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Making of Ann Arbor   Chelsea District Library Family History Index    Farmington Hills

1899 business and professional directory of Detroit and surrounding towns  1899   MCH

Dau's blue book for Detroit and suburban towns ...  New York city : Dau's blue books, inc., c1899-19   MCH

Young & Co.'s Business and Professional Directory of Central Michigan   1902


Adrian , Mich: Directory  1859     Goo

Adrian city directories ‎   Adrian    1865-66   1870    1874-75  1882-83   1885-86   1890-91  1911   1913   1915   1921   HT multiple vols

The whisky war in Adrian ; or, The trials and triumphs of prohibition in Lenawee county, Mich. A discourse delivered at the M. E. church in Adrian, Michigan, July 17, 1870, by Rev. J. S. Smart.     MoA  

Alpena City Directory for 1920    DC

Alpena home coming, 1925    HT

Alpena, dates of events compiled by John C. Viall.  1914   HT

Alpena. Location, resources, history, business and prospects of Alpena and the Thunder bay district, by Geo. F. Lewis, of the Saginaw courier by Lewis, George F. 1867   HT

The Alpena magnetic spring: its history, analysis, wonderful curative powers, etc., with testimonials of well-known citizens who have tested it; together with some facts about...  1871   HT

Best by test : a selection of recipes / prepared by the S.W.W. Class of the Baptist Sunday School, Alpena, Michigan. by Baptist Sunday School (Alpena, Mich.). S.W.W. Class. 1922    HT

The city of Alpena, brief early history, the present and future, its harbor, industrial importance and advantages, education, religion, etc., city government   1891  HT

Picturesque Alpena    by First Methodist Episcopal Church (Alpena, Mich.) 1905   HT

Ann Arbor the first hundred years,      Ann Arbor chamber of commerce,: 1927   MoA

Ann Arbor architecture : a sesquicentennial selection     The University of Michigan Museum of Art, August-September, 1974.  MoA

Ann Arbor Baptist.    HT   v.1-5 1888-1893

Ann Arbor City Directories   Goo   1860    1872   1890-1   1894   1904    1905   1906   1910    1916   1917   1917-8

Polk's Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County directory  HT

1868   1872    1886   1888   1890   1906   1907   1908   1909    1910  1911   1912   1913   1914   1915   1916  1917  1918   1919   1920   1921    1922

Ann Arbor Business Directory, Ann Arbor Civic Association    1917-8

The Ann Arbor cookbook    1899      HT

Ann Arbor's [Michigan] first lady : events in the life of Ann I. Allen     by Russell E. Bidlack.   MoA

City of Ann Arbor; its resources and advantages. Ann Arbor business men's association. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Courier book and job printing 1887.  MoA

First Methodist Episcopal Church Directory (Ann Arbor), First Methodist Episcopal Church, 1897    Goo   HT

Historic buildings, Ann Arbor, Michigan     by Marjorie Reade and Susan Wineberg.  Ann Arbor Historic District Commission   1992.   MoA

A history of St. Andrew's church, Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Arthur Lyon Cross ... Cross, Arthur Lyon, 1873-1940.   1906   HT

History of earliest Ann Arbor ...     Ann Arbor, Michigan: 1919    MoA

Index to The Michigan Argus, February 12, 1835 - July 25, 1839   by Doll, Louis Wm. (Louis William)     HT

Index to the Western emigrant, the Emigrant, the Michigan Whig, and the Michigan Whig and Washtenaw Democrat. November 18, 1829-September 3, 1835  ["The first newspaper of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw county ... In the main only local items have been indexed." ]  By Louis William Doll    HT

John Allen and the founding of Ann Arbor . [Michigan]    Ann Arbor, Michigan:  1962   MoA

Later history of the Ann Arbor carferries no. 6 and 7   1951    HT

A ministry of twenty years in Ann Arbor, Michigan : sermons and pamphlets  by Jabez T. Sunderland , 1842-1936.  1878  HT vol 2

The school building programs of Ann Arbor, Michigan ...   by Ann Arbor (Mich.).   1922   HT

Some of the early homes of Ann Arbor, Michigan      by Cornelia E. Corselius, illustrated by Lucy E. Chapin.    Ann Arbor, Michigan:  1909   MoA

The story of our city & its schools : with a survey of the settlement & school system of the West   by Andrew Ten Brook.   1895   MoA

Battle Creek City Directory, Polk   DC   1914    1921

A history of Negroes in Battle Creek. by Duesenberg, Marie 1952     HT

Alabaster boxes    by Carleton Brooks Miller First Congregational Church (Battle Creek, Mich.)  1949   HT

