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American Conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'64:...    by Horace Greeley. 1866     Goo     MoA

The American conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'65: its causes, incidents, and results: intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases, with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery from 1776 to the close of the war for the union.   by Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872.  Hartford, O. D. Case & co  1866    MoA 

An address delivered before the Confederate Survivors' Association, in Augusta, Georgia: In...    by Charles Colcock Jones, 1881   Goo

The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War by Annie Heloise Abel second book of the Slaveholding Indians series; 1919   UPa

Annual Reports ....     by United States. War Dept 1861   Goo

Army life of an Illinois soldier: including a day by day record of Sherman's March to the Sea ...   by Charles Wright Wills, Mary E. Kellogg    1906    Goo

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War ...  by Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buel,  1887     Goo    KDL   vol 1    vol 2    vol 3   vol 4      OSU

Blue & the Gray: ...unwritten history of the great American Civil War, a... narrative of adventure…    by J. P. Austin, Atlanta 1899    KDL

The Boys of '61: or, Four years of fighting. Personal observation with the army and navy, from...    by Charles Carleton Coffin, 1881    Goo

The camp, the battle field, and the hospital : or, Lights and shadows of the great rebellion. Including adventures of spies and scouts, thrilling incidents, daring exploits, heroic deeds, wonderful escapes, sanitary and hospital scenes, prison scenes, etc., etc., etc.,     by Dr. L.P. Brockett (Linus Pierpont), 1820-1893.  Philadelphia,,  Chicago: National publishing co, 1866.   MoA  

Campaigns in Kentucky and Tennessee including the battle of Chickamauga , 1862-1864. Military Historical Society of Massachusetts.   KDL

Captain William P. Moore's Civil War diary, September 7, 1861-June 26, 1862.  History of Company G, 10th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, describing the organization of the company from the Jackson County Rifles, and its movements and battles in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama until the time of Moore's death; includes observations on slavery and the effects of war.  Wis

Civil War.   American Military History- revised 2005      1861       1862     1863      1864-1865

Civil War.    Matloff’ American Military History    1861     1862     1863     1864-65

The Civil War in the Western Theater,     ed.  John Marszalek,   HTA

Civil War Stories: comp. from official records--Union and Confederate.    by John Thomas Bell. 1903  Goo     WMH

The Civil War through the camera, hundreds of vivid photographs actually taken in Civil War times...     Civil War Semi-Centennial Society   Arc

Diary of Brigadier-General Marcus J. Wright, C.S.A., April 23, 1861 - February 26, 1863 ,    by Marcus Joseph Wright    UNC

Diary of the War for Separation, a Daily Chronicle of the Principal Events and History of the Present Revolution, to Which is Added Notes and Descriptions of All the Great Battles, Including Walker's Narrative of the Battle of Shiloh      by H. C.   Clarke,  Augusta, Ga.: Steam Press of Chronicle Sentinel, 1862    UNC

Drum-beat of the nation: the first period of the war of the rebellion from ...‎     by Charles Carleton Coffin    1888    Goo

Extract from a Speech by Alexander H. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederate States, Delivered in the Secession Convention of Georgia, January 1861,   by Alexander Hamilton Stephens   MoA

The Genesis of the Civil War;: The Story of Sumter, by Samuel Wylie Crawford. 1887    Goo

The Great North-western Conspiracy in All Its Startling Details: The plot to plunder and burn...    by I. Winslow Ayer. 1865  Goo  

Historic papers on the causes of the Civil War1909?] ex.    by Eugenia Dunlap Potts, (Mrs.)  KDL

History of the American civil war.     by John William Draper, 1811-1882. New York,: Harper & brothers, 1867-1870.   MoA    

History of the Civil War, 1861-1865    by James Ford Rhodes New York: The Macmillan Company, 1917   Bar

A history of the civil war, 1861-65, and the causes that led up to the great conflict and a chronological summary and record of every engagement, showing the total losses, casualties, war maps   from the official records of the War department.   IIllus. photographic reproductions taken by Matthew B. Brady.     by Benson J. Lossing, LL. D, 1813-1891.    New York: The War memorial association, 1912  MoA

The History of the Civil War in the United States: Its Cause, Origin, Progress and Conclusion,    by Samuel M. Smucker and L. P. Brockett Jones Brothers, Zeigler, McCurdy and Co. edition, 1865  MoA

Humorous Incidents of the Civil War     by A. C. McLeary    UNC

Incidents and anecdotes of the war; together with life sketches of eminent leaders... most memorable battles for the Union.    ed  Orville J. Victor. 1827-1910.   New York,: J. D. Torrey, 1862      MoA

John Brown and his men; with some account of the roads they traveled to reach Harper's Ferry,     by Richard Josiah Hinton, 1830-1901.   1894  MoA     OpL

The Last Four Weeks of the War.    by Edmund  Hatcher   1891      Goo  

Leaves from the diary of an army surgeon : or, Incidents of field, camp, and hospital life.    by   Thomas T. Ellis,    New York : J. Bradburn, 1863.    MoA  

Mason And Dixon's Line: a History: Including an Outline of the Boundary ...     by James Veech   1857     Goo

The memorial war book : as drawn from historical records and personal narratives of the men who served in the great struggle, by Major George F. Williams ... Illustrated by two thousand magnificent engravings reproduced largely from photographs taken by the U. S. government photographers, M. B. Brady and Alexander Gardner, being the only original photographs taken during the war of the rebellion; making a complete panorama of this greatest event in history, including portraits of the leaders and commanders of both the Federal and Confederate armies and navies, giving, for the first time, a complete pictorial representation of the scenes, battles, and incidents, the whole forming a fitting memorial of the greatest event of the century, the most momentous of the age   FHA

