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The annals of San Francisco; containing a summary of the history of ... California,    by Frank Soulé.   New York,: Appleton, 1855.    MoA    UGo

The Bay of San Francisco: The Metropolis of the Pacific Coast and Its Suburban Cities. A History...    1892      Goo

The Beginnings of San Francisco: From the Expedition of Anza, 1774, to the City Charter of April 15, 1850, With Biographical and Other Notes    by Zoeth Skinner Eldredge   1912    Goo    zpub

Blue books    The New society blue book   1850    1854   1889   1891   1902   1904    1905   1918    1922    1928  

San Francisco Blue Book; the Fashionable Private Address Directory, San ...    1905

TThe Builders of a Great City: San Francisco's Representative Men, the City ...    by San Francisco Journal of Commerce 1891   Goo

Business and club life in San Francisco, recollections of a California pioneer scion by Norman Loyall McLaren  1977  OpL

Chimes of Mission Bells: An Historical Sketch of California and Her Missions     (Account of SF Chinatown)     by Charles Warren Stoddard.    1911   Ca

City Directories   1852    1854   1856   1880   1907     1916    1917 Part 1   1920   1921   1922    1923       

San Francisco street directory and guide    1882

The City That Was: A Requiem of Old San Francisco    by Will Irwin   1906     Gut

Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror      by Richard Linthicum, Trumbull White - Earthquakes– 1906   Goo

A Directory of the Charitable and Benevolent Institutions of San Francisco By Mary Roberts Coolidge, Cora Bell Kimball, George Thomas Cochran   1901   Goo

The Earthquake of April 18, 1906, and the Great Fire in San Francisco...Personal Experiences, Inauguration of Red Cross and General Relief Work ,    by William W. Morrow    Arc

Enhancing a citizen's influence: community service in Alameda, 1917-1981 by Adeline Harmon Cowles Cox   1980    OpL

A Father's Story of the Earthquake and Fire in San Francisco, April 18, 19, 20, 1906 ,    by William F. Nichols    Arc

Historical sketch of [the] church, together with a report of the dedicatory ... By San Francisco (Calif.). Calvary Presbyterian Church  1869   Goo 

History, constitution, by-laws, membership, California society of the Sons of the American revolution at San Francisco. by Sons of the American revolution. California society 1893   HT

History of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851: A Study of ...    by Mary Floyd Williams   1921    Goo

How the Army Worked to Save San Francisco       by Henry Anderson Lafler 1906   Ark

Jewish and community service in San Francisco, and family tradition : oral history transcript / and related material, 1977-1978 - Sinton, Edgar, 1889- ive   Arc

Kurt Herbert Adler and the San Francisco Opera   by Kurt Herbert Adler  1994   OpL

Legal Aid Society of San Francisco, 1916-1991.  1996  OpL

Legends of San Francisco    by George Walter Caldwell    UPa

McTeague: A Story of San Francisco ,     by Frank Norris   UPa

Men and memories of San Francisco, in the "spring of '50."     by Theodore Augustus Barry 1825-1881.  and B.A. Patten ...     San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft & company, 1873    LC

Memories of the Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Company     by M. M. Snodgrass   1992  OpL

Papers of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851.     by Porter Garnett   1910       part 1    part 2

Recollections of Point San Pablo and San Francisco Bay-   [Thomas Crowley, 1875-1970. Afr-Am]   by Alan Howe Clarke   University of California [History- Richmond-San Rafael Ferry and Transportation Co. Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor]      1990    OpL

The Red and white - Lowell High School  Yearbook (San Francisco, Calif.)   Vol. 50  Dec. 1932     vol 62, 1938     vol 63, 1939   vol 64     vol 65 June 1940

Relief business directory, May, 1906 : giving names, business and address of San Francisco firms and business men who were compelled to change their location by the disaster of April 18 : and who have since located in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Emeryville    Beecher & Pike   Arc  1906

Reminiscences and incidents of "the early days" of San Francisco [lists white women in San Francisco and provides a map showing San Francisco's building lots and their occupants]   by John Henry Brown, 1810-1905; actual experience of an eye-witness, from 1845 to 1850.   San Francisco , Calif., Mission journal publishing co. 1886   LC

Reports of Cases in the Probate Court of the City and County of San Francisco ...       by  Milton Hills Myrick, Timothy Henry Rearden   Goo    1880     1909

Court of the city and ... ‎  by California Probate Court (San Francisco) - 1872   Goo

San   Francisco And Thereabout      by Charles Keeler    The California Promotion Committee, 1903   OpL   

The San Francisco Calamity    by Earthquake and Fire ,      by Charles Morri   UPa

San Francisco During the Eventful Days of April, 1906: Personal Recollections ,    by James B. Stetson    CDL    Gut

San Francisco One Hundred Years Ago    (Description of Spanish San Francsico)    1913    Gut

San Francisco's Laurel Hill       by Ann Clark Hart,   San Francisco, 1940    OpL


Schroeder's Cafe and the German restaurant tradition in San Francisco, 1907-1976    by T. Max Kniesche      1976   OpL

Temporary Directory of San Francisco Business and Professional Men, Together with Directory of Municipal and State Officers....    1906    cdl

Vital records from the Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, California by Genealogical Records Committee, California State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution 1943   OpL

Westminster Church cook book.    1916    San Franisco     OpL

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