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Central Mining District, Jamestown, Boulder County, Colorado   by Thomas H. Noland    Times Printing House, 1882  OpL

Colorado Catholicism: The Archdiocese of Denver, 1857-1989 ,   by Thomas J. Noel    AD

Colorado: A Historical, Descriptive and Statistical Work on the Rocky ...    by Frank Fossett   1878

Colorado , Its Gold and Silver Mines: Farms and Stock Ranges, and Health and ...    by Frank Fossett    1880   Goo

Colorado Springs, Colorado Directory    DC  1921  

A Compilation of the Records of the Colorado Springs Lighting Controversy     by Henry Floy   1908   Goo

Early Records of Gilpin County, Colorado, 1859-1861    by Thomas Maitland Marshall   Arc

Equal Suffrage : The Results of an Investigation League in Colorado Made For the Collegiate Equal Suffrage League of New York State    by Helen L. Sumner   Goo     LC

History of Colorado.    by Wilbur Fiske Stone    S.J Clarke Publishing Co. 1918    Goo  vol 1   vol 2     vol 3   vol 4   

The History of Equal Suffrage in Colorado, 1868-1898 , by Joseph G. Brown    LC

History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming, 1540-1888.     by Hubert Howe Bancroft, Frances Fuller Victor. 1890    Goo     1887     1890

History of the State of Colorado, Embracing Accounts of the Pre-historic ...‎     by Frank Hall, Rocky Mountain Historical Company    1890    Goo

The Indian War of 1864, Being a Fragment of the early History of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado & Wyoming     by Eugene Ware, 1911   KC

The Indians of the Pike's Peak Region: Including an Account of the Battle of ...     by Irving Howbert - Sand Creek Massacre, Colo., 1864 1914  Goo

The Mines of Colorado     by Ovando James Hollister   1867    Goo

Official Information: Colorado , by Colorado Board of Immigration   1872   MoA       DBI

Portrait and biographical record of the state of Colorado     Chapman publishing company, 1899   OpL

Quarto-centennial Celebration, University of Colorado, November 13,14 and 15 ...  by University of Colorado, University of Colorado 1902    Goo

Report on the Colorado strike     by U. S. Commission on Industrial Relations, George P. West - Coal Miners' Strike,  1913-1914 1915    Goo

The Union Colony at Greeley, Colorado, 1869-1871   by James F Willard. 1918   Goo  

Year book of the State of Colorado [1920 through 1927; land use & settlement; Statistics]   Colorado Bd of Immigration, 1918-1950   Har

The Young Engineers in Colorado: or, At Railwood Building in Earnest ,     by H. Irving Hancock    Gut