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Goo Holmes memorial number: including tributes to Dr.Holmes by … 1894

HT The Emison families; origin and history of the American Emisons, with partial genealogies and notes on the following collateral families; Baird; Clark; Holmes; Posey; Allen; Dunning; Rabb… by Emison, James Wade, 1894- 1947

Arc The Bromwell genealogy, including descendants of William Bromwell and Beulah Hall, with data relating to others of the Bromwell name in America; also genealogical records of branches of the allied families of Holmes, Payne, Rice and Leffler

OpL Genealogy of some branches of the families of Huston, Wilson, Wilkin, Holmes, Wells, Whitaker, Brown by James Archibald Huston, 1914

FHA Ten generations of the Bone family : allied with the Baker, Ballard, Batchelor, Cockrell, Cron, Ellis, Gaines, Holmes, Horn(e), Kell, Mason, Mercer, Nash, Nishwitz, Poland, Pridgen, Roberson, Ricks, Taylor, Turner, VanLandingham, Vick, Winstead

Arc The Giles memorial : genealogical memoirs of the families bearing the names of Giles, Gould, Holmes, Jennison, Leonard, Lindall, Curwen, Marshall, Robinson, Sampson 1864

Goo A Letter of Directions to His Father's Birth-place … by John Holmes, David Williams Patterson - 1865
Alexander FHA The descendants of Alexander Holmes : 1757-1776; son of William and Honor Wells Holmes
Alexander Goo Trial of Alexander William Holmes: one of the crew of the ship William Brown …
David FHA A Holmes migration : from England through New England and Maine to New Brunswick, 1635-1992 David Holmes (ca. 1635-1666) was born in England and died in Milton, Massachusetts
Edwin Goo A wonderful fifty years: by Edwin T. Holmes, president Holmes electric … By Edwin Thomas Holmes
George Goo The Descendants of George Holmes of Roxbury: 1594-1908 by George Arthur Gray, E. Holmes Bugbee 1908
Harriet Goo Memoir of Harriet Ann Holmes by Mrs. Caroline T. Holmes Ely 1844
John Goo Letters of John Holmes to James Russell Lowell and others
Mead Goo A soldier of the Cumberland: memoir of Mead Holmes, jr., by his father [M ... By Mead Holmes (rev.), Mead Holmes
Mead KDL A soldier of the Cumberland: Memoir of Mead Holmes Jr., sergeant, Comp. K, 21st Reg. Wisconsin Volunteers. Int. 1864
Obadiah FHA Holmes, Hughes, Rickets, Mars, Miller, and Cole families : from England to Maryland, 1608-2002 Obadiah Holmes was born in 1608 in Manchester, England.
Obadiah Goo The American family of Rev. Obadiah Holmes by James Taylor Holmes 1915
Oliver Goo Speeches by Oliver Wendell Holmes by Oliver Wendell Holmes – 1896
Oliver Goo Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Autocrat and His Fellow-boarders by Samuel McChord Crothers, Oliver Wendell Holmes 1909
Oliver Goo Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes: In Two Volumes. By John Torrey Morse 1896
Oliver Goo Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes by Emma Elizabeth Brown 1884
Ruth Goo In the Court of Appeals: Ruth Holmes Against Frank Jones
Samuel FHA Samuel Holmes : family history by Kenneth R. Hardy
Thomas OpL A letter of directions to his father's birthplace Holmes family (Thomas Holmes, 1625?-1723) by John Holmes, U. Q. Club Press of J. MoA. Bradstreet & Son, 1865
William Arc (William Holmes, 1663-1711) My ancestors in America. Compiled, printed and published for gratuitous distribution among near relatives, by William Blake Pierce, 1815-
William FHA Holmes family history. 19-- by Benjamin Shurtleff, 1866-1952 William Holmes was born in 1952 near Holme, East Riding, Yorksire, England, and immigrated before 1636 to New England, living in Scituate

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