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365 luncheon dishes    George W. Jacobs & Co., 1902    OpL

A choice fragment of what mother-in-law knows about cooking ; or, Many a dime saved   1875   Arc

The American Woman's Home: Or, Principles Of Domestic Science; A Guide…    by Catharine E. Beecher,   & Harriet Beecher   Bost. 1869    MSU  

The Appledore cook book   by Maria Parloa    A.F. Graves, 1880  OpL

At home with the range: the American cooking stove, 1865-1920     by Phyllis Minerva Ellin,    Arc

"Aunt Babette's" Cook Book: Foreign & domestic receipts for the household ... [cooking of diverse ethnic group…   by Aunt Babette,  Cin. 1889  MSU

Better babies and their care     by Anna Steese Richardson
   Frederick A. Stokes company, 1914  OpL

Betty's Scrapbook of Little Recipes for Little Cooks, Saved from Wisconsin Agriculturist and Farmer (1930s) , by Betty Dahlberg     Wis

The Blue Grass Cook Book, [Illus. (Photos) A. L. Coburn] ("Never bake a ham under a year old")    by Minnie C. Fox,   NY 1904    MSU  

Book of 3000 receipts:...medicine, cookery, pastry, preserving, pickling, confect., distilling, perfumery…    by A. S.   Wright,   1869    MoA    

A Book of Cooking and Pastry: A Collection of Original Receipts Gathered ...     by C. F. Pfau  1887   Arc

The book of the potato. by T. W. Sanders    W.H. & L. Collingridge, 1910   OpL

The Boston Cooking School Cook Book    by Fannie Merritt Farmer,   Bar   1918    1896     Arc

Boston School Kitchen Text-book: Lessons in cooking for the use of classes in public & industrial schools    by Mary J. Lincoln, 1891   Har

The Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics      Goo  Opl  1904-5   1907     1914

The Bread and Biscuit Baker 's and Sugar-Boiler's Assistant    by Robert Wells,   1890   Ren

Breakfasts and teas ; novel suggestions for social occasions    by Paul, Pierce b1866    Arc

Breakfast, Luncheon & Tea,    by Marion Harland [pseud.]   NY 1875     MSU

The chemistry of cooking and cleaning    by Ellen Henrietta (Swallow) Richards  Estes & Lauriat, 1882   Arc    OpL

Chinese-Japanese Cook Book ["possibly the first Japanese" cookbook pub in US]    by Sara Bossee, (nee Easton)   Chicago, 1914 MSU    

Chocolate & Cocoa Recipes by Miss Parloa, & Home Made Candy Recipes...    by Maria Parloa & Janet McKenzie Hill  1909  MSU     

Clever cooking - Seattle (Wash.) St. Mark's Church. Women's Guild  1896   Arc

Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery, by Marion Harland [pseud.]   Mary Virginia Terhune,   NY   1873    MSU  

The complete cook. Plain and practical directions for cooking and housekeeping; with upwards of seven hundred receipts: consisting of directions for the choice of meat and poultry; preparations for cooking making of broths and soups; boiling, roasting, baking, and frying of meats, fish, &c., seasonings, colourings, cooking vegetables; preparing salads, clarifying; making of pastry, puddings, gruels, gravies, garnishes, &c., and, with general directions for making wines. With additions and alteratons     by J. M.,  Sanderson,    of Philadelphia   With this is bound, as issued: The complete confectioner, pastry-cook, and baker. Philadelphia, 1846   Arc

Confederate Receipt Book. A Compilation of over One Hundred Receipts, Adapted to the Times     Richmond, Va.: West & Johnston, 1863   UNC

The Cook Not Mad, or Rational Cookery; Being A Collection of ... Receipts, Embracing Not Only the Art of Curin…     Watert.   1831   MSU

Cookbook ["Manuscript recipe book, 1705, containing medical & cooking recipes"; digital facsimile]    by D. Tetre, fl. 1705   UPa

Cookery American Cookery , or the art of dressing viands, fish, poultry, & vegetable …     by Amelia Simmons,   Hartford, 1798    MSU

Cookery and Housekeeping: A Manual of Domestic Economy for Large and Small Families.    by Henry Reeve, Mrs Henry Reeve.   1882    Goo

Cooking In Old Creole Days. La Cuisine Creole A L'Usage Des Petits Menages ["classic exposition"; illus. Harpe    by Celestine Eustis,   NY   1904    MSU  

The Cook's Dictionary, and House-keeper's Directory: A New Family Manual of Cookery...    by Richard Dolby, Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection (Library of Congress). 1830   Goo

The Cook's Own Book: Being A Complete Culinary Encyclopedia…    by N. K. M. Lee,    Boston 1832   MSU

