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Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

Alachua County
     by: Myers, O. A Cannon and McCreary, Gainesville, Fla   UF

Bellwether Parish : a history of Trinity Episcopal Church, 1835-1915     by Lee Willis, 1973-.    1998    UFl  

Biographical records, 1922-1936 [Florida].    by James Franklin Jaudon, 1873-1938.   1922    ULF  

Camp life in Florida: a handbook for sportsmen and settlers.  by Charles Hallock, 1834-1917.    Forest and stream publishing company, 1876.    MoA

Cemetery book     Suwannee County Genealogical Society   Live Oak, FL   Arc   vol  1-4    OpL

Census of Apalachicola, Franklin County , Florida, Jun 1, 1884 - May 31, 1885: taken by Patrick J. Lovett, City    by Rose Gibbons Lovett,   1968   UFl

15th census, population, 1930.  Reel 323 - 1930 Florida Federal Population Census Schedules - Leon EDs 37-1 to 37-28 Lafayette EDs 34-1 to 34-6 Lee EDs 36-1 to 36-27 Levy EDs 38-1 to 38-8  Arc

City Directory of Streets & Numbers: Gainesville, Florida   UF     1950

Communication from the secretary of the Treasury, transmitting, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of March 8, 1851... on the trade and commerce of the British North American colonies, and upon the trade of the... and straits of Floida, and a paper on the cotton crop…      MoA

Correspondence & records relating to the Chevelier Corporation & the Hopkins/Chevelier Tract    1916-20   1920-26   1922-37   

Correspondence relating to sale of land in the Hopkins/Chevelier Tract , 1916-1920 [Florida]   by James Franklin Jaudon, 1873-1938.     1916   UFl

Descriptions of townships in the Hopkins Tract , 1917?    by S. J. E. Lucas,   UFl

Dickison and his men: reminiscences of the war in Florida.    by Mary Elizabeth Dickison,   1890    UFl   

East Florida in the American revolution     by Burton Barrs, b1889   1932   UFl

Emigration by Colony for the Middle Classes ["special advantages of Florida"; Calif. land settlement    by James   Selwin Tait,  Ednbg, 1885    Har

The Exiles of Florida: Or, The Crimes Committed by Our Government Against the Maroons : Who Fled...    by Joshua Reed Giddings. 1858    Goo

Florida Facts Both Bright & Blue: A guide book to intending settlers, tourists, & investors, from a Notherner'       by Oliver Marvin Crosby,   1887   UFl

Florida for tourists, invalids and settlers      by Barbour, George M    UF  

Florida journalism during the civil war...     by Horance Gibbs Davis, 1924-.     1952    UFl   

The Florida of To-day: A guide for Tourists & Settlers    by James Wood Davidson, 1829-1905.    1889 UFl

Florida Trails as seen from Jacksonville to Key West & from Nov to April inclusive…    by Winthrop Packard, 1862-1943    1910 UFl

Geologic history & modern morphodynamics of Dog Island, Franklin County , Florida.      by Jacqueline J. Hand.   1998    UFL

Geologic history & morphodynamics of Egmont Key, Hillsborough County , Florida.    by Jennifer A. King.   1997   UFL

Historical collections of Louisiana and Florida, including translations of original manuscripts relating to their discovery and settlement, with numerous historical and biographical notes…     ed by Benjamin Franklin French, 1799-1877.  New York: J. Sabin & sons, 1869    MoA

Historical sketches of colonial Florida    by Richard L. Campbell,   1892   UFl

The history and antiquities of the city of St. Augustine, Florida, founded 1565.   by George Rainsford Fairbanks, 1820-1906.    C. B. Norton, 1858.    MoA

The Apache prisoners in Fort Marion, St. Augustine, florida By Herbert Welsh   1887   Goo

Bloomfield's illustrated historical guide: embracing an account of the antiquities of St. Augustine, Florida (with map). To which is added a condensed guide of the St. John's, Ocklawaha, Halifax, and Indian rivers, and principal cities north, east, and west.  1885   UFl

Old St. Augustine: a story of three centuries edited by Charles Bingham Reynolds   1886   Goo

The oldest house in the United States," St. Augustine, Fla: An examination ...   By Charles Bingham Reynolds   Goo

Sketches of St . Augustine : With a view of its history and ...   Rufus King Sewall    1848    Goo

The Spaniards in Florida: comprising the notable settlement of the Hugenots ... By George Rainsford Fairbanks   1868   Goo

The standard guide to St . Augustine    by  Edward Henry Reynolds   1889    Goo

History and general description of New France      by Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, 1682-1761.   1900   vol 1     vol 2     vol 3    vol 4    vol 5    vol 6

A history of blacks in Florida: an analysis of free Negroes enumerated in the U.S. census of 1850, 1860, in Florida     1988    full citation  | table of contents (PDF)

History of Escambia County , Florida: Narrative & biographical.   by Henry Clay Armstrong  1870-1930    UFL

