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Colonial Connecticut Records, 1636-1776         Connecticut Yearbook Project  

A history of the second division naval militia : Connecticut National Guard       by Daniel Doan Bidwell, 1865-  Hartford, Conn. Smith-Linsley, 1911   OpL

Alumni Record of Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.   by Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn). 1883  Goo

Alumni Records from 1842 to 1874    by Williston Seminary (Easthampton, Mass.), Joseph Henry Sawyer  1875   Goo

An astronomical diary, kalendar, or almanack, for the year of our Lord, 1790: ... Precisely adapted to the horizon and meridian of Hartford. Lat. 41 deg 56 min. north longit. 72 deg. 56 min. west: but may serve indifferently for all the towns in Connecticut, and the adjacent states. - Strong, Nehemiah, 1729-1807   Arc

The Annual report of the Connecticut Historical Society        Arc  

vol 1 vol 10 vol 20  
vol 2 vol 11 vol 21  
vol 3 vol 12 vol 22  
vol 4 vol 13   vol 60
vol 5 vol 14
vol 6 vol 15    
vol 7 vol 16    
vol 8 vol 17   vol 57
vol 9 vol 18   vol 58
  vol 19   vol 59

Art and artists in Connecticut    by French, Harry W. (Harry Willard)   Arc

Decorative art of Indian tribes of Connecticut Speck, Frank Gouldsmith   Arc

The Blue laws of New Haven colony, usually called Blue laws of Connecticut; Quaker laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. First record of Connecticut; interesting extracts from Connecticut records; cases of Salem witchcraft; charges and banishment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other interesting and instructive antiquities. Compiled by an antiquarian     by R. R. Hinman,   (Royal Ralph), 1785-1868, comp   Arc

Biographical review, containing life sketches of leading citizens of New London County, Connecticut Biographical review publishing company   Arc

The Brass Industry in Connecticut : A Study of the Origin and the Development William Gilbert Lathrop   1909  Arc   Goo

A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut: with the...    by Royal Ralph Hinman, 1846  Arc  

vol 1   vol 2    vol 3     vol 4    vol 5    Goo    OpL

The Church in Connecticut, 1705-1807 : illustrative documents by Hooper, Joseph, 1851-1928   Arc

Collections of the Connecticut historical society Connecticut Historical Society   Arc   vol 1   vol 2  vol 3

Cone Cut Corners: the experiences of a conservative family in fanatical times; involving some account of a Connecticut village, the people who lived in it, and those who came there from the city by Benauly New York : Mason Brothers, 1855 OpL

Connecticut; a study of a commonwealth-democracy   by Alexander Johnston   ABL

The Connecticut business directory   1856

The Connecticut civil officer, in three parts. Part I. Containing the powers and duties of justices of the peace. Part II. Containing the powers and duties of constables. Part. III. Containing the powers and duties of select men; with suitable and approved forms for each. Together with numerous legal forms, of common use, and general convenience     by Niles, John M. (John Milton), 1787-1856 Hartford : Huntington & Hopkins, 1823   OpL

Connecticut houses; a list of manuscript histories of early Connecticut homes, presented to the Connecticut state library by the Connecticut society Colonial dames of America National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State ofConnecticut   Arc   vol 1   vol 2

An architectural monographs on the seventeenth century Connecticut house   by Eberlein, Harold Donaldson   Arc

An architectural monograph on houses of the Connecticut River Valley    by Derby, Richard Baker   Arc

Early Connecticut Houses: An Historical and Architectural Study By Norman Morrison Isham, Albert Frederic Brown  1900  Goo

Some old time meeting houses of the Connecticut Valley Wight, Charles Albert, b1856 Chicopee Falls, Mass: The Rich print, 1911 Arc     Goo    OpL   

The Connecticut River and the Valley of the Connecticut: Three Hundred and ...   by Edwin Munroe Bacon - Dresden (N.H.) 1907   Goo

The Connecticut Magazine.   ed by W. (William) Farrand Felch, George C. Atwell, H. Phelps Arms, Francis.    vol   4   Dec 1898

Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut.    by Ebenezer Weeks Robinson, Samuel William Southmayd Dutton, Leonard Bacon, General Association of Connecticut .  1861    Goo

Decorative art of Indian tribes of Connecticut Speck, Frank Gouldsmith   Arc

The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut.   By Maria Louise Greene     Arc    Gut

Dickinson College: A History. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 1973   TOW

A Pioneer College and its Background (Dickinson). Salem, MA: Newcomb & Gauss, 1923.  TOW

Dickinson College: The History of One Hundred and Fifty Years, 1783-1933 Carlisle: Dickinson College, 1933   TOW 

A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records (wills)     by Charles William Manwaring 1906  Goo   vol 3 1729-50

Diocese of Connecticut: formative period, 1784-1791     by Joseph Hooper   New Haven, Conn: Printed for the Diocese, 1913 Arc    OpL

Documents Relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming Valley (Pa)    by William Henry Egle  1893   Goo

Early Maps of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts   by Harry Andrew Wright  1911   Goo