Cost of Living and Retail Prices of Food    1904  Goo  

Dainty sweets ices, creams, jellies, preserves, by the world famous chefs, United States, Canada, Europe.    by Hoff, Archie Corydon   1913   OpL

Diamond Dye rug book     Wells & Richardson Co  Arc

Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, & Hints to Young Housekeepers [Pa. Dutch; Quaker; 19 editions]     by Elizabeth Ellicott Lea,   Balt. 1869  MSU

Dr. Chase's Recipes, or, Information for Everybody [encyclopedia]     by Alvin Wood Chase, (MD)   MSU   1860     1864

The family save-all. : Supplying excellent dishes for breakfast, dinner and tea, from cold fragments, as well as a large number of new receipts for cooking and preparing all kinds of soups, fish, oysters, terrapins, lobsters, meats, poultry, game, tea cakes, jellies, rolls, preserves, pies, puddings, dessert, cakes, pickles, sauces, etc. With miscellaneous receipts and invaluable hints for economy in every article of household use.      by   Hannah M. Bouvier, (Hannah Mary), 1811-1870      T.B. Peterson & Brothers   1867   Arc

Feast Day Cookbook    by Helmut   Ripperger, & Katherine Burton   1951   Cat

Field book of common gilled mushrooms: with a key to their identification and directions for cooking those that are edible - Thomas, William Sturgis, 1871-1941   Arc

The fireless cook book : a manual of the construction and use of appliances for cooking by retained heat : with 250 recipes     by Margaret Johnes Mitchell    Arc    OpL

Food & Cookery For The Sick & Convalescent    by Fannie Merritt Farmer, Bost.   1904    MS

Food & Victory: A war supplement to Text-book of cooking    by Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer,    Bost. 1918   Har

French Cookery Adapted for English Families by E. Crawford - 1853   Goo

The Frugal Housewife, or, Complete Woman Cook; wherein the art of dressing all sorts of viands is explained in…     by Susannah Carter,   NY 1803    MSU  

The Frugal Housewife, Dedicated to Those Who Are Not Ashamed of Economy     by Lydia Maria Child, (Francis)   Boston,   1830    MSU

Fullstandigaste Svensk-Amerikansk Kokbok / Swedish English Cookbook [bi-lingual]   Chicago, 1987   MSU

The gentle art of cooking wives    by Elizabeth Strong Worthington (Dodge Publishing Company, 1900  OpL

German national cookery for American kitchens : a practical book of the art of cooking as performed in Germany    by Henriette Davidis, d1876  1904  Arc

Good cooking     by Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer,  Curtis Publishing Company, Doubleday & McClure Co., 1898   OpL

Good food, how to prepare it; the principles of cooking , and nearly five hundred carefully selected recipes    by George E Cornforth   Arc

The Good Housekeeper, or The Way to Live Well & to Be Well While We Live    by Sarah Josephia Buell Hale,   Boston   1839    MSU

The Good Housekeeping Woman's Home Cook Book    by Isabel Gordon Curtis,   Chi, 1909    MSU

Good Things To Eat: ... Practical Recipes ... Meats, Game,Fowl, Fish, Puddings, Pastries, Etc.     by Rufus Estes,   Chi. 1911   MSU

The Great Western Cook Book, or Table Receipts, Adapted to Western Housewifery [midwestern]  by Angelina Maria Collins,   NY 1857    MSU

The Grocer's Encyclopedia [449 illus.; "vital to any understanding of the food products, early 20th c."]     by Artemas Ward,   NY   1911   MSU  

A guide to laundry-work   by Mary Davoren Molony Chambers,  Mrs. (The Boston cooking-school magazine co., 1915  OpL

Handbook of Practical Cookery for Ladies & Professional Cooks ... [French; cooking schools; "first celebrity…    by Pierre Blot, NY 1868   MSU

Henriette Davidis' Practical Cook Book. Comp. For The US From The 45th German Ed.... baking & preserve     by Henriette Davidis, Milwke 1897    MSU

Henley's twentieth century forrmulas, recipes and processes, containing ten thousand selected household and workshop formulas, recipes, processes and moneymaking methods for the practical use of manufacturers, mechanics, housekeepers and home workers   1914  Arc

The home and its management; a handbook in homemaking, with three hundred inexpensive cooking receipts    by Mabel Hyde Kittredge,  1867-1955   Arc

Home Life in Colonial Days      by Alice Morse Earle    MBk

Hotel Keepers, Head Waiters, & Housekeepers' Guide ["2nd major Black-authored culinary work in US"]    by Tunis Gulic Campbell,  Boston, 1848    MSU

