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HT A History and Genealogy of the Habersham Family of Clay, Stiles, Cumming, King, Elliott, Milledge, Maxwell, Adams, Houston, Screvens, Owens, Demere, Footman by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch 1901

Goo A sketch of the Eliot family by Walter Graeme Eliot 1887

Arc Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA by Jesse Howell Finch

OpL Eliot anniversary, 1646-1896. by Newton (Mass.) By order of the City Council, 1896

Arc Eliot anniversary, 1646-1896. City of Newton, (Mass.) memorial exercises, November 11, 1896 – [honoring John Eliot, 1604-1690]

Goo Eliot papers 1893

HT Elliot-Elliott, 1625-1976 [Bentley family; Brown family; Griffith family; Shellenbarger family ] by Sara Jane Beamish

UNC Elliott and Gonzales Family Papers. Personal Correspondence, 1861-1865

Goo Genealogical memoranda relating to the families of Eliot of Port ... 1968

Goo Genealogy of the Eliot family by William Smith Porter

1854 Genealogy of the Eliot family. Originally comp. by William H. Eliot, jr. Rev. and enl. By William S. Porter. (William Horace), 1824-1852. 1854

Arc History and geanology [!] of the Stewart, Elliott and Dunwoody families by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch, 1852-

Arc History and genealogy of the Elliot family in America by Jesse C. Vansyoc, 1908

Arc Metrical history of the honourable families of the name of Scot and Elliot, in the shires of Roxborgh and Selkirk. In two parts, gathered out of ancient chronicles, histories, and traditions of our fathers by Walter Scot, 1614?-1694?

Arc Sons of the Puritans : a group of brief biographies    American Unitarian Association

Goo The Elliott Families, 1762-1911: A History and Genealogy with Biographies ... By Simon Elliott, Edwin Forrest Elliott - 1911

Arc The Elliott Family, Or, The Trials of New-York Seamstresses by Charles Burdett

FHA The Nelson family record from midseventeen hundreds to October 1959
A. Marshall HT Commemoration of A. Marshall Elliott 1844-1910
Anne Rweb The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliott
Charles Goo Charles Eliot, landscape architect: a lover of nature and of his … by Charles William Eliot 1902
Ebenezer Arc Memoirs of Ebenezer Elliott, the Corn law rhymer, with criticisms upon his writings by George S. Phillips, (George Searle), 1815-1889
Ebenezer Arc The life, character and genius of Ebenezer Elliott, by January Searle by- George Searle Phillips
George Goo Life of George Eliot by Oscar Browning, John Parker Anderson 1892
George Goo Wit and wisdom of George Eliot: with a biographical memoir 1888
James Arc "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace." A discourse on the occasion of the death of James Elliot, delivered in Jackson, Miss., Feb. 4, 1844 - Halsey, Leroy J. (Leroy Jones), 1812-1896
Jesse Goo A Biographical Notice of Com. Jesse D. Elliot…. By Russell Jarvis 1835
Jesse Goo Correspondence between Commodore Jesse D. Elliott, and Gharles [!] … 1835
Jesse Arc Speech of Com. Jesse Duncan Elliott, U.S.N. delivered in Hagerstown, Md. On 14th November, 1843.- by Jesse D. Elliott, (Jesse Duncan)
John Goo Eliot anniversary, 1646-1896: city of Newton, memorial exercises, November ... By Newton (Mass.)Take our survey New!
John HT Genealogy of the descendants of John Eliot, "apostle to the Indians." 1598-1905. by Emerson, Wilimena Hannah (Eliot) Mrs. 1853- 1905
John Goo John Eliot: a sketch, read at the dedication of the Eliot memorial … by John Traviss Lockwood 1894
John MBk John Eliot's First Indian Teacher and Interpreter Cockenoe-de-Long Island and The Story of His Career from the Early Records by William Wallace Tooker  English, published in 1896
John Goo John Elliott, the reformed: an old sailor's legacy 1841
John Goo Memoirs of the life and character of Rev. John Eliot: apostle of … by Martin Moore 1822
John Arc Memorials of the Pilgrim Fathers: John Eliot and His Friends, of Nazing and Waltham Abbey by William Winters
John KDL Oration & addresses, life ... of John Milton Elliott, judge of the Appellate Court; hall of the House of Repre 1884
John Goo The John Elliot family of Boscawen, New Hampshire by Henry Ames Kimball 1918
Joseph HT Padri Elliott [ ] Joseph Alexander Elliott, 1852-1905 of Faizabad : a memorial (chiefly autobiographical) BY Joseph Elliott,
Marshall HT Commemoration of A. Marshall Elliott 1844-1910
Samuel Goo Samuel Eliot 1749-1820
Stephen Goo An eulogium on Stephen Elliott by James Moultrie 1830
Stephen Arc Eulogy on the life and character of the Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott, D. D., bishop of the diocese of Georgia by Solomon Cohen
Stephen Arc In memoriam. Gen. Stephen Elliott, 1830-1866 - South Carolina. General Assembly. House of Representatives
Thomas Goo The early life of Professor Elliott, By George Charles Keidel
William Arc Proceedings of the Senate and obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of Hon. William Elliott, a senator from the sixth district of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania. General assembly
William Goo William Greenleaf Eliot: minister, educator, philanthropist by Charlotte Chauncy Stearns Eliot 1904
William Goo William Samuel Eliot, 1854-1874 1975

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