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Dabney Arc History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown:…notes of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey…
Dabney OpL True story of the lost shackle; or, Seven years with the Indians by Owen P Dabney, Salem, Or., Capital Printing Co, 1897
Daddow vol 2 All these kinfolk : being the ancestors, descendents, and distant cousins of Beverly Rae Russell Brown and Norvil Leary Brown
Dague Arc Dague Family History and Genealogy by Carrie Dague, Mr. W. Peterman, C. Vigneron
Daha FHB The Deshaies (Daha) family : a genealogy by Gloria Corlew Cooley
Dailey FHB Dailey family; Talty family pedigree : also Sullivan and Greelis family : John (Jack) Dailey, 1901-1996; Margaret Talty, 1908-19-- ; Matthew (Matt) Hilary Dailey
Dailey FHB Rayn : and related families (Dailey, Gratton and O'Howell) by Diana DeMello Stuck, 1945-
Dale FHB Dale-Nomeland 1688-1996 : Valle, Setesdal, Norway to Kloten, Nelson Co. North Dakota
Dallam KDL Funeral sermon, on the death of Col. Richard Dallam: in the Methodist meeting-house, Lexington, Ky. by Robert Cloud, (Rev.) 1820
Dallas DBI Brief memoir of George Mifflin Dallas, of Philadelphia.
Dallas OpL Life and writings of Alexander James Dallas. By Dallas, Alexander James J. B. Lippincott & co., 1871
Dallas DBI The Papers of Francis Gregory Dallas [1824-1890], US navy; correspondence & journal, 1837-1859 [Pacific Coast… NY 1917
Dally LC Tracks and trails; or, Incidents in the life of a Minnesota territorial pioneer, by Capt. "Nate" Dally, b1848 Walker, Minn., The Cass county pioneer 1931
Dalrymple HT The name of Dalrymple : with the genealogy of one branch of the family in the United States by W.H. Dalrymple. 1878
Dalrymple Arc The Name of Dalrymple: With the Genealogy of One Branch of the Family in the … by William Henry Dalrymple
Dalton Goo Family History Compiled by Lucy Henderson Horton … [Dalton, Henderson, Hughes, Martin, Marshall ] by Lucy Henderson Horton - 1922
Dalton MDArch Michael Dalton, The Country Justice 1690 [Maryland] Volume 153
Dalton FHB Norris, Hackett, Prescott and allied families : our ancestors and their descendants, including Adams, Andrews, Bachelder Bartlett, Coulter, Brewer, Brown, Burge, Button, Carter, Chandler, Coxe, Dalton, Davis, Dingley, Eastow, Folsom, Ford, Hard
Dalton Arc The John Dalton book of genealogy by Mark Ardath Dalton
Dalton FHB Wolfe and Hickman of East Tennessee
Dam Arc Some descendants of Deacon John Dam of Dover, New Hampshire, 1633 by John Scales
Dameron vol 27 The Dameron--Damron family newsletter
Dameron FHB The Dameron--Damron family newsletter, vol. 34
Damien MoA Father Damien: A journey from Cashmere to his home in Hawaii by Edward Clifford, 1844-1907. 1889
Damon HT Damon memorial : or, Notices of three Damon families who came from old England to New England in the XVIIth century / By Samuel Chenery Damon. By Damon, Samuel Chenery, 1815-1885. 1882
Damon HT Genealogy of the Philadelphia branch of the Damon family of Massachusetts. By Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth, 1845-1928. 1896
Dana Arc A biographical sketch of the late Hon. Edmund Lovell Dana, president of the Osterhout Free Library, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. By Sheldon Reynolds, 1845-1895
Dana Goo In memoriam: [Hon. Anderson G. Dana, MoA.D., LL.D.] 1863
Dana Goo Remarks of Richard H. Dana, Jr. Esq. Before the Committee on Federal … by Richard Henry Dana 1855
Dana Goo Richard Henry Dana. By Charles Francis Adams, 1835-1915. Boston : Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1890.