A memorial of the Great Rebellion    by Francis H. Buffum, Rand, Avery, & Company, 1882    OpL  

Memoirs of General William T. Sherman.    by William Tecumseh Sherman, 1886  Goo

Men and Things I Saw in Civil War Days  Rusling joined the Union Army in 1861 and finished the Civil War as a brevet Brigadier General. In 1899...reminiscences of...his leaders...    DC

The military operations of General Beauregard in the war between the states, 1861 to 1865; including a brief personal sketch and a narrative of his services in the war with Mexico, 1846-8       by Alfred Roman, b1824    New York : Harper & brothers, 1884    OpL   v1     v2

The Monitor and the Navy Under Steam     by Frank Marion Bennett   1900    Goo

Narrative of military operations, directed, during the late war between the states    by Joseph Eggleston Johnston   1874    Goo

The Navy in the Civil War ...    1883  Goo

New York Times during Civil War    Images of the actual news pages including 1860-1865, 1900-1910   Too.

Official records of the Union & Confederate navies in the war of the rebellion: U.S. Navy Dept   1894-1922 

  Cor    Ser I, vols. 1-27; Ser II    Ser I, 1-53;   UCLA    ser. 1, v10 N Atlantic Blocka     ser. 1, v16: S Atlantic Blocka     ser. 2, v 2: Navy Dept Corresp  

The Old Navy and the New “The Alantic Coast  during the Civil War    by Daniel Ammen, Ulysses Simpson Grant   1891    Goo

Outcome of the Civil War, 1863-1865.       by James Kendall Hosmer   1907   Goo

Photographic History of Civil War.: Thousands of Scenes Photographed...   by Francis Trevelyan Miller, Robert S Lanier, Matthew Brady, 1823-96.  1911   Goo

The Photographic History of the Civil War in 10 Volumes,     ed by Francis Miller and Robert Lanier  1911  

Qui   Goo   vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4   vol 5   vol 6   vol 7   vol 8   vol 9   vol 10

Pictorial history of the civil war in the U.S. of America.     by Benson J. Lossing.    by Benson John   Lossing, 1813-1891 Goo    MoA

War memories, 1861--the war for the Union--1865 : catalogue of original photographic war views, taken by ...   M. B. Brady and Alex. Gardner ... - War Photograph and Exhibition Co   Arc

Recollections of War Times: reminiscences of men and events in Washington, 1860-1865.     by Albert Gallatin Riddle. 1895    Goo

Recollections of the Civil War: With Many Original Diary Entries and Letters Written from the ...     by Mason Whiting Tyler   1912    Goo

Reminiscences of the War.    by Abraham R. Howbert.   1888    Goo

Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, at the Second Session Thirty-eighth...     by Daniel Wheelwright Gooch, Benjamin Franklin Wade 1866    Goo

Revised report of the Select committee relative to the Soldiers' national cemetery, together with the accompanying documents, as reported to the House of representatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania ..., Pennsylvania . General Assembly.     MoA

Revised report made to the legislature of Pennsylvania, relative to the Soldiers' national cemetery at Gettysburg , embracing an account of the origin of the undertaking; address of Hon. Edward Everett, at its consecration, with the dedicatory speech of President Lincoln, and the other exercises of that event; together with the address of Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard, delivered July 4, 1866 [i. e. 1865]... Pennsylvania. General Assembly.   MoA

The Sequel of Appomattox: A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States ,    by Walter L. Fleming    Gut  

Sherman and His Campaigns: a military biography .    by Samuel Millard Bowman, Richard Biddle Irwin, 1865     Goo

Southern History of the War: The First Year of the War    by Edward Alfred Pollard   1864    Goo

The Story Of The Civil War Part I    by John Codman Ropes    G P Putnams Sons London, 1907    OpL

The story of the Civil War in northeast Missouri...The campaign of General Harris and Colonel Green.     by   Floyd Calvin Shoemaker, b1886. 1913   UMo   

Stuart's Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign   by John Singleton Mosby   1908    Goo

Surgical memoirs of the War of the Rebellion    by United States Sanitary Commission, 1871 Goo     vol 2     Goo  

Union-disunion-reunion: Three decades of federal legislation. 1855 to 1885. Personal and...      by Samuel Sullivan Cox   1885    Goo

War of the rebellion; or, Scylla and Charybdis...observations upon the causes , course and consequences...   by Henry Stuart Foote 1866 Goo

War Reminiscences and Stuart's Cavalry Campaigns.    by John Singleton Mosby.   1887   Goo

Who Planned the Tennessee Campaign of 1862? or, Anna Ella Carroll vs. Ulysses S. Grant: A Few Generally Unknown Facts in Regard to Our Civil War      by Matilda Joslyn Gage ca. 1880   Arc

"Winston, J. Cora O'Kane; or, The doom of the Rebel guard. A story of the great rebellion. Containing incidents of the campaign in Missouri under Generals Fremont and Sigel, and the thrilling exploits of the Unionists under Major Zagonyi. 1868     MoA

A Woman's War Record, 1861-1865 ,    by Septima M. Collis   UNC

Our Women in the War.": The lives they lived; the deaths they died.    1885    Goo

Woman's Work in the Civil War: A Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience      by Linus Pierpont Brockett, Mary C. Vaughan, 1867   Goo   MoA

Nurse and spy in the Union Army: comprising the adventures and experiences of a woman in hospitals, camps, and battle-fields.     by Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds, 1841-98.  Hartford : W.S. Williams ; Philadelphia : Jones Bros. & Co., 1865.     MoA

A Youth's History of the Great Civil War in the United States, from 1861 to 1865.    by Rushmore G. Horton. 1867   Goo

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