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An Account of Louisiana: Laid Before Congress by Direction of the President of the United States, November 14, 1803...    1803   LoM

Brief biography of the members of the Hon. Bd of Filipino Comm. to the Louisiana Purchas Exposition ...     1904    MoA

Catalogue of the officers and students of Leland University : New Orleans, Louisiana, 1883-4 : with the course of instruction for 1884-5    Arc

Confederate war papers : Fairfax Court House, New Orleans, Seven Pines, Richmond and North Carolina   by Gustavus Woodson  Smith,1822-1896   1884   ECU

Debates in the Convention for the Revision and Amendment of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana 1864    by Louisiana    MoA

Documentary history of the cession of Louisiana to the United States till it became an American province by Blanchard, Rufus    R. Blanchard, 1903    OpL

Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the Year 1852 ,     by Randolph Barnes Marcy and George Brinton McClellan    MoA

Gilbert Academy and Agricultural College, Winsted, Louisiana: sketches and incidents      by William Davis Godman,  Hunt & Eaton, 1893    OpL

Historical collections of Louisiana and Florida, including translations of original manuscripts relating to their discovery and settlement, with numerous historical and biographical notes…    ed by B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) French, 1799-1877.  New York: J. Sabin & sons, 1869.    MoA

Historical Collections of Louisiana: Embracing Translations of Many Rare and Valuable Documents ...    by Benjamin Franklin French.    Goo    1846     1852

History of Barton Landing: address ... Orleans County Hist. Soc. Aug 1892;     by Benjamin Franklin Deming Carpenter,   1893   MoA

The history of Illinois and Louisiana under the French rule: embracing a general view...   by Joseph Wallace   1893    Goo

History of Louisiana Negro Baptists from 1804 to 1914     by   William Hicks, 1869-1954  Nashville, Tenn.: National Baptist Publishing Board, 1915   UNC

The History of Louisiana, or of the Western Parts of Virginia and Carolina ,     by d. 1775 Le Page du Pratz, contrib. by Stanley Clisby Arthur    Gut

History of Reconstruction in Louisiana Through 1868     by John Rose Ficklen, Pierce Butler   1911      Goo

Louisiana As It Is ,    by Daniel Dennett     MoA

Louisiana; its colonial history and romance.   by  Charles Étienne Arthur Gayerré, 1805-1895.  MoA

The Louisiana Purchase and the Exploration, Early History, and Building of the West    Boston: Ginn and Co., 1903    by Ripley Hitchcock    Gnet

Louisiana Under the Rule of Spain, France, and the United States, 1785-1807 ...‎ by James Alexander Robertson, Paul Alliot - Louisiana Purchase 1911     Goo

Map of Louisiana  1866   101

Memorial service in honor of William Preston Johnston , LL. D., first president of Tulane University, 1884-1899; introductory address - Tulane University   Arc

Official Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention for the Revision and Amendment of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana    MoA

The province and the states, a history of the province of Louisiana under France and Spain, and of the territories and states ...    by Weston Arthur Goodspeed,  1852-1926, ed     Arc   vol 1 vol 2

Reconstruction in Louisiana after 1868      by  Ella Lonn, 1879-1962   Arc

Reports of cases in the Superior Court of the territory of Orleans ...    by Louisiana. Supreme Court,   Goo  vol 1   vol 2    vol 3   vol 4

Report of the secretary of state, census of Louisiana: to the General assembly, Mar 18, 1858   MoA

The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana & the Creoles of German descent    by J. Hanno Deiler   1909   Har

The State Register: Historical & statistical account of Louisiana, from its earliest settlement as a territory    by Amos W Bell,   1855    MoA

Statement of Facts Relating to the Electionin Louisiana, November 7th, 1876 ,     by E. A. Burke    MoA

Strange True Stories of Louisiana ,      by George Washington Cable     Gut

Supplemental Report of Joint Committee of the General Assembly of Louisiana on the Conduct of the Late Elections, and the Condition of Peace and Good Order in the State ,      by Louisiana Legislature Joint Committee on Conduct of Elections    MoA

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