A history of Florida    by Caroline Mays Brevard, 1860-1920.   1919   UFl

Florida, its history & its romance: The oldest settlement in the U.S. ...under the Spanish, French, English,    by George R. Fairbanks, 1820-1906.   1904    UFl

Florida: its scenery, climate, and history   With an account of Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, and Aiken; ...papers on fruit-culture; hand-book and guide.   by Sidney Lanier, 1842-81.  Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & co. 1876   MoA  

History of Florida from its discovery by Ponce de Leon, in 1512, to the close of the Florida   war, in 1842 ...   by George Rainsford Fairbanks, b1820   Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & co. [etc.], 1871.    MoA  

History of Juan Ponce de Leon's Voyages to Florida: Source Records [Fla. Hist Soc Q.]   1513/1935   AJ

History of Hillsborough County, Florida; Narrative and Biographical    by Ernest L. Robinson   USF

A professional opinion: a history of the Hillsborough County Medical Association, 1895-1970.   by Catherine Bayless Slusser.  1982    UFL

History of Orange County   by William Fremont Blackman,  1855-1932    USF

History of Pasco County, Florida       by J. A. Hendley   USF

History of Pinellas County Florida, Narrative and Biographical     by W. L. Straub   USF  

Index to W. L. Straub's History of Pinellas County Florida   Rweb

History of Pinellas Park, Florida     by Catherine Taylor   USF  

 Pinellas     by John A  Bethell   UF

The Story of St. Petersburg; The History of Lower Pinellas Peninsula and The Sunshine City    by Karl H. Grismer  USF

Stratigraphy & geologic history, Bunces Key , Pinellas County , Florida.    by Douglas E. Crowe.   1983   UFL

Where Some of the Pinellas Pioneers Lived: Pass-A-Grille, from The Pinellas Genealogist, Summer 2002   Rweb

A History of the City of Tampa and the Tampa Bay Region of Florida    by Karl H. Grismer   USF

Index, Florida peninsular : an independent weekly newspaper, Tampa , Florida, 1855-1871.     1992   FCLA   full citation  |  table of contents (PDF)

Index,  Sunland tribune : a weekly newspaper, Tampa , Fla, 1877-1883      by Julius J. Gordon  FCLA   table of contents (JPEG)  |  table of contents (PDF)

Wallace Fisher Stovall as publisher of the Tampa Tribune , 1893-1925.       by William R. Bobbitt, 1989   UFl

A History of the Shaker community at Narcoossee, Florida, 1894-1916    by Carolyne P. Cole,   1993   UFl  

History of Walton County [Florida].   by John Love McKinnon, 1840-.   1911  UFL

Huguenots in Florida,   Francis Parkman  HTA

The Italians in colonial Florida; a repertory of Italian families settled in Florida under the Spanish (1513-1762, 1784-1821) and British (1762-1784) regimes; with a brief historical outline, and an appendix on the contemporary colonial press-by Bruno Roselli. by Roselli, Bruno. 1940    HT

A Journal of the Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Florida, at its Eleventh Session...at the Capitol, in the city of Tallahassee, on  November 18, 1861 , by Florida UNC

Key West , the old and the new    Jefferson Beale Browne,   1857-1937.      1912     UFl

Key West Directory    UF     1888    1900    1906-7

Key West     Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida   UF

Key West, Florida      by Willis, J. A.   UF

 Key West WPA strike of December, 1935     UF 

United States Navy and the City of Key West, Florida      UF

Leon County , Florida: A pamphlet descriptive of its history, topography, climate, soil, resources...      Bd of County Comm  1905    UFL

1866 Map of the State of Florida   101

Marriage licenses, Volusia County, Florida, 1856-1889 - Volusia County (Fla.). Clerk's Office   Arc

Miami & Dade County, Florida: Its Settlement, Progress & Achievement    by E. V. Blackman,   b. 1845.   1921   UFl

The first thirty years of Miami and the Bank of Bay Biscayne, 1896-1926.  1926    UFl  

Military history of Florida    by J. J. Dickison,    1899    UFl 

Minute book of Town Council of Dade City , Pasco County, Florida January 28, 1898-February 19, 1907.   1980     UFl 

The North Florida Fruit & Truck farms at Hilliard in the suburban district of ... Jacksonville , Florida:    Cornwall Farm Land Co.   1910  UFl

Observations upon the Floridas      by  Charles Blacker Vignoles, 1793-1875     Arc

Origin of names of army and air corps posts, camps and stations in World War II in Florida    by Mary Moore Allen,   UFl 

The Origin, Progress, and Conclusions of the Florida War: To which is Appended a Record of...      by John Titcomb Sprague, 1848   Goo

Original Settlers of Anona, Pinellas Co,. Florida from The Pinellas Genealogist, Winter 1990-1991  Rweb

The origin, progress, and conclusion of the Florida war: to which ...   By John Titcomb Sprague  1848   Goo   vol 3