Articles of association, rules, by-laws, officers and members, 1906-1907.      Athelstan Club (Battle Creek, Mich.)   HT

Battle Creek's centennial, 1859-1959     HT

Battle Creek Business Men's commercial reports, compiled by the Business Men's Association    1904    HT

Battle Creek Normal School of Physical Education.   1914-15

The Battle Creek Sanitarium; history organization, methods.   1913   HT

Batte Creek Telephone Directory, Battle Creek Letter Shop,  HCW   1944

The Battle Creek cook book; a collection of well tested recipes - Battle Creek, Mich. First Congregational church. 1922  Arc

Charter of the city of Battle Creek, State of Michigan; organized under Act 279, Public acts of 1909; incorporated as a village in 1850; incorporated as a city, February 3, 1859. by Battle Creek (Mich.) Bailey, John W. 1859-1929. Battle Creek (Mich.). Charter Commission   1913  HT

Fort Custer in story and pictures; compiled and edited [ Regimental histories 1939-45  ]   by Chet Geesey  1941    HT

Bay City Charter, Rules of Common Council & Ordinances ,    by Bay City (Mich.)     MoA

Bay City   Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory ..    Arc   1861-62

Bay City city directories  HT   1888   1893/94

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT    1868-9   1872   

Benton Harbor City Directory, Kimball       1896

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT   

 1868-9   1868-9    1871-72    1879/80    1881-82     1883     1884-85    1886      1887-88     1889/90     1890/91     1891/92  

The Bean Creek Valley     by James J. Hogaboam   Bean Creek Valley (Mich. and Ohio)  1876   Goo

Benton Harbor City Directory, Kimball,   GWeb   1896

Big Rapids, Michigan: The Water Power City    1906

[Blissfield]  Recollections of early days    by Mrs. Irene Kendrick    HT

A brief autobiography [Frontier and pioneer life]  by G.F. Knapp   HT

Recollections of early days    by Mrs. Irene Kendrick   HT

W. A. Norton's Cadillac City Directory: Historical Sketch, and Biographical ...    by Willard A. Norton   1900

A history of Cambridge Township, 1836-1936, Centennial program.  by Cambridge (Mich. : Township) 1936   HT

Coldwater City Directory,      1882    1949-50

An illustrated souvenir edition of Branch county, Michigan, comprising Coldwater, Union City, Quincy [and] Bronson; December, 1900    HT

Owosso city directories. [ includes Perry, Durand, Corunna ]    1896/1897

The bark covered house, or Back in the woods again...description of real pioneer life in the wilderness of [Dearborn]...  by William Nowlin, 1876  LC  text   images    MB

Deckerville 1925 High School Yearbook    DvL

Trodden Pathways   History of Deckerville     DvL

Owosso city directories. [ includes Perry, Durand, Corunna ]    1896/1897

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT   

 1868-9   1868-9    1871-72    1879/80    1881-82     1883     1884-85    1886      1887-88     1889/90     1890/91     1891/92  

Farmington, Michigan in the Early 1900's  (from the Enterprise Newspaper articles written by Harley Waters in 1960)  FCL

Charter of the city of Farmington, Michigan. Adopted February 15, 1926. 1926  HT

Farmington history & handi-guide. 1947   HT  

The Book of the Golden Jubilee of Flint, Michigan, 1855-1905    by Charles A. Lippincott   FHB   Goo

Flint, Michigan, city directory  1881   1915   1918   1919-20   1921    1922

Fowlerville Review,   Fowlerville Livingston County..     1874-1879.  (A compilation of Livingston County Births, Weddings & Deaths with some Death notices from all over the state of Michigan. Includes a name index)    by Dianne Richards, Linda Philbert & Kernie King.    ML

Souvenir program, Fowlerville centennial and homecoming, July 30, 31 and August 1, 1936  HT

History of Frankenmuth : with short sketches of the old settlers      by T.J. Pollen   1914    HT

Eighty eventful years, reminiscences of Ludwig Ernest Fuerbringer.   by Fuerbringer, L. 1864-1947   1944   HT

Keystone news v.19; The Keystone newsletter   Gaylord Fact Finders Genealogical Society (Gaylord, Michigan   FHB    vol 5   vol 19

History of the City of Grand Rapids , Michigan ... (Appendix-History of Lowell)    by Albert Baxter. 1891  Goo   MoA

Grand Rapids city directories     1859  vol 1    1868   1870   1873   1883-4     1891   1893    1911   1920    1922

History of Grand Rapids and Its Industries,  by Dwight Goss  1906    Goo

History of Grand Rapids : w/biographical sketches     by Charles Richard Turrle.   1874    MoA

