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FHA [Cundiff family genealogy] : Descendants of William Henry Jackson Cundiff (1865-1923) and Arquilla May Rowe (1884-1967)

FHA A collection of obituaries of families and friends of the Miller, McDowell, and Coghill's : of Henry, Trimble and Carroll Counties, of Kentucky

vol 2 All these kinfolk : being the ancestors, descendents, and distant cousins of Beverly Rae Russell Brown and Norvil Leary Brown

HT Genealogical notes of Miller, Quarrier, Shrewsbury, Dickinson, Dickenson families, and the Lewis, Ruffner, and other kindred branches, with historical incidents, etc., by D. C. Gallaher, 1845- 1917

FHA Genealogy of the Potter family of Dover Township, Ocean County, New Jersey : including related Everingham (or Evernham) family and Benjamin Miller family, originating in New Jersey, especially Oliver Harrison Potter, 1814-1883

Arc History and genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown:…notes of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey…

vol 1 Lafferty, genealogy, history, legend, myth : North Carolina Lafferty's and other's ; descendants of John Lafferty, Arkansas pioneer

FHA Oh Shenandoah I love your daughter : the Irwin - Holler story with supplemental on Gilreath : also excursus, Berryhill, Cleland, Coffelt, Coffman, Dake, Dellinger, Folt

Arc Origin and History of the Name of Miller: With Biographies of All the Most …

FHA The Breakiron family history : also including the Bastian, Brecheisen, Casey, Dusenberry, Garlow, Hutchinson, Johnson, McMillen, Miller, Morris, Roderick, and other families

FHA The Cooper and allied families : of Detrick, Dobell, Dobins, Dowdy, Gilmore, Greene, Hanna, Henry, Lyman, Miller, Mills, Moore, Morris, Moss, Rawlings, Rodecker, Stanton, Willett, Young, and Unversaw

FHA The descendants of George Davis and Blanche Shain of Harrison County, Missouri

FHA The Miller & Kirtright ancestry : looking for Daniel Boone

Goo The Miller and Simmons Families: Genealogy and History Documents, ... By William Shurtleff 1993

HT The Miller family magazine. 1916

Arc The Miller family; an address delivered before the Miller family re-union association of North Waldoboro, Maine, September 7, 1904 by Frank Burton Miller, b1862

vol 2 The Snow family : plus Hurley & Miller families

FHA The Welch line : notes from David Welch of North Carolina to Jason Rayfield Welch of Texas : with connections to these families, King, Prigmore, Swan, Miller, Pierce and others

FHA Who is in my genes? : French -- Taber -- Morrison -- Klinglesmith families of Hardin County, Kentucky; with family lines of Abell, Allen, Ament, Buckles, Crume, Harris, Haycraft, Lyon, Miller, Norris, Wright, VanMeter and other related families
Alexander Arc The Reverend Alexander Miller of Virginia and some of his descendents by Milo Custer, 1880-
Bessie Arc Bessie Pearl (Miller) Shaner : b 12 Oct 1890, d 26 Sep 1954 - Fleetwood, Clarence Leroy, 1919-
Christian Goo Memoirs of an Old Disciple and His Descendants: Christian Miller, Sarah S . Isaac L. K., Rev John E. Millie. By Francis Marschalk Kip – 1848
D.L. OpL Life of D.L. Miller by Bess (Royer) Bates, Brethren Pub. House, 1921
Dewitt Goo Dewitt Miller: a biographical sketch by Leon Henry Vincent 1912
Dewitt Arc Dewitt Miller; by Leon H. (Leon Henry) Vincent, 1859-1941 Miller, Dewitt i.e. Jahu Dewitt, 1857-1911
Eliza FHA A brief history of Rev. Samuel Lander, senior, and his wife Eliza Ann (Miller) Lander ... their two sons William Lander and Samuel Lander, and their grandson Samuel A. Weber
Fannie Goo Snap notes of an eastern trip, from diary of Fannie de Cor. Miller by Fannie de Cor. Miller - History - 1892
George Goo George Miller Sternberg: a biography‎ by Martha L. Sternberg 1920
George Arc Passage of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 1991-1992 : oral history transcript : the role of George Miller
Hugh MoA An autobiography. My schools & schoolmasters; or, The story of my education by Hugh Miller, 1802-56 Boston 1854
Hugh MoA An autobiography. My schools and schoolmasters; or, The story of my education. by Hugh Miller, 1802-1856 1865
Hugh Goo Labour & triumph: The life and times of Hugh Miller by Thomas N. Brown - Biography & Autobiography - 1858
Hugh Goo Life of Hugh Miller by Jean L. Watson 1880
Hugh Goo The life and letters of Hugh Miller by Peter Bayne 1871
Hugh MoA The life and times of Hugh Miller. By Thomas N. Brown … by Thomas N. Brown, New York,: Rudd & Carleton, 1859
J. R. Arc The life of Dr. J. R. Miller; ( James Russell, 1840-1912 ) by John Thomson Faris, 1871-1949
Joaquin Goo The complete poetical works of Joaquin Miller by Joaquin Miller - Biography & Autobiography - 1902
John Arc Memorial addresses on the life and character of John Franklin Miller, 1831-86 (a senator from California) .. United States. Congress (49th, 1st session : 1885-86)
Joseph Goo Descendants of Captain Joseph Miller of West Springfield, Mass. 1698-1908‎ 1908
Joseph Arc Genealogy of the Fulton family, being descendants of John Fulton, born in Scotland 1713, emigrated to America in 1753, settled in Nottingham Township, Chester Co, Penna., 1762…Hugh Ramsey, of Nottingham, Joseph Miller, of Lancaster Co, Pa
Lizzie Arc The true way. Life and evangelical work of Lizzie E. Miller, (of Fairview, West Va.)
Margaret Goo Biography and poetical remains of the late Margaret Miller Davidson by Margaret Miller Davidson, Washington Irving 1850
Miller HT The genealogy of the descendants of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Peery Miller, by John Peery Miller … by John Peery Miller, 1847- 1913
Morris Arc Memoir of the services of Morris S. Miller .. By Morris Smith Miller, 1814-1870.
R. H. Goo The life of Elder R. H. Miller by Otho Winger 1910
S. Millington Arc Dr. S. Millington Miller and the Mecklenburg declaration; by Alexander Samuel Salley, 1871-1961
Samuel Goo Letters addressed to the Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D., in reply to his letters …‎ by Thomas Yardley How, Samuel Miller - Religion - 1808
Samuel OpL Samuel Freeman Miller by Charles Noble Gregory, State Historical Society of Iowa, 1907
Samuel Arc Samuel Freeman Miller, 1816-1890; by Charles Noble Gregory, 1851-1932
Samuel Goo Samuel Freeman Miller, justice of the Supreme court of the United States‎ by Charles Noble Gregory - Biography & Autobiography - 1908
Samuel Goo The life of Samuel Miller, D. D., LL. D.: second professor in the … by Samuel Miller 1869
Samuel vol 1 The Life of Samuel Miller, D. D., LL. D.: Second Professor in the theological seminary of the presbyterian Church at Princeton, New Jersey 1869
Samuel vol 2 The Life of Samuel Miller, D. D., LL. D.: Second Professor in the theological seminary of the presbyterian Church at Princeton, New Jersey 1869
Samuel MoA Title: Letters from a father to his sons in college: by Samuel Miller, 1769-1850
Silvanus Goo Report of the trial of an action on the case, brought by Silvanus Miller … by Mordecai Manuel Noah, L. H. Clarke, Silvanus Miller - Trials (Libel) - 1823
Wesson LC Thirty years in the itinerancy, by Rev. Wesson G. Miller, D.D. b1822 Milwaukee, I.L. Hauser & co., 1875.
Wesson MoA Thirty years in the itinerancy, by Rev. Wesson Gage Miller, , D. D.1822-1894. I. L. Hauser & co., 1875
William Arc In memory of Rev. William Hamilton Miller, 1845-1907, D.D. - Presbyterian Church (Bryn Mawr, Pa.)
William Goo Memoir of the late Rev. William Edward Miller, Wesleyan minister by James Dixon - Methodist Church - 1842
William Goo Memoirs of William Miller, generally known as a lecturer on the prophecies, and the second coming of Christ. By Sylvester Bliss, 1814-1863. Boston : J.V. Himes, 1853.
William Goo Sketches of the Christian life and public labors of William Miller … by James White, Sylvester Bliss - Biography & Autobiography - 1875


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