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Arc Four brothers in the American revolution : the family background and the careers of Timothy, Darius, Baxter, and Bazaleel Howe with a partial list of their descendants by Herbert Barber Howe, 1882-1957

FHB From whence we came : the Cornwell-Howe families by Gale Thomas Howe Cornwell, b. 1926

FHB Newton and Howe, Hale and Carter : the ancestors and descendants of James Newton and Esther Hale of Hubbardston and Greenfield, Massachusetts by White, Franklin H., 1989, 1990

FHB Rathbone and related families : Tennant, Winslow, Rider, Green, Newell, Luther, Ransom, Howe, Craig and Stites by Stites, Jim (James Robert), 1925-; Stites, Maxine (Maxine Alice King), 1930-

Goo Pedigree of Jennens, Howe, Hanmer, Lygon and other families. 1869

Arc Maxwell history and genealogy, including the allied families of Alexander, Allen, Bachiler, Batterton, Beveridge, Blaine, Dunn, Eylar, Garretson, Gentry, Guthrie, Houston, Howard, Howe, Hughes, Hussey, Irvine, Johnson,.. 1916

FHB The Howe family from England to Pennsylvania and beyond by Jennie Marshall Stokes Howe
Andrew Sws Biographies of John King, M. D., Andrew Jackson Howe, A. B., M. D., and John Milton Scudder, M. D.
George OpL George Rowland Howe, 1847-1917; a son's tribute. The record of a useful life and some genealogical notes. by Herbert Barber Howe, 1920
Henry Arc Passages from the life of Henry Warren Howe, b1841- of diary and letters written during the civil war, 1816-1865…Thirtieth Massachusetts…with the genealogies of the different branches of the family
Jacob FHB Ancestry and descendants of Jacob How(e) of Rowley, Mass., Baldwin, Bridgton and Paris, Me.
John FHB Filial tribute to the memory of Rev. John Moffat Howe, M.D by Reid, John Morrison, 1820-1896 [New York : De Vinne Press]
John FHB A continuation of the genealogy of Howe of Sudbury and Marlborough, Mass. : beginning with Walter Howe (Jotham, Daniel, Josiah, John) : main family collaterals:
Julia vol 2 Julia Ward Howe 1819 1910 by Laura E. Richards
Julia vol 1 Julia Ward Howe 1819 1910 by Laura E. Richards
Margery FHB Ancestors of Margery Ruth Howe : from immigration to the present times, 1630 to 2002 by Johnson, Rogers Bruce, 1928-; [Camden, Me.] : Penobscot Press ; Grantham, NH : Book available from R.B. Johnson
Richard Goo The Life of Richard, Earl Howe, K. G.: Admiral of the Fleet, and General of Marines. by John Barrow . London, William Clowers & Sons. 1838
Samuel Arc Memoir of the Hon. Samuel Howe: With Other Notices by Rufus Ellis
William FHB Genealogy of William Howe (ca 1540-1620) of Buckinghamshire, England to William Glen Thompson (1930-) of Arnold, California, through Edward Howe of Lynn, Massachusetts, and five generations of the Howe family in New York state : with collateral

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