A History of the Township and Village of Howell , Michigan    by A. Riley Crittenden.    Livingston Tidings Print, 1911.  Goo   ML

A brief history of the Baptist Church of Howell, Michigan, including their articles of faith, church covenant, rules of order, together with its board of officers and...  1869   HT

A little history       by Doris Jubb.   Tyndall Memorial Church of the Nazarene (Howell, Mich.) 1951   HT

Annual circular for the school year ... of the Howell Public Schools   1885-87

The history of Howell, Michigan    by Elisha H. Smith  1900   HT

A history of the township and village of Howell, Michigan    by Crittenden, A. Riley   1911   HT

The Howell cook book : containing about 600 tested receipts compiled by the ladies of the First Baptist Church, Howell, Michigan   1896   HT

Howell, Livingston County, Michigan, 1863-1963    HT

The Howell umland   1936  HT

An illustrated city directory of Hillsdale, Michigan,   compiled and published by Nathaniel L. Holmes   1894      1908-09

The city of Hillsdale, Michigan    by L.P. Reynolds    1915    HT

Historical sketch of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Hillsdale, Michigan, 1844-1944     by Vivian Lyon Moore   1944   HT

Jackson , Mich., resources, natural advantages, manufacturing and ...   1899   Arc

City directories     1850-1922   1927  

Ordinances of the city of Jackson, Michigan: as amended    1890 Arc

Kalamazoo City Directory      1860-1   1867-8      1873   1876   1883   1887    1895   1905    1906   1915

Search:  Kalamazoo City [1860-1, 67-8, '73, '76, '83, '87, 95, 1905, '15, '26, and '35 ] & County Directories   [1873, '83, '87, '95, and 1905]    KGen

Lansing Business Directory, Smith   CDL   1867  

Lansing City Directory  1873   CDL   1873    1878    1883   1894    1901-4 

Pioneer Recollections: Semi-Historic Side Lights on the Early Days of Lansing,     by Daniel Stafford Mevis  Lansing, Mich, Robert Smith printing co, 1911    LC  

Proceedings at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the New Capitol of Michigan, on the 2d Day of October, 1873, at the City of Lansing    Michigan Board of State Building Commissioners   MoA

Souvenir. National grange in Michigan. Lansing… brief histories of the National & state grange, and the local chapter in Lansing     ed Ellsworth A. Holden  1902     text     image

Charter of the City of Lansing  1859    by Lansing      MoA

Leland; an historical sketch     by Joseph Littell,   Arc    HT

History of the early life and business interests of the village and township of Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan     by Mina Alice Vliet, 1872-    1914    HT

Jewett Funeral Home, Mason, Michigan: burial records  1939-1986  FHB

Ball-Dunn Funeral Home: Mason, Michigan Burial records 1951-1986   FHB

Marshall city directories      Goo   1894-5

The charter and ordinances of the city of Marshall   1881   Goo

Premium list of the ... annual exhibition of the Oakland County Milford Fair ‎    Milford Fair Association  1919   Goo

Monroe - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory    Arc   1861-62

Mt Clemens - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory ..      Arc   1861-62

Faces and Places Familiar Mt. Pleasant    1906   CMU

Index to Records of Clock Funeral Home 1469 Peck Street Muskegon, MI 49441 Vols. 1 - 26 6 Aug 1894 - 5 May 1948    GeN

Golden anniversary, January 25, 1944 / Muskegon Lodge No. 274 B.P.O. Elks of the United States of America   HT

The Hackley Public Library of Muskegon, Mich. Dedication, October 15, 1890 ...    by Hackley Public Library, Thomas Witherell Palmer, Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin  1891  Arc   Goo

Headlight flashes along the Grand Trunk Railway system : Muskegon, Michigan  1897   HT

History of First Congregational Church, Muskegon, Michigan, as compiled by James W. Verduin  1959   HT

History of the settlement of Muskegon     by Henry H. Holt  1887  HT

The industries of the city of Muskegon, with historical, descriptive, and biographical sketches of its business and business men in 1880    HT

Romance of Muskegon, Michigan ; 1937, centennial year   by the Muskegon chronicle    HT

Souvenir history of the First Reformed Church of Muskegon. Diamond anniversary, 1859-1934     HT

New Baltimore - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory..     Arc     1861-62

Newport - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory ..     Arc   1861-62

Then came May [ childhood lived on a homestead near Petoskey    by Georgia Hastings Hufford, 1882-.    Philadelphia, Dorrance 1950    LC   text    images

Northern Michigan : Portraits & Biographical Record.   1895   CMU

Biographical history of northern Michigan, ... biographies of prominent citizens ...  1905