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A Century of Expansion,     by Willis Fletcher Johnson  1903    Goo

The Critical Period of American History,1783-1789.    by John Fiske, 1916   Goo

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  A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year    by Edwin Emerson, Georg Gottfried Gervinus, Maurice Magnus 1900  Goo

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The History of the United States of America     .    by Richard Hildreth.  New York, Harper & Brothers Publisher.    Vol 1  1789-97

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A manual of modern history ... with a history of the colonies founded by Europeans.    by W. C. Taylor. Revised, with a chapter on the history of the United States, by C. S. Henry., Taylor, W. C. (William Cooke), 1800-1849.     MoA

New America      by  William Hepworth Dixon   Hurst And Blackett Publishers, 1867   OpL    vol I    

The New York Times Current History    1920    European War   Goo     vol 6   1916

Our National Centennial Jubilee: Orations, Addresses and Poems Delivered on the Fourth of July 4th, 1876 ...     by Frederick Saunders  1877 Arc

Reminiscences of America in 1869    by W. J. Rivington, W. A. Harris, Two Englishmen. 1870    Goo

Steps in the expansion of our territory     by Oscar Phelps Austin, 1848?-1933    New York, D. Appleton, 1903   OpL   

The United States of America; their history from the earliest period; their industry, commerce, banking transactions, and national works; their institutions and character, political, social, and literary: with a survey of the territory, and remarks on the prospects and plans of emigrants      by Murray, Hugh, 1779-1846 Nicol, James, 1810-1879   Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd; 1844    OpL