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Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-65 

The Southern Homefront, 1861-1865     Confederate Collection: Sheet Music

Acts and resolutions of the first session of the Provisional congress of the Confederate States : held at Montgomery, Ala - Confederate States of America
(In Provisional and permanent constitutions, of the Confederate States. Richmond Tyler , Wise, Allegro and Smith, printers, 1861  Arc

An address delivered before the Confederate Survivors' Association, in Augusta, Georgia: In...     by Charles Colcock Jones, 1881    Goo

Autobiographical Sketch & Narrative of the War Between the States [illus.] [Virginia General] Jubal Anderson Early ,    1912    UNC

Confederate Literature: A List of Books and Newspapers, Maps, Music and ...    by Boston Athenaeum, Charles Newcomb Baxter 1917   Goo    

The Confederate mail carrier; or, From Missouri to Arkans as through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. An unwritten leaf of the "Civil War" Being an account of the battles, marches and hardships of the First and Second brigades, Mo., C. S. A. Together with the thrilling adventures and narrow escapes of Captain Grimes and his fair accomplice, who carried the mail by "underground route" from the brigade to Missouri.    MoA    

Confederate Portraits.   by Gamaliel Bradford. 1914   Goo

Confederate Soldiers Killed at Antietam     WMH

List of Soldiers Buried in Antietam National Cemetery 1867    WHM

Confederate veteran association of the state of Oklahoma   FHA

Confederate war papers : Fairfax Court House, New Orleans, Seven Pines, Richmond and North Carolina   by Gustavus Woodson  Smith, 1822-1896    1884   ECU

Christ in the camp, or, Religion in Lee's Army : supplemented by a sketch of the work in the other Confederate armies   FHA

A Descriptive List of the Burial Places of the Remains of Confederate Soldiers, Who Fell in the Battles of Antietam, South Mountain, Monocacy, and Other Points in Washington and Frederick Counties, in the State of Maryland (1869) ,    Maryland Board of Trustees of the Antietam National Cemetery  1869   WHM

Facts and Suggestions Relative to Finance & Currency, Addressed to the President of the Confederate States ,   by Duff Green     UNC

Fagots from the Campfire (confederate deserters, scouts, bios)   by Louis J. Dupré,   Washington, D.C.: Emily Thornton Charles & Co., 1881   UNC 

General Sherman's March from Atlanta to the Coast ... Confederate Survivor's Assn. ... April 26, 1884     by Charles Colcock Jones,   Jr. 1831-1893  KDL

Historic southern monuments representative memorials of the heroic dead of the southern Confederacy   by Emerson, Bettie Alder Calhoun  The Neale Publishing Company  1911  OpL

Historical sketch of the Chatham artillery during the Confederate struggle for independence.   By Charles C. Jones , jr. Author:  Jones, Charles Colcock, 1831-1893.    Albany: J. Munsell, 1867.     MoA  

History of the confederated memorial associations of the South ...   by Confederated southern memorial association.  The Graham Press, 1904    OpL

History of the Confederate Powder Works    by Geo. W. Rains    MBk

Instructions for Collectors of Taxes     Confederate States of America. Dept. of the Treasury Richmond  1863   UNC 

Instructions to Post Masters      Confederate States of America. Post-Office Dept Richmond, Va.: Printed by Ritchie & Dunnavant, 1861  UNC

The Johnson's Island plot: an historical narrative of the conspiracy of the Confederates, in 1864, to capture the U.S. steamship Michigan on Lake Erie, and release the prisoners of war in Sandusky Bay      by Frederick Job Shepard, 1850-1934   Cor

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-65     by Confederate States of America    LC

Lee and His Generals    by  William Parker Snow   Arc

The long arm of Lee ; or, The history of the artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia; with a brief account of the Confederate bureau of ordnance   by Jennings C. Wise,  (Jennings Cropper), b. 1881  Arc