Dana Arc Several ancestral lines of Moses Hyde and his wife Sara Dana, married at Ashford, Conn., June 5, 1757 : with a full genealogical history of their descendants to the end of the nineteenth century.. by Harriette Hyde Wells, 1836-
Dana FHB The antecedents of Carroll Amos Wright and Julia A. Luce Wright : with notes on collateral families; Merrill, Lewis, Jeffords, Lassell, Cram, Dana, Hewes, Knap, Richardson, Davenport, Jaquith, Hayden, Bayley, Conner, Griffith, Snow, Warner, How
Dana Goo The Life of James Dwight Dana: Scientific Explorer, Mineralogist, Geologist, Zoologist, Professor... by Daniel Coit Gilman 1899
Dana LC Two years before the mast; a personal narrative, by Richard Henry Dana, jr. (1815-1882) of Boston left his studies at Harvard in 1834 in the hope that a sea voyage would aid his failing eyesight.
Danckaerts MBk Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680 by Jasper Danckaerts 1913
Danckaerts LC Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680; New York, Cor. Scribner's Sons, 1913
Dancy OpL The Majors and their marriages by James Branch Cabell, with collateral accounts of the allied families of Aston, Ballard, Christian, Dancy, Hartwell, Hubard,… 1915
Dandashi Rweb The History and Genealogy of the Family and Surname Dandashi
Dane HT A declaration of remarkable providences in the course of my life : by John Dane [ca. 1612-84]of Ipswich, 1682, to which is added a pedigree of the Dane family, and a few notes by a member of the New England historical-genealogical society
Danforth Goo Danforth Genealogy: Nicholas Danforth, of Framlingham, England, and … by John Joseph May, Joseph May 1902
Dangerfield FHB They went west of the mountains : the Swisher, Skiles, Porter, Skalinder family joined with others as they moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and joined the Mills, Pierce, Dangerfield, Haight folk from Canada into Illinois
Daniel OpL Recollections of a rebel surgeon (and other sketches), or, In the doctor's sappy days by F. E. Daniel, Von Boeckmann, Schutze & Co., 1899
Daniels Goo Memories of a beautiful life: a tribute of love to the late Rev. Harrison Daniels… By Mrs. S. L. Daniels
Danielson Arc History, genealogical-biographical, of the Danielson and allied families American Historical Society. 1n
Danielson Arc The mature Christian, ripe for heaven : a discourse delivered at the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Lord Danielson, 1770-1853
who died in West Killingly, April 24, 1852, aged 83 years by Thomas Osborn Rice, , 1815-1888
Dantzler OpL A genealogical record of the Dantzler family, from 1739 to the present time by D. D. Dantzler R.L. Berry, printer, 1899
Darby LC A Tour From the City of New-York, to Detroit, in the Michigan Territory, Made Between the 2d of May and the 22d of September, 1818, by William Darby
Darby HT Genealogy of the Darby family. George Darby, 1726-1788 of Montgomery Co., Md. Data for this work gathered in 1912, 1913, and 1914. Ed. by R. C. Darby (Rufus Clark), 1880- 1914
Dare HT Genealogy of the Dare family [Clara Dare Ettinger], b1839. 1901
Darling Arc Clarke's kindred genealogies. A genealogical history of certain descendants of Joseph Clarke, Dorchester, 1630; Denice Darling, Braintree, 1662; Edward Gray, Plymouth, 1643; and William Horne, Dover, 1659; and sketches of the Orne (Horne), Pynchon…
Darling Goo James Darling, a memorial sketch, by A. Thomson. With sermon, by J. Smith by Andrew Thomson, James Darling, John Smith - 1891
Darling Goo Memorial to my honored kindred By Charles William Darling 1888
Darling Goo The Darling Family in America: Being an Account of the Founders and First Colonial Families, an... by Lyman Horace Weeks, William Montgomery Clemens. 1913
Darlington HPit Personal Memories of the Darlington Family at Guyasuta [Pa.] by Anne Hemphill Herbert, Pittsb 1949
Darlington Pitt Personal Memories of the Darlington Family at Guyasuta [Pa.] by Anne Hemphill Herbert, Pittsb, 1949
Darnall FHB The chronicle of Thomas Stone of Hamilton Parish in colonial Virginia : & the histories of his sons Thomas of Virginia, William of North Carolina and John of South Carolina
Darnall Arc The Darnall, Darnell family : including Darneal, Darneille, Darnielle, Darnold, Dernall, Durnall, Durnell and names variously spelled : with allied families by Harry Clyde Smith,
Darrah FHA The Henry Darrah family of Pennsylvania and West Virginia
Dart Arc Dart genealogy [Dart, Richard, d. 1724] by W. C. Sharpe, (William Carvosso), 1839-1924