Early records of baptisms, marriages, deaths, and membership of the Congregational church    by East Hampton, Conn.  Pelton & King, 1900   OpL

Early silver of Connecticut and its makers    by Curtis, George M. (George Munson)   Arc

Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography ...  American Historical Society, Samuel Hart  1917 

         Arc  vol 1   vol 2     vol 3    vol 4    vol 10   vol 11   Goo    OpL   vol 1    vol 2

Founders And Leaders Of Connecticut 1633 1783   by Charles Edward Perry   D. C. Heath And Company, 1934   ARC   OpL

Funeral [ Abraham Lincoln ] observances at New London, Connecticut  .      Arc

Genealogical and family history of the state of Connecticut: a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation.   by William Richard Cutter 1911   OpL    vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4

Genealogical notes: or Contributions to the family history of some of the first settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts...    by Nathaniel Goodwin   1856  Goo

The Governors of Connecticut: Biographies of the Chief Executives of the Commonwealth that Gave...    by Frederick Calvin Norton. 1905   Goo

Green's Connecticut Annual Register and United States Calendar‎   1844    Goo

Historic gleanings in Windham County, Connecticut      by   Ellen Douglas Larned,   1825-1912  ARC

Historic Towns of the Connecticut River Valley      by George S. Roberts  Schenectady, N.Y. : Robson & Adee, 1906    ARC    OpL   Qui

Historical sketch of the Connecticut Indian Association from 1881 to August1888.     by Conn. Indian Assoc. Ellen Wadsworth Johnson, d1896    Hartford: Press of the Fowler & Miller co. 1888    OpL

The historical status of the negro in Connecticut  by Fowler, William Chauncey, 1793-1881   Arc

History of slavery in Connecticut;  by Steiner, Bernard Christian, 1867-1926  Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1893   OpL

The history of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut   1883    Goo      OpL   vol 1      vol 2  

The history of the Episcopal church in Connecticut, from the settlement of the colony to the death...    by Eben Edwards Beardsley, 1808-91. 1866  MoA

The records of convocation, 1790-1848.      Episcopal Church. Diocese of Connecticut.  Printed for the Convention, 1904    OpL

Insurance in Connecticut.   by P. H. Woodward   D. H. Hurd & Co., 1897   OpL

Jonathan Trumbull, governor of Connecticut , 1769-1784;    Arc

The justice of the peace, being a general directory, and forms proper for the due execution of the office, according to the common and statute laws, now in force and use in the state of Connecticut. With many other forms not peculiarly appropriate to that office. To which is annexed the complete constable, containing his office, duties, and authority; with the manner and forms of executing the same     by Backus, Joseph, fl. 1812.   1816  OpL 

Letters from the English kings and queens Charles II, James II, William and Mary, Anne, George II, &c. to the governors of the colony of Connecticut, together with the answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749       by Royal Ralph Hinman,   J. B. Eldredge, printer, 1836   Qui    OpL

Letters to the Connecticut courant, Pennsylvania independent republican, Washington chronicle, North Carolina union banner, Nemaha courier, Pittsburg commercial, and Topeka record,   Washington , United press association, 1867     LC

Major General John Sedgwick equestrian statue commission   by Connecticut   1913   OpL

Meeting of the Descendants of the Pioneers in the Upper Connecticut Valley     Assoc. of descendants of the early settlers in the upper Conn. valley 1919    Goo

The memorial history of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884;  by Trumbull, J. Hammond (James Hammond), 1821-1897  Arc  vol 2

A memorial of the dedication of monuments erected by the Moravian Historical Society, to mark the sites of ancient missionary stations in New York and Connecticut by Moravian Historical Society William Cornelius Reichel, 1824-1876 New York : C. B. Richardson, 1860   OpL

Men of Mark in Connecticut: Ideals of American Life Told in Biographies and Autobiographies of...     ed Norris Galpin Osborn   1906   Arc     Goo    OpL

The Ministers of Connecticut in the Revolution: The Report of the Committee ...     by William Chauncey Fowler   1877   

A narrative and documentary history of St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church (formerly St. James) of Waterbury, Connecticut : with some notice of St. Paul's Church, Plymouth, Christ Church, Watertown, St. Michael's Church, Naugatuck, a church in Middlebury, All Saint's Church, Wolcott, St. Paul's Church, Waterville, Trinity Church, Waterbury (all colonies of St. John's)      by  Frederick JohnKingsbury,  1823-1910    Goo

In Olde Connecticut: Being a Record of Quaint, Curious and Romantic Happenings ...      by Charles Burr Todd   1906   Goo    OpL

Once Upon a Time in Connecticut.   by Caroline Clifford Newton    Gut

Orderly book and journals kept by Connecticut men while taking part in the American Revolution. 1775-1778   [  Orderly book of Capt. William Coit's company at siege of Boston, 1775.--Journal of Ensign Nathaniel Morgan at siege of Boston, 1775.--Journal of Simeon Lyman of Sharon, 1775.--Benjamin Trumbull's Journal of the expedition against Canada, 1775 and the campaign around New York, 1776-77.--Roll of Benjamin Trumbull's company, 1777.--Journal of Oliver Boardman of Middletown, in the Burgoyne campaign, 1777.--Journal of Bayze Wells of Farmington, in the Canada expedition  ]  Connecticut Historical Society   Arc