Hotel Meat Cooking: Comprising Hotel and Restaurant Fish and Oyster Cooking ...   by Jessup Whitehead Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress)   1901   OpL

The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book   by Victor Hirtzler, Chi. 1919    MSU

The House Servant's Directory, or A Monitor for Private Families: Comprising Hints on the Arrangement…     by Robert Roberts,   NY 1827   MSU

Household hints & recipes   by Henry T. Williams,    Bost. 1884   Har  

The Housekeeper's Assistant, Composed Upon Temperance Principles ... [charity & church; temperance]    by Ann Allen,   Boston, 1845   MSU

Housekeeping in Old Virginia, Containing [1700] Contributions from 250 Ladies in Virginia & her Sister States    by Marion Fontaine Cabell Tyree1878   MSU

The hunter's handbook, containing a description of all articles required in camp, with hints on provisions and stores and receipts for camp cooking     by Barry Stratton, 1885   Arc

The Ideal Bartender [175 classic coctails; hotels; African-American]    by Thomas Bullock,   StLo, 1917   MSU

The Italian Cook Book: The Art Of Eating Well, Practical Recipes Of The Italian Cuisine, Pastries, Sweets…     by Maria Gentile,   NY   1919     MSU

Jennie June's American Cookery Book ["incl. chapt. of Jewish Receipts"]     by Jane Cunningham Croly, NY 1870    MSU

Jewel gas stoves and gas appliances for cooking and heating for manufactured or natural gas    Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co., 1916   OpL

La Cuisine Creole: A Collection of Culinary Recipes, From Leading Chefs & Noted Creole Housewives ...   by Lafcadio Hearn,   NOrle  1885   MSU

Ladies' Home Cook Book: A Complete Manual of Household Duties : [with] Well ... - Marion Harland  1896   Arc

The Ladies' New Book of Cookery: A Practical System For Private Families In Town & Country;     by Sarah Josephia Buell Hale,    NY   1852    MSU

The lakeside cook book no. 2; a manual of recipes for cooking , pickling, and preserving ..    by Naomi A. Donnelley  1879  Arc

Library of Congress and the Interior Decorations   Foster & Reynolds   1897    Goo

Low cost cooking    by Florence Nesbitt (American school of home economics, 1915  OpL

Manual for Army Cooks/Prepared Under The Direction Of The Commissary General Of Subsistence [garrison & camp;    U.S. War Dept. Off. Commissary Gen. Subs    GPO   1896    MSU

Manuscript recipe book, 1705, containing medical & cooking recipes"     by D. Tetre, fl. 1705   Pen

The Market Assistant: ...a Brief Description of Every Article of Human Food Sold in the Public Markets of NYC    by Thomas Farmington De Voe   1867   MSU

Mary At The Farm And Book Of Recipes Compiled During Her Visit Among The "Pennsylvania Germans,"    by Edith M. Thomas, 1915   MSU

The Mary Frances Cook Book; Or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People [illus. Margaret G Hays & Jane Allen Boyer    by Jane Eayre Fryer 1912    MSU

Miss Beecher's Domestic Receipt Book: Designed As A Supplement To Her Treatise On Domestic Economy.    by Catharine Esther Beecher,  1846  Goo  MSU

Miss Beecher's housekeeper & healthkeeper: 500 recipes for economical & healthful cooking;    by Catharine Esther Beecher, 1800-78.   1873   MoA

Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery & Household Management ["her masterpiece"; early regional; NY Cooking    by Juliet Corson  1886   MSU   

Miss Leslie's lady's new receipt-book : a useful guide for large or small families containing directions for cooking , preserving, pickling ..    by Eliza Leslie   Arc

Mrs. Goodfellow's cookery as it should be. A new manual of the dining room & kitchen... [illus.]    by Mrs Goodfellow, 1865   MoA

Medicinal Recipe Book [cookbook; digital facsimile]    by   D. Petre, fl. 1705    UPa

Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book: Adapted for Families   by William Augustus Henderson  1847   Goo

Modern meatless cook book : five hundred recipes for preparing foods, with special reference to cooking without meat    House of Rest (San Jose, Calif.)   1910   Arc    OpL

Mrs. Norton's Cook-book: Selecting, Cooking, and Serving for the Home Table   by Jeanette Young Norton (and London, G.P. Putnam 's Sons, 1917  OpL

The national cook book. By a lady of Phila. A practical housewife    by Hannah Mary Bouvier Peterson, 1811-70.   1866   MoA

The Neighborhood Cook Book/Comp. Under The Auspices Of The Portland Section In 1912, Council Of Jewish Women (Oregon)   2ed   1914    MSU

