizations, to His Excellency, Governor Fenton, in accordance with a resolution of the Legislature, July 4, 1865. Published under direction of the chief of Bureau of military record.  New York (State) Bureau of military statistics. Albany: Weed, Parsons & co, 1865   vol 1   

Annual report. [muster rolls]   by New York (State). State historian.   Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford co., state printers, 18uu   OpL

A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-commissioned Officers...organized in state of New York.    Adjutant-general's office, New York   1868    Goo

A record of the commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, privates, of the regiments which were organized in the state of New York and called into the service of the United States to assist in suppressing the rebellion…1861, as taken from the muster-in rolls on file in the adjutant-general's office,   New York (State)   1864-68.  Arc MoA              

  vol 1      vol 2     vol 3      vol 4     vol 5      vol 6     vol 7      vol 8

Annual report of the Adjutant-General ... Register[of New York regiments in the war of the rebellion] New York (State) Adjutant-General's Office.   Albany,  State printers., 1894-   MoA

           121st-127th         128th-139th         140th-146th       156-167th        168th-177th

The First New York (Lincoln) Cavalry from April 19, 1861, to July 7, 1865   by William Harrison Beach  1902    Goo

Regimental history of the First New York Dragoons, with a list of names, post-office address, casualties of officers and men, and number of prisoners, trophies, &c. captured, from organization to muster-out. Washington, D.C., Gibson Brothers, Printers, 1865   LC

Roll of the survivors of the First Regiment of New York Volunteers, commanded by Col. Jonathan D. Stevenson    by Francis D Clark,   F. McElroy's Mercantile Steam Printing House, 1874    OpL

Enoch Stahler, 1836- , miller and soldier New York cavalry. 3rd regt. Co. C, 1861-1865   Arc

Heavy guns and light  New York Artillery. Regiment, 4th (1862-65)   by Hyland Clare Kirk, C.T. Dillingham, 1890   OpL

Historic records of the Fifth New York cavalry    by  Louis Napoleon Beaudry,   S. R. Gray, 1865      Goo     OpL

Camp and field life of the Fifth New York Volunteer Infantry (Duryee Zouaves)   by Alfred Davenport,  Dick and Fitzgerald, 1879    OpL

The History of a Volunteer Regiment: Being a Succinct Account of the… 6th regiment of NY Volunteers infantry known as Wilson Zouzves…   by Gouverneur Morris 1891   Goo   OpL

History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard, State of New York, During the War of the Rebellion ...  by William Swinton  1870   Goo    MoA   OpL

Veterans of the Seventh regiment, National guard, S. N. Y.    by New York Infantry Regiment, 7th (Militia), (1806-1922)   1884   OpL 

Proceedings of the conference committees of the Board of officers Seventh regt., N.G.S.N.Y., and the Veterans of the Seventh reg’t, N. G. S. N. Y. New York infantry. 7th regt., 1806-  1885    LC 

The Ninth Regiment, New York Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves): Being a History ... by Matthew John Graham   1900     Goo    OpL

The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery: A History of Its Organization, Services ...  by Alfred Seelye Roe   1899    OpL

History of the Ninth Regiment N.Y.S.M. -- N.G.S.N.Y. (Eighty-third N. Y. Volunteers.) 1845-1888.     N Y  Infantry Regiment, 83rd (1861-64)   Pub. under the veterans of the Regiment, 1889       OpL

The Hawkins zouaves: Ninth (N.Y.V.) their battles and marches    by J. H. E.   Whitney,  The author, 1866   OpL

Services of the Tenth New York volunteers, national Zouaves, in the war of ...  1882   Goo

New York cavalry. 11th regt — 1861-1865.  Reminiscences of a boy in blue, 1862-1865     by Henry Murray Calvert,   G.P. Putnam's sons, 1920    OpL  History of the 12th Regiment, York Rangers by Alfred Taylour Hunter, Murray, 1900     OpL

The story of a cavalry regiment: "Scott's 900" Eleventh New York cavalry ...   By Thomas West Smith    Goo

John Blackburne Woodward, 1835-1896. New York Infantry Regiment, 13th (1861-63) Elijah Robinson Kennedy,  Printed at the De Vinne press, 1897   OpL Cayuga in the field, a record of the 19th N.Y. volunteers, all the batteries ...    By Henry Hall, James Jabez Hall   1873  Goo The " Ulster guard" (20th NN. Y. State militia) and the War of the Rebellion     by Theodore B. Gates,   B. H. Tyrrel, printer, 1879     Arc    OpL

Chronicles of the Twenty-first Regiment New York State Volunteers: embracing a full history of the regiment from the enrolling of the first volunteer in Buffalo, April 15, 1861, to the final mustering out, May 18, 1863...copy of muster out rolls of field and staff, and each company.     by John Harrison Mills  1887   Arc    Goo   OpL  

Our campaign around Gettysburg : being a memorial of what was endured, suffered, and accomplished by the Twenty-third regiment (N.Y.S.N.G.) and other regiments associated with them, in their Pennsylvania and Maryland campaign, during the rebel invasion of the loyal states in June-July, 1863   by John Lockwood   Arc

Records of the 24th Independent Battery, N.Y. Light Artillery, U.S.V.   by Julian Whedon Merrill,    Ladies' Cemetery Association of Perry,    1870     OpL

History of the 27th regiment N.Y. vols...   by Charles Bryant Fairchild, Carl & Matthews, printers, 1888   OpL

The story of the Thirty-third N.Y.S. Vols, Benton & Andrews, 1864    Arc       OpL

Reminiscences of A brief history of the Thirty-fourth regiment, N. Y. S. V.    by L. N.  Chapin, 1903    OpL

California and the Civil War  [ New York Infantry Regiment, 40th ]  by Fletcher, Daniel Cooledge Cowan, R.E. California 1510-1930  Arc

A History of the Forty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, in the ...   by Eugene Arus Nash  1910   Arc    Goo

The life and adventures, songs, services, and speeches of Private Miles O'Reilly [pseud.] (47th regiment, New York volunteers .) With comic illustrations by Mullen. From the authentic records of the New York herald.     By Charles Graham Halpine, 1829-1868. New York, Carleton, 1864   Arc

The Life and Adventures, Songs, Services, and Speeches of Private Miles O’Reilly [47th  NY volunteers] ...   by Charles Graham Halpine  1864    Goo   UV

Perry's Saints: Or, The Fighting Parson's [48th NY] Regiment in the War of the Rebellion   by James Moses Nichols 1886   Goo

The History of the Forty-eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers, in the ...   by Abraham John Palmer 1885   Arc     Goo     OpL

History of the Forty-ninth New York volunteers. by Frederick David Bidwell.    J. B. Lyon company, printers, 1916       OpL

History of the Forty-ninth New York volunteers.     by Frederick David Bidwell,     J. B. Lyon company, printers, 1916    BFT   OpL

The diary of a young officer serving with the armies of the US during the war of the rebellion New York Infantry Regiment, 57th (1861-64)   by Josiah Marshall Favill,  R.R. Donnelley & sons co, 1909  OpL

History of the Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers    by Richard Eddy, Published    by the author, 1864    OpL

K" company, 71st regiment, New York volunteers by Arthur C Anderson   OpL

A Chautauqua boy in '61 and afterward reminiscences by David B. Parker, second lieutenant, Seventy-second New York, detailed superintendent of the mails of the Army of the Potomac, U S  marshal, district of Virginia, chief post office inspector. A Chautauqua boy in '61 and afterward     by David Bigelow Parker     1912    OpL

Selections from the letters and diaries of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock of the Seventy-fifth New York Volunteers: a study of camp life in the Union armies during the Civil War - Babcock , Willoughby, 1832-1864   Arc    Opl

 History of the Seventy-sixth regiment New York volunteers    by Smith, Abram P 1st lieut. 76th N.Y. infantry. Truair, Smith and Miles, printers, 1867     OpL

War letters of William Thompson Lusk, , 1838-97  captain, assistant adjutant-general, U S  Volunteers 1861-1863, [NY Infantry. 79th Regt ] afterward M.D., LL. D     Arc

The Seventy-ninth Highlanders, New York Volunteers in the War of Rebellion, 1861-1865    by William Todd,   1886   Goo   OpL

Random sketches and wandering thoughts, or, What I saw in camp, on the march, the bivouac, the battle field and hospital, while with the army in Virginia, North and South Caroline, during the late rebellion : with a historical sketch of the second Oswego regiment, Eighty-first New York state V.I., a record of all its officers, and a roster of its enlisted men,      by Bartholomew S. De Forest,   A. Herrick, 1866    OpL

History of the Ninth Regiment N.Y.S.M. -- N.G.S.N.Y. (Eighty-third N. Y. Volunteers.) 1845-88.   Pub.  veterans of the Regiment, 1889    OpL

Personal recollections of the war. A record of service with the Ninety-third New York Vol. Infantry, and the First Brigade, First Division, Second Corps, Army of the Potomac    by Robert Stoddart Robertson, 1839-1936   Arc

History of the One Hundredth Regiment of New York State Volunteers    by George H. Stowits, Matthews & Warren, 1870  OpL

History of the One hundred and twelfth regiment, N.Y. volunteers      BY William L. Hyde,  (William Lyman), 1819-1896     Arc

Record of the 114th Regiment N. Y. S. V.:  Where it Went, what it Saw, and what it Did...   by Harris H. Beecher. 1866   Goo 

History of the 114th regiment, New York state volunteers. Containing a perfect record of its services, embracing all its marches, campaigns, battles, sieges and sea-voyages, with a biographical sketch of each officer, and a complete register ...    By Brevet-Major Elias Porter  Pellet, 1837-   Norwich, N.Y.,: Telegraph & chronicle power press print, 1866.  Arc   Cor    MoA

The iron hearted regiment: being an account of the battles, marches and gallant deeds performed by the 115th regiment ...   by James H. Clark  1865  OpL

A History of the One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers,  Fourth Oneida: N.Y....    by James A. Mowris,  1866  Goo  

The One Hundred and Twentieth Regiment New York State Volunteers.   by C. Van Santvoor  Press of the Kingston freeman, 1894    OpL

A regimental history [New York Infantry Regiment, 125th ]by Ezra de Freest Simons,  E.D. Simons, 1888    OpL

History of the one hundred and twenty-eighth regiment: New York ...   by David Henry Hanaburgh  1894   Goo

Campaigns of the One hundred and forty-sixth regiment, New York ...     Goo

Address to the Survivors' association of the 150th regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. Read at Gettysburg, Sept. 25th, 1896 - Ashhurst, Richard Lewis, 1838-1911  Arc

History of the 159th Regiment, N.Y.S.V.   by Edward Duffy   Gut   OpL   

The 159th Regiment Infantry New York State Volunteers, in the War of the Rebellion, 1862-65    by William F. Tiemann, 1891    OpL

A Memorial of Brevet Brigadier General Lewis Benedict, Colonel of 162d regiment N.Y.V.I. feel in battle at Pleasant Hill L,A.  April 9, 1864 ...  by Henry Marvin Benedict  1866    Goo

Album of the second battalion Duryee Zouaves, 165th regt. New York volunteer infantry.    by Regiment, 165th (1862-65)  1906   Arc     OpL

History of the Second Battalion Duryee: Zouaves   by Regiment, 165th (1862-1865)    1905   OpL

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