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HT Eaton family of Dedham and the Powder house rock, by John Eaton Alden... With genealogical data collected by Professor Daniel Cady Eaton… by Alden, John Eaton, 1835-1910. 1900

HT Genealogy of the Baskerville family and some allied families including the English descent from 1266 A.D.

Arc The Elmwood Eatons by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, 1849-1937

Arc The O'Connor family; families of Daniel and Mathias O'Connor of Corsallagh house, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1750, with notes on the Hagadorn, Furman, Williams and Eaton families, of New York by Watson Burdette OpL'Connor, 1879-

OpL Report of the ... annual reunion of the Eaton family association … by Eaton Family Association. Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Printers, 1uuu

Arc History, Genealogical and Biographical, of the Eaton Families by Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux 1911

Arc The descendants of Johann Adam Forney, 1557-1963 by Howard Forney

Goo Eaton Grange: and notes of Andrews, Kimball and Eaton family by Christina Landon Eaton 1890
Amos Goo Amos Eaton by Harlan Hoge Ballard 1897
Dorman Goo Dorman B. Eaton: 1823-1899 … 1900
H. Hulbert KDL Biographical memoir of H. Hulbert Eaton ... introductory address to the medical class, ... 1832-3 by Charles Wilkins Short, 1794-1863
Horace Goo A memorial of Rev. Horace Eaton: Part 4 by Anna R. Webster Eaton 1885
Joel Goo A Sketch of the Life of Joel D. Eaton Together with the Last Oration ... by Saginaw (Mich.) High school Class of 1882,
John Arc Famous American belles of the nineteenth century [Margaret Oneill (Mrs. John H. Eaton) ] by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 1873-1918
John Goo Letters of John Rust Eaton by Joseph Grégoire de Roulhac Hamilton, John Rust Eaton 1910
Orsamus Goo Argument of William Whiting, esq., in the case of Ross Winans v. … William Whiting, Ross Winans, Orsamus Eaton 1853
S.J.M. Goo Memoir of the Rev. S.J.M. Eaton by Andrew Hervey Caughey 1890
William Arc Gentlemen rovers, [ Eaton, William, 1764-1811 ] by E. Alexander Powell (Edward Alexander), 1879-
William Goo American Biography: William Eaton, by C. C. Felton Jared Sparks 1902
William Goo Memorial sketch of William Eaton by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton 1893
William Goo The Life of the Late Gen. William Eaton: Severl Years an Officer in the … 1813
William Arc Eaton, William, 1764-1811; American biography vol 2 by Jared Sparks, 1789-1866. 1902


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