Orlando City Directory   1913

Our Story of Gulfport, Florida ,      by the Gulfport Historical Society  1985   UFS

Pensacola, Florida      by Charles Henry Bliss, 1860-1907.    1894     UFl   

 Christ church parish: Pensacola , Florida, 1827-1927    by Julia J. Yonge, 1927    UFl 

Pensacola settlers, 1781-1821     by Jack David Lazarus  Holmes, 1930-     1970 UFl

Photographs depicting Clewiston , 1921      by Claude Carson Matlack, 1878-1944   UFl

Pinellas: A Brief History of The Lower Point     by John A. Bethell  1914   USF

Pioneer life in southeast Florida [ Palm Beach County ]     by Charles William Pierce, 1864-1939.   1970   UFL

Pioneer Settlers of Seminole, Florida   by Debbie McGee Cundiff  Rweb

Ponce de Leon land & Florida War Record [Wars of Indian Removal, 1817-1858]     by George M. Brown, 1845-.    1910    UFl

Records & map relating to proposed town of Chevelier , 1917-1919.    Model Land Company      UFl

Records pertaining to Everglades land in.  Model Land Company  UFl   T59S R37E, 1910-1926         T57S-T59S, 1912-1913

Records relating to settlements & development in the Everglades     by James Franklin Jaudon, 1873-1938   UFl  1917-24      1924

Records relating to land in the Cape Sable region, 1912-1913.  Model Land Company  1912  UFl

Records relating to Snapper Creek Canal & adjacent lands, 1917-1923   Model Land Company   1917   UFl

Records pertaining to survey of  Cape Sable   Model Land Company   UFl    1913     1917-18

Records relating to T48S R43S section 30 ( Pompano Beach ), 1916-1917.  Model Land Company   1916    UFl

Red patriots: the story of the Seminoles    by Charles H Coe,   1974   UFl  

Report of examination & exploration of the A. W. Hopkins property, Monroe & Dade Counties , Fla    by   John W. King,    1917   UFL

Rural cemeteries in Escambia County , Florida , 1826-1950 :    by   Lola Lee Daniell   Bruington,     1985    UFl   

The Seminoles of Florida    by   Mrs Minnie Willson, (Moore) b1863.   1920     UFl 

The Seminole Indians of Florida Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to...the Smithsonian Institution, 1883-4     by Clay MacCauley   1887   Gut

Shipwrecks in the vicinity of Jupiter Inlet     by Bessie Wilson DuBois,     1975   UFl

The Spanish Borderlands: A Chronicle of Old Florida and the Southwest   by Herbert Eugene Bolton   1921   Goo

The Spanish Settlements Within the Present Limits of the United States ...    by Woodbury Lowery - Florida – 1905    Goo

St. Andrews, Florida: historical notes upon St. Andrews and St. Andrews Bay ... ‎ George Mortimer West  1922    Goo

St. Michael's Cemetery , 1807-     by   Lola Lee Daniell   Bruington,    1986   UFl

St. Petersburg and Its People ,  by Walter P. Fuller    USF

An Index to Walter P. Fuller's St. Petersburg and Its People   by Timothy Howard Baughman   Rweb

The Story of St. Petersburg; The History of Lower Pinellas Peninsula and The Sunshine City    by Karl H. Grismer  USF

The Story of Fort Myers; The History of the Land of the Caloosahatchee and Southwest Florida ,   by Karl H. Grismer   USF

The Story of Sarasota; The History of the City and County of Sarasota, Florida,    by Karl H. Grismer   UFS

Stratigraphy & geologic history of Anna Maria Island, Manatee County , Florida.     by John M. Pekala.   1996    UFL

Stratigraphy & geologic history, Bunces Key , Pinellas County , Florida.    by Douglas E. Crowe.   1983   UFL

The stratigraphy & geologic history of Caladesi Island , Pinellas County Florida.      by Jeffrey W. Brame.   1976   UFL

Stratigraphy & geologic history of an emerging barrier complex, Northern Pinellas County , Florida.     by John S. Gregory.   1984    UFL

Tallahassee of yesterday   by Sallie E. Blake,      1924    UFL

Tallahassee, Leon County : History & Bibliography.    by Mary Louise Ellis.   1986   UFL

The Territory of Florida, Or, Sketches of the Topography, Civil and Natural ...    by John Lee Williams - Indians of North America – 1837    Goo

Them Good Ole Days at Mayport and the Beaches (United States/20th Century)      Duval Country , Florida     HAT

Webb's Historical, Industrial & Biographical Florida. .    by   Wanton S. Webb   1885   UFI    Pt. I

West Florida : its history and the movements toward its acquisition by the US    by Frederick Norman   Anderson,    1915   UFl

West Palm Beach.  Chamber of Commerce (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 1918  UFl

Year book: Boylan School, under the auspices of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.      19uu    UFl

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