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OpL The Irvines and their kin revised by the author in Scotland, Ireland and England; a history of the Irvine family and their descendants, also short sketches of their kindred, the Carlisles, McDowells, Johnstons, Maxwells, Gaults, McElroys, etc

Arc The historic Johnston family of the "Soo" by Charles H. Chapman, 1854-

FHB Echoes of Spring Creek : a genealogy of the Hawkins family [John Hawkins b1630 married Mary Dewes] and related families of Jackson County and the surrounding area

FHB Our Harrison family circles : Benjamin and Mary Walpole Harrison and their descendants
Adelia OpL The life of Adelia A. Field Johnston who served Oberlin College for thirty-seven years by Harriet L. Keeler, The Britton Printing Co., 1912
Albert Goo The life of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, embracing his services in the armies of the United States, the republic of Texas, and the Confederate States - Johnston, William Preston
Blanche Arc The lady with the other lamp : the story of Blanche Read Johnston as told to Mary Morgan Dean - Dean, Mary Morgan
Charles Arc A narrative of the incidents attending the capture, detention, and ransom of Charles Johnston, of Botetourt County Virginia : who was made prisoner by the Indians, on the river Ohio, in the year 1790 :
Charles Arc Incidents attending the capture, detention, and ransom of Charles Johnston of Virginia by Charles Johnston, MBk. 1768
Cornelia Arc Ancestry of Simeon Breed Williams and of his wife, Cornelia Johnston Williams .. [Williams family (John Williams, ca. 1600-1674) ] Reprint from The genealogical and biographical record of New London County, Connecticut
David Arc Autobiographical reminiscences of David Johnston, 1803-1886 : an octogenarian Scotchman
George Goo Selections from the correspondence of Dr. George Johnston by ‎James Hardy 1892
James Goo Diary of the mission: spiritual and earthly, of the late James Johnston 1881
Jeremiah Goo Jeremiah Rankin Johnston: a volume of biography and selections from his ...‎ by James A. Grier, Jeremiah Rankin Johnston 1892
Jessie Arc Jin Ko-niu: A Brief Sketch of the Life of Jessie MoA. Johnston for Eighteen Years W.M.A - Meta L. Johnston
John MoA The autobiography & ministerial life of the Rev. John Johnston, 1778-1855
John Arc John Johnston of New York, merchant by Emily De Forest, (Johnston) 1851-1942.
John Arc Address delivered at the funeral of John Johnston April 1851 by M'Elroy, Joseph, 1792-1876
Joseph Goo A memoir of the life and public service of Joseph E. Johnston, once the quartermaster general of the army of the United States, and a general in the army of the Confederate States of America - Johnson, Bradley Tyler, 1829-1903, ed 1891
Joseph OpL Joseph E. Johnston, 1807-1891 An address delivered before the Association of Ex-Confederate soldiers and sailors of Washington, D.C. By Robinson, Leigh 1891
Joseph Arc Joseph Forney Johnston (late a senator from Alabama) : memorial addresses delivered in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States, Sixty-third Congress, third session. Proceedings in the Senate January 9, 1915
Maggy Goo Elegy on Maggy Johnston: Who died anno 1711 by ‎Allan Ramsay 1714
Mary UNC Johnston, Mary, 1870-1936 To Have and to Hold Boston; New York: Houghton, Mifflin, and Co., 1900
Peter Goo A genealogical record of the descendants of Peter Johnston: who came to ‎ by Charles Ernest Johnston - 1900
Richard UNC Autobiography of Col. Richard Malcolm Johnston, 1822-1898 Washington: The Neale Company, 1900
Samuel Arc Samuel Johnston, governor of North Carolina, 1787-1789 by R. D. W. Connor, (Robert Digges Wimberly), 1878-1950
Samuel Goo Memoirs of the Rev. S. F. Johnston, the Rev. J. W. Matheson, and Mrs. Mary by George Patterson - Missions - 1864
Wayne Arc A lifetime of service : Wayne Johnston and the Illinois Central Railroad by George Crowson,
William Arc Memorial service in honor of William Preston Johnston, LL. D., first president of Tulane Univesity, 1884-1899; introductory address Tulane University
William Arc William Preston Johnston: a character sketch - Cooper, Jacob, 1830-1904.
William Pitt Life and reminiscences from birth to manhood of Wm. Graham Johnston, 1828-
William OpL The young chaplain [William Curtis Johnston, 1839-1863 Kentucky 13th Infantry] ... by Marianne C Howe Johnston, N. Tibbals & sons, 1876
William KDL The young chaplain ... By his mother [chaplain of the 13th Ky. volunteers] by Marianne C. Howe Johnston, New York, 1876
William Goo Life and reminiscences from birth to manhood of Wm. G. Johnston‎ by William Graham Johnston 1901

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