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Bradley Polytechnic Institute. The first decade, 1897-1907 [1908]   Arc

A history of Eureka college with biographical sketches and reminiscences. Illus. [Walnut Grove, Woodford Co.]     by Alumni association 1894   OpL

The German-English College at Galena , Illinois - Deutsch-englishe Colleguim   Goo

Quarter century celebration at Illinois College.     by Illinois College.   J.F. Trow, printer, 1855    OpL   

The founders and founding of Illinois College    by Charles Backus Barton,   John K. Long, 1902    OpL  

Closing exercises of the forty seventh term - Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb    Arc

Knox College, by whom founded and endowed     by John W. Bailey, Press & Tribune printing office, 1860    Knox College Galesburg, Ill.     OpL

Exercises in commemoration of the founding of Knox College by Knox College (Galesburg, Ill.)Mail publishing co, 1894     OpL  

Illinois College of Photography    by Illinois College of Photography. 1905      OpL

Alumni record of the College of liberal arts, 1903  by  Northwestern University Evanston, Ill.   1903   OpL

Addresses on the Occasion of the Inauguration of Rev. Charles Henry Fowler, D. D., as President of the Northwestern Univ, June 26, 1873   MoA

 Alumni mailing list, 1909.   by Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.) College of Liberal Arts.  OpL

Northwestern University      by Arthur Herbert Wilde    University Publication Society, 1905   OpL

University administration       by Charles William Eliot    Houghton Mifflin Company, 1908    OpL

History of Omega chapter, and reminiscences of Northwestern.   by Sigma Chi. Omega Chapter  1885    OpL

An introduction to Northwestern University.  1946   OpL

A history of Elgin Academy of Northwestern University      by Becker, L. K. Mrs.    Published by the Academy  1906   OpL

Quarter centennial anniversary souvenir of the Southern Illinois State Normal University      by Southern Illinois State Normal University. Alumni association.   Carbondale Free Press, 1899    OpL  

Jubilee memorial of Shurtleff College, Upper Alton,     Shurtleff College.   Daily Telegraph Steam Print, 1877   OpL

The Pioneer School: A History of Shurtleff College, the Oldest Educational ...    by Austen Kennedy De Blois 1900   Arc   Goo   OpL

Jubilee memorial of Shurtleff College, Upper Alton, Ill. by Shurtleff College. Daily Telegraph Steam Print, 1877   OpL

The University's Class of 1912, investment banking, and the Shurtleff family history by Roy Lothrop Shurtleff 1981 OpL

Semi-centennial history of the Alpha Zeta Society of Shurtleff College    by William W. Greene  Melling & Gaskins, 1898   Arc    OpL

Yearbooks from Shurtleff College   SHC

ThePresidents of the University of Chicago: A Centennial View     by Richard L. Popp 1992   UCh

The Beta of Illinois chapter historical sketch and list of members    by Phi Beta Kappa. Illinois Beta, University of Chicago.   The University, 1915  OpL  

A History of the University of Chicago.    by Thomas Wakefield Goodspeed. 1916    Goo  

The University and the City: A Centennial View of the University of Chicago ,  ed Daniel Meyer 1992   UCh

The University of Chicago Faculty : A Centennial View    by Frank Yoder   1991    UCh

The Alumni Record of the University of Illinois: Including Historical Sketch James Herbert Kelley   1906   1913   1918

The semi-centennial alumni record of the University of Illinois University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus), Frank William Scott    Goo  1918

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