The poets of Connecticut: with biographical sketches     by Charles William Everest, 1814-77   Hartford Conn: Case, Tiffany and Burnham, 1843    Arc    OpL

Proceedings of the Grand Encampment of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the state of Connecticut, from its institution, April 20, 1843 to its annual session, February 20, 1866,       Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Grand Encampment (Connecticut)   New Haven   1867   OpL

The public records of the colony of Connecticut     by Connecticut, Connecticut General Assembly, Connecticut Council, United Colonies of New England Commissioners, 1850                    

1636-1776      Arc      Goo         May, 1775 to June 1776      Goo    Arc     May, 1778-April, 1780     Goo       1636-1776   UCT     Arc

Public Records  of the State of Connecticut, incl. Journal of the Council of Safety     MoA

v 1   Oct 1776-Feb 1778  v 4  1782 v 7    May 1789-Oct 92
v 2   May 1778-Apr 1780  v 5   1783-Feb 1784 v 8   May 1793-Oct 1796
v 3   May 1780-Oct 1781 v 6    May 1785-Jan 1789 v 9   May 1797-Oct 1799

The ranger service in the upper valley of the Connecticut, and the most northerly regiment of the New Hampshire militia in the period of the revolution    by Albert Stillman Batchellor,  The Rumford Press, 1903   OpL

Recollections of a Lifetime: Or Men and Things I Have Seen: in a Series of ...  Ridgefield(Conn. : Town)  by Samuel Griswold Goodrich  1857 Goo

Records and Papers of the New London County Historical Society     by New London County Historical Society ( Conn)   Goo  1906     Vol 3, pt 1,  1906.

The records of freemasonry in the state of Connecticut - Freemasons. Grand Lodge of Connecticut      Arc  vol 1    vol 2

Records of the Connecticut State Society of the Cincinnati, 1783-1804     Hartford 1916   OpL

Reference list on Connecticut local history    by Charles Allcott Flagg, 1870-1920    ARC

Register and Manual - State of Connecticut     by Connecticut Secretary of the State  1897  Goo

Reminiscences by Sylvester Barbour -Canton (Conn)   1908    Goo

Representative citizens of   Connecticut, biographical memorial      American Historical Company, inc. (New York)    ARC    vol 1

Results of prohibition in Connecticut, being special returns received from every county as to the effects of the Maine liquor law, containing contributions from the governor and upward of fifty clergymen, judges, editors, and private citizens.: Edited by Henry S. Clubb ...   1827- New York: Fowlers and Wells, 1855.   MoA

The Rogerenes; Some Hitherto Unpublished Annals Belonging to the Colonial History of Connecticut.    by John Rogers Bolles & Anna Bolles Williams.  Stanhop Press, F H Gilson Co. 1904   Goo

Roll of state officers and members of General Assembly of Connecticut, from ...‎     by Connecticut. General Assembly, Connecticut   1881    Goo

A Sermon on the Services & Death of Abraham Lincoln (Christ Ch.; N Cong. Ch., Bridgeport CT)    by John Falkner Blake, (Rev);l 1865nbsp;  EM

Sketches of church life in colonial Connecticut...transplanting of the Church of England into forty-two parishes..     by Lucy Cushing Jarvis,   1964-   The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co 1902     ABL     OpL

The state of the lands said to be once within the bounds of the charter of the colony of Connecticut, west of the province of New-York considered   Arc

The story of the Western Reserve of Connecticut,    by Willaim Stowell Mills.1900    HT

The three constitutions of Connecticut, 1638-9, 1662, 1818 ...    by Charles J. Hoadly, 1892 ..  Connecticut. Office of the State Comptroller Charles Jeremy Hoadly, 1828-1900.   The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. 1901   OpL

Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences.       Yale University . 1871    Goo   1871   1916

Trinity College House of Convocation addresses, &c., 1846-1852   Arc

The True-blue laws of Connecticut and New Haven : and the false blue-laws invented by the Rev. Samuel Peters : to which are added specimens of the laws and judicial proceedings of other colonies and some blue-laws of England in the reign of James I,     ed by J. Hammond Trumbull    ABL

The Trumbul papers     by  Jonathan Trumbull,  1710-1785    [Correspondence between General Washington and Governor Trumbull and others   pt. I. Early miscellaneous papers relating to the Narragansett country,]     Arc

Tuttle, Morehouse [and] Taylor:   1859-1900.   Fifty-five years. The Tuttle, Morehouse [and] Taylor company, 1900-1914.      New Haven.    1915   OpL

The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut (1647-1697)   by John M. Taylor   MB

Wyoming : or, Connecticut's East India Co. Two lectures ...      by  Henry Taylor Blake , Connecticut's East India Co   1897   Goo

Ye names & ages of all ye old folks in every hamlet, city and town in ye state of Connecticut      by  Frederick H. Nash, comp   1884   Arc

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