New era home economics     New Era Pub. Co., 1903   OpL

The New-England cookery, or the art of dressing all kinds of flesh, fish, & vegetables      by Lucy Emerson, Montpe   1808    MSU

The New England Economical Housekeeper, & Family Receipt Book [economy, frugality]    by Esther Allen Howland,    Cin.   1845   MSU

Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary Heritage [Web Exhibit; facsimiles of early title pages, etc.]    2002   Cor

Old Time Wall Papers: An Account of the Pictorial Papers on Our Forefathers ...       by Kate Sanborn   1905     Goo

One thousand and one useful recipes and valuable hints about cooking and housekeeping    by Ewell's X.L. Dairy Bottled Milk Company   1890   OpL

The Oriental Cook Book; Wholesome, Dainty And Economical Dishes Of The Orient...Adapted To American     by Ardashes H. Keoleian,    1913     MSU

Pills Petticoats And Plows The Southern Country Store     by Thomas D. Clark    University Of Oklahoma Press, 1944  OpL

Practical Cooking & Dinner Giving [12 illus. pgs cooking utensils -- "most valuable"]    by Mary Newton Foote Henderson, NY   1877    MSU

The Practical Housekeeper: A Cyclopaedia of Domestic Economy    by Elizabeth Fries Ellet,   NY 1857   MSU

Practical Sanitary & Economic Cooking Adapted to Persons of Moderate & Small Means     by Mary Hinman Abel,   1890   MSU    OpL

Presbyterian Cook Book , Compiled By The Ladies Of The First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio   1873    MSU

Presbyterian Cook Book , Compiled By The Ladies Of The First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio   Dayton 1873   MSU

Principles of Domestic Engineering: Or, The What, why and how of a Home...     by Mary Pattison   1915    Goo

Questions and answers on buttermaking    by Charles A. ( Albert),Publow,  1882-  Arc

The Rocky Mountain Cook Book: For High Altitude Cooking    by Caroline Trask Norton   1918  IAr

School and Home Cooking     by Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer 1920  Arc

Science in the Kitchen. A Scientific Treatise on Food Substances & their Dietetic Properties...    by Ella Eaton Kellogg   1893  MSU

Scientific living for prolonging the term of human life.    by Brown, Laura Nettleton. Mrs. (The Health-culture co.  1909   OpL

The Settlement Cook Book: Containing Many Recipes Used In Settlement Cooking Classes,     by Lizzie Black Kander.  1901     MSU

Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry, Cakes, & Sweetmeats     by Eliza Leslie,   Bost. 1832    Gut    MSU

Simple cooking of wholesome food for the farm home    by Jessie Pinning Rich  University of Texas, 1913   Arc     OpL

Smiley's cook book & universal household guide : A comprehensive collection of recipes…     by James Bethuel Smiley, Chicago,    Har

The Southern cook book of fine old recipes  by    Lustig    Culinary arts press, 1935     OpL

Southern recipes.     by Junior League of Montgomery   1900   OpL

The Times Cook Book, No. 2: 957 Cooking & Other Recipes...   by California Women; Brought Out By The 1905 Series     1905?    MSU

The Virginia Housewife : or, Methodical Cook    by Mary Randolph,   Balt. 1838     MSU

Washington Women's Cook Book [Washington Equal Suffrage Assn.]    by Linda Deziah Jennings,   Seattle 1909   MSU

What I know or, Hints on the daily duties of a housekeeper. Comprising nearly five hundred receipts, for cooking, preserving, pickling, washing, ironing, gardening, plain and fancy needle-work, putting up of winter stores, and numerous other receipts useful and needful in every well-regulated household.   Elizabeth Nicholson   1856   OpL

What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking [African-American, born in slavery; Women's Co-Op Printing    by Abby Fisher,  SFranc 1881  Arc   MSU    OpL

When mother lets us cook: ... simple receipts for little folk: w/cooking rules in rhyme, …      by Constance Johnson,   NY    1908   Har

Willy Lou's house book; a collection of proved recipes, hints and suggestions for practical cooking , housekeeping and housewifery - Hough, Charlotte Amelia Cheesebro, 1863-    1913  Arc

White House Cook Book : A Selection of Choice Recipes Original & Selected, During a Period of 40 Years'...    by Fanny Lemira Gillette,  1887    MSU

The Woman Suffrage Cook Book: Containing thoroughly tested & reliable recipes for cooking, directions for care…     by Hattie A. Burr, (Mrs.) 1890    MSU

The Young House-Keeper: or, Thoughts on Food & Cookery [diet, nutrition, homemaking] nbsp;  by William Andrus Alcott,   Boston,   1846   MSU

Zuni Breadstuff [Museum Of The American Indian]     by Frank Hamilton Cushing,   NY   1920   MSU