Davidson FHB Alexander-Davidson reunion, Swannanoa, N.C., August 26, 1911 : addresses
Davidson MoA Biography & poetical remains of the late Margaret Miller Davidson, 1823-38; by Washington Irving. 1843
Davidson Goo Biography and poetical remains of the late Margaret Miller Davidson by Margaret Miller Davidson, Washington Irving 1850
Davidson Arc Davidson, Lucretia Maria, 1806-1825; American biography vol 7 by Jared Sparks, 1789-1866. 1902
Davidson Arc Genealogical record of the Davison, Davidson, Davisson family of New England by Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles, 1873-
Davidson FHB Henderson/Wright ancestry : with Bailey, Davidson, Fisher, Lovejoy, McBride, Weber & other associated families, 1485-2000
Davidson Goo Reminiscences of John Davidson, a Maine pioneer: Communicated to the New … By John Davidson, Alfred Johnson 1916
Davie OpL address upon the life and services of Gen. William R. Davie … Reece & Elam, Printers, 1892
Davie Arc Esentation of portrait of Governor William Richardson Davie, 1756-1820. to the state of North Carolina, in the Senate chamber at Raleigh - Sons of the revolution. North Carolina society
Davie Goo Lives of William Richardson Davie and Samuel Kirkland by Fordyce MoA. Hubbard, Samuel K. Lothrop 1848
Davie OpL Presentation of portrait of Governor William Richardson Davie to the state of North Carolina, in the Senate chamber at Raleigh by Sons of the revolution. North Carolina society. Commercial printing co, 1910
Davie OpL William Richardson Davie: a memoir by J. Goo. De Roulhac Hamilton, PH.D., followed by his letters, with notes by Kemp Pitt. Battle, LL.D by William Richardson Davie 1907
Davie Goo William Richardson Davie: a memoir by William Richardson Davie, Joseph Grégoire de Roulhac Hamilton, Kemp Plummer Battle 1907
Davies Arc Biographical memoirs of the rev. Sneyd Davies, in a letter to mr. Nichols by George Hardinge , Sneyd Davies
Davies Arc Davies Memoir: A Genealogical and Biographical Monograph on the Family and … by Henry Eugene Davies
Davies Goo Julien T. Davies: The Tribute to His Memory by Ethel Davies Thacher, Joseph Smith Auerbach - Lawyers - 1922
Davies OpL Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Davies Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1832
Davison Arc Davison family - Davison, A. A. (Almon Alexander), 1828-
Davison Arc Genealogical record of the Davison, Davidson, Davisson family of New England by Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles, 1873-
Daw vol 3 Satterlee-ley-ly and allied families genealogies
Dawes OpL Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers by Rufus R. Dawes, E.R. Alderman & Sons, 1890
Dawes Arc William Dawes, and his ride with Paul Revere. An essay read before the New England historic genealogical society on June 7, A. D. 1876; to which is appended a genealogy of the Dawes family by Holland, Henry Ware, 1844-
Dawson HT ...Our family genealogy, including the Nelson, Johnson, Roach, Smith, Little, Cox, Dawson-Wooten, and Chapman families, each related to the other by descent or marriage, or…
Dawson vol 1 A collection of family records by Charles Carroll Dawson, 1833-
Dawson vol 2 A collection of family records by Charles Carroll Dawson, 1833-
Dawson MoA A Collection of Family Records…Biographical Sketches…Memoranda of Various families… name Dawson, or allied to families. By Charles Carroll Dawson. Albany NY. J. Munsell, 1874
Dawson Arc A Confederate girl's diary – [Baton Rouge (La.) ] Sarah Morgan Dawson, 1842-1909
Dawson UNC A Confederate Girl's Diary, Sarah Morgan Dawson, 1842-1909 Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin Company; Cambridge, Mass.: The Riverside Press, 1913
Dawson Arc A record of the descendants of Robert Dawson, of East Haven, Conn., including Barnes, Bates, Beecher, Bissell, Calaway ... and numerous other families, with many biographical and genealogical notes concerning the same
Dawson UNC Sarah Morgan Dawson, 1842-1909 A Confederate Girl's Diary Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin Company; Cambridge, Mass.: The Riverside Press, 1913
Dayal Arc Forty-four months in Germany and Turkey, February 1915 to October 1918, [World War] a record of personal impressions by Har Dayal
Dayton Arc Genealogical story (Dayton and Tomlinson) by Laura Dayton Fessenden
Dayton Goo Memorial of the life and character of Aaron Ogden Dayton, Esq: fourth ... By William Berrian 1858

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