civil war colored troops

Civil war Colored Troops

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Army Life in a Black Regiment [civil war]     by Thomas Wentworth Higginson,   1869   HTA

Black Dispatches: Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence During the Civil War   by P. K. Rose  CIA

The Black Phalanx: A History of the Negro Soldiers of the United States in the Wars of 1775-1812, 1861-65   by Joseph Thomas Wilson. 1890   Arc   Goo

The colored regulars in the United States army -from revolution to 1899    1904      Arc

General Washington and General Jackson , on Negro soldiers    by Baird, Henry Carey, 1825-1912   Arc

Reminiscences of two years with the colored troops  by Joshua M. Addeman,   N.B. Williams & Co., 1880    OpL

Index to Compiled Service Records , U.S. Colored Troops   1st Colored Infantry,  Arc    Reel 9  Johnson - Lee    Reel 10  Lee - Miles

Compiled military service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served with the United States Colored Troops --- Tennessee Volunteers (African Descent) and the 6th and 7th Louisiana Infantries     Arc  multiple reels

Compiled military service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served with the United States Colored Troops    : 1st through 5th United States Colored Cavalry, 5th Massachusettts Cavalry (Colored),    6th United States Colored Cavalry  Cavalry - 1st   United States Colored Cavalry

Reel 0019     Acty, Robert Bell , Custis

Reel 0051     Blanchard , Moses - Clark, Moses   

Reel  0002    Bomer, James - Cartwright, John   

Reel 0004     Davis, Augustus-Floyd, George     

Reel 0005     Fly, Benjamin-Griffin

Reel 0007    Holt, George-Jones,Herbert    

Reel 0008    Jones, Howell-Macoy, Peter   

Reel 0073    Shrewsbury, Jo seph - Stone, John

Reel 0074     Stone, Lewis - Trye, Benjamin

Reel 0101    Johnson, James M. - Marshall , Lyman   

Reel 0102    Marshall , William - Neihardt, Isaac D   

Compiled military service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served with the United States Colored Troops - 2d Regiment United States Colored Light Artillery

Reel 0287    Hunter, Alexander M. B  Kennedy, Abram

Artillery Organizations - 6th United States Colored Heavy Artillery      

Reel 0123    McCabe, Alexander H - B Moore, Joseph

Artillery Organizations - 8th United States Colored Heavy Artillery

Reel 0147    Moore, David B -  Pearson, Alexander 

 10th United States Colored Heavy Artillery    

Reel 0176    Mitchel, Alexander B Oldham, George B.)  

Reel 0184    West, Alexander B - Willis, Stephen Independent Battery, United States Colored Light Artillery  - 

Reel 0297    Alexander , John B -  Hancock, George W

Army letters, 1861-1865.  [Colored Infantry Regiment, 8th ] Being extracts from private letters to relatives and friends from a soldier in the field during the late Civil War, with an appendix containing copies of some official documents, papers and addresses of later date - Norton, Oliver Willcox, 1839-   Arc

Descriptive Recruitment Lists of Volunteers for the United States Colored Troops for the State of Missouri, 1863-1865   SLCL

Free military school for applicants for commands of colored troops, no. 1210 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia : established by the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments , chief preceptor, John H. Taggart, late colonel 12th Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves - Philadelphia (Pa.). Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments   Arc

14th Colored Infantry Regiment, United States Army, sutler's ledger, 1864-1866 - United States. Army. Colored Infantry Regiment, 14th (1863-1866)   Arc

Reminiscences of my life in camp with the 33d United States colored troops      by Susie King Taylor,    1902   OpL

Army life in a black regiment   33rd infantry    by Thomas Wentworth Higginson,   Fields, Osgood, 1870   MBk     OpL  UTo

 Compiled records showing service of military units in volunteer Union organizations - U.S. COLORED TROOPS One Hundred Nineteenth Infantry through One Hundred Twenty- fifth Infantry One Hundred Twenty-seventh Infantry One Hundred Twenty-eighth Infantry One Hundred Thirty - fifth Infantry through One Hundred Thirty -eighth Infantry Capt. Powell's Regiment , Infantry Co. A, Unassigned, Infantry Co. A, Eouthord Infantry, Pa. (100 Days, 1864) Pioneer Corps, Cavalry Division, 16 Army Corps (A.D.) Pioneer Co., First Division, l6 Army Corps, Infantry (A. D.) Brigade Band, No. 1 Brigade Band, No. 2 Brigade Band, No. 1, Corps d'Afrique Brigade Band, No. 2, Corps d'Afrique Quartermaster Detachment, Infantry)     Arc   reel 217

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