The lost cause: a new southern history of the war of the Confederates. Comprising...    by Edward Alfred Pollard.      1866    Goo

Memorial history of the John Bowie Strange Camp, United Confederate Veterans ... edited by Homer Richey   1920   Goo

Message from the Execttive of the Commonwealth: With Accompanying Documents, Showing the Military and Naval Preparations for the Defence of the State of Virginia     by Virginia   1861    UNC

North Carolina at Gettysburg, and Pickett's Charge...Sixty Years Afterwards and the Rearguard of the Confederacy    by Walter Clark   ECU

Pickett's Men: A Fragment of War History .   by Walter Harrison.  1870   Goo  

A Picture of the Desolated States: And the Work of Restoration.1865-1868.    by J. T. (John Townsend) Trowbridge.   1868   Goo

Prison life during the rebellion. Being a brief narrative of the miseries and sufferings of six hundred Confederate prisoners sent from Ford Delaware to Morris' Island to be punished.      by Fritz Fuzzlebus [pseud.] one of their number. Pub. by the author.   John J. Dunkle.   Singer's Glen, Va.,: J. Funk's sons, printers, 1869.     MoA  

Proceedings of the Convention of Teachers of the Confederate States, Assembled at Columbia, South Carolina, April 28th, 1863 ,    by Convention of Teachers of the Confederate States   UNC

Provisional Record of Confederate Medical Officers     by Medical Society of the State of North Carolina 1890    ECU

A Rebel war clerk's diary at the Confederate States capital.     By  John Beauchamp  1810-1866.  Philadelphia,: J. B. Lippincott & co., 1866.    MoA  

Recollections of a Naval Life, Including the Cruises of the Confederate States Steamers "Sumter" and " Alabama" ,    by John McIntosh Kell    UNC

Recollections of the Evacuation of Richmond, April 2d, 1865 ,    by John Archibald Campbell    SCH

A Refutation of the Charges Made against the Confederate States of America of Having Authorized the Use of Explosive and Poisoned Musket and Rifle Balls during the Late Civil War...     by Horace Edwin Hayden    MBk

Reminiscences of Service with the First Volunteer Regiment of Georgia, Charleston Harbor, in.1863.. by Charles H. Olmstead, Georgia Historical Society   1879    Goo

Richardson's defense of the South.   by John Anderson Richardson    A.B. Caldwell, 1914   OpL

Richmond: An Illustrated Hand-book of the City and Battlefields, with Historic Sketch and Maps.     by Charles Poindexter. 1907    Goo

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government     by Jefferson Davis   MBk   

A Short History of the Confederate States of America.     by Jefferson Davis, 1890    Goo  

A Soldier's Recollections: Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate   by Randolph H. McKim   UNC

The southern empire     by    Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1892    OpL

Southern generals who they are, and what they have done     William Parker Snow    C. B. Richardson, 1865    OpL

Southern History of the Great Civil War in the United States.     by Edward Alfred Pollard.  1863    Goo

Southern History of the War: The First Year of the War    by Edward Alfred Pollard  1863   Goo

Southern history of the war. Official reports of battles, as published by order of the Confederate Congress at Richmond.    Confederate States of America. War Dept.   1864.    MoA  

Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War     by George Francis Robert Henderson   1906    Goo

Story of a monument: memorial the unknown Confederate dead, May 1887, at Hopkinsville, Ky....   by S.C.M   NY 1888     KDL

The Supplies for the Confederate Army How they were Obtained in Europe and How Paid For  by Caleb Huse   MBk

Thirteen months in the Rebel Army: being a narrative of personal adventures in the infantry, ordnance, cavalry, courier, and hospital services ... By an impressed New Yorker.   KDL

The War: "Stonewall" Jackson, His Campaigns and Battles, The Regiment, As I Saw Them ,    by James H. Wood    UNC 

The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits, Adventures and Travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army ,     by Loreta Janeta Velazquez, ed. by C. J. Worthington   UNC

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