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Address and Resolutions, Adopted at the Whig State Convention, Worcester, October 3, 1849     by Whig Party (Mass.)   Goo

Address of the Whigs of the Legislature of Massachusetts to the Whigs of the Union      by Whig Party (Mass.) Boston: Eastburn's Press, 1848   Goo  

The Great Fraud Upon the Public Credulity in the Organization of the Republican Party Upon the Ruins of the "Whig Party": An Address to the Old-Line Whigs of the Union  1856     Goo

A History of the Whig Party, or Some of Its Main Features; With a Hurried Glance at the Formation of Parties in the United States, and the Outlines of the History of the Principal Parties in the Country to the Present Time, Etc., Etc.    by Robert McK. Ormsby second edition, 1860   Goo

A Letter to a Whig Member of the Southern Independence Association     by Goldwin Smith   Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1864   Goo

Proceedings of a Great Whig Meeting of Citizens of Boston, Held at Amory Hall, On the Evening of Wednesday, Oct. 10th, 1838       Goo

Proceedings of the Democratic Whig National Convention, Which Assembled at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on the Fourth of December, 1839, For the Purpose of Nominating Candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States ,    by Whig Party (U.S.)     Goo

The Proceedings of Two Meetings, Held in Boston, on the 7th and 14th July to Protest Against the Nomination of Gen. Scott, for the Presidency, and to Recommend Hon. Daniel Webster For That Office  by Mass.  Whig Party Boston Boston: Prentiss and Sawyer, 1852  Goo

Remarks of the Hon. Peleg Sprague at Faneuil Hall, Before the Citizens of Boston and Its Vicinity, Upon the Character and Services of Gen. William Henry Harrison, of Ohio, the Whig Candidate for the Presidency of the United States by Peleg Sprague  Boston: J. H. Eastburn, 1839      Goo  

Speech Delivered by Hon. Josiah Quincy, Senior, Before the Whig State Convention,  at the Music Hall, Boston, Aug. 16, 1854    by Josiah Quincy    Goo

A Testimonial of Gratitude and Affection to Henry Clay: The Proceedings of the Whigs of Philadelphia Assembled in Town Meeting on the 19th Day of December, 1844    Cary and Hart, 1845     Goo

The Whig Almanac, and Politician's Register, for 1838    New York: G. Dearborn and Co., 1838    Goo

The Whig Party: Its Objects, Its Principles, Its Candidates, Its Duties, and Its Prospect: An Address to the People of Rhode-Island     by William Robinson Watson   1844   Goo