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Groton in the Witchcraft Times  by Samuel A. Green    Han

An account of the early land-grants of Groton, Massachusetts   by Samuel A. Green      1879   OpL

An account of the physicians and dentists of Groton, Mass.     by Samuel A. Green    1890   OpL

An account of the lawyers of Groton, Massachusetts   by Samuel Abbott Green    J. Wilson and son , 1892   OpL

Annual report of the selectmen of Groton  together with a report of the treasurer, assessors, overseers of the poor, fire department, auditors, town clerk, board of health and lists of jurors ; also the annual report of the school committee       Huntley S. Turner, 1907  Arc  OpL

The boundary lines of old Groton.   by Samuel A. Green   1885   OpL

A brief account of some of the early settlers of Groton, massachusetts.    by Samuel Abbott Green  1878   Arc      OpL

Catalogue of the Groton Public Library at Groton, Mass.     by Groton Public Library.    1885   OpL

Colonel William Prescott; and Groton soldiers in the Battle of Bunker Hill    by Samuel A. Green    J. Wilson, 1909   OpL

The community, Groton, Massachusetts    by Edward Adams Richardson   H.S. Turner, printer, 1911    OpL

The Confession of Faith, Covenant, and Principles of Discipline and Practice of the Union Church ...      by Union Church (Groton , Mass.)    1831   OpL

Early Church Records of Groton, Massachusetts, 1761-1830: Containing a List ...   by Samuel Abbott Green, Mass First Parish 1896    Goo

The early records of Groton, Massachusetts  1662-1707       1880   OpL

Epitaphs from the old burying ground in Groton, Massachusetts.    by Samuel A. Green,   Little, Brown, & Company, 1878   OpL

Groton during the Indian wars.     by Samuel A. Green   1883    OpL

Groton during the revolution    University press  1900  Arc    OpL

Groton Historical Series: A Collection of Papers Relating to the History of ...   by Samuel Abbott Green    1887    OpL

Groton in the witchcraft times      by  Samuel A. Green, (Samuel Abbott), 1830-1918   Arc

Groton, Massachusetts.    by William Amos Bancroft     1904   OpL

Historic Groton     by Charles F. Burgess    C.F. Burgess, 1909   OpL

An historical address, bi-centennial and centennial delivered at Groton, Massachusetts, July 4, 1876, by request of the citizens. Samuel A. Green 1876    OpL

An historical address delivered at Groton, Massachusetts, July 12, 1905, by request of the citizens by Samuel A. Green     1905    OpL

An historical address delivered at Groton, Massachusetts, February 20, 1880 ... at the dedication of three monuments erected by the town.    by Samuel A. Green    J. Wilson and Son  1880   OpL

Historical discourse relative to the South Groton Christian Union, 1855-1864, and the First Unitarian Parish of Ayer, Mass., 1864-1885 ...   by Lyman Clark    J.H. Turner, printer, 1885   OpL

Historical sketch of the town of Groton, Tompkins county, N. Y.    by M. M.  Baldwin    H. C. Marsh, printer, 1868    OpL

An historical sketch of Groton, Massachusetts. 1655-1890.    by Samuel A. Green    1894  OpL

History of the town of Groton     by Caleb Butler   Press of T.R. Marvin, 1848    OpL

The jubilee of Lawrence academy at Groton, Mass., July 12, 1854.   1855,   OpL

Memorial day; T.S. Clark post no. 115, G.A.R. will decorate the graves of their fallen comrades on Saturday, May 30th, commencing at Groton at 9 o'clock, a.m., and at Littleton at two o'clock, p.m.;   by the Rev. Mr. Alford.   by Grand army of the republic. Dept. of Massachusetts. T.S. Clark   H.S. Turner, printer, 1908   OpL

Moors School at old district no. 2, Groton, Massachusetts      by Edward Adams Richardson   H.S. Turner, printer, 1911    OpL

Papers Relating to Captain Thomas Lawrence's Company, Raised in Groton, Massachusetts, during the French and Indian War , 1758 ...    by Samuel Abbott Green   1890    Goo   OpL 

Proceedings of the centennial celebration at Groton, Mass., July 4th, 1876    1876    OpL

Moors School at old district no. 2, Groton, Massachusetts     by Edward Adams Richardson   H.S. Turner, printer, 1911  OpL

New chapter in the history of the Concord fight  Groton minute-men at the North Bridge, April 19, 1775     by William W. Wheildon   1885   OpL

Officers and by-laws of the Groton historical society.     by Groton Historical Society (Groton, Mass.)    1904   OpL

Old highways and landmarks of Groton, Massachusetts by Francis Marion outwell    1884   Arc     OpL

Papers relating to the companies of Captain Thomas Farrington and Captain Samuel Tarbell  both raised in Groton, Massachusetts, during the French and Indian War.     by Samuel A. Green  1891   OpL

People and their homes in Groton, Massachusetts, in olden time      by Francis Marion  Boutwell     1890    OpL

The population of Groton at different times - Green, Samuel Abbott, 1830-1918   Arc

Remarks on Nonacoicus the Indian name of Major Willard's farm at Groton, Mass. : at a meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society, held May 11, 1893   OpL

Roll of honor, Groton, Massachusetts    by  Samuel A. Green    John Wilson & Son, printer, 1897   Arc     OpL

The stone records of Groton     by Frances Manwaring Caulkins   Free Academy Press, 1903    OpL

Three Historical Addresses at Groton , Massachusetts     by Samuel Abbott Green  Arc

Three military diaries kept by Groton soldiers in different wars  [  Holden, David., Bradstreet, Dudley, b. 1708, Farnsworth, Amos, 1754-1847 ]   University press, J. Wilson and son  1901    OpL

Two chapters in the early history of Groton, Massachusetts    by Samuel A. Green      Press of David Clapp & Son, 1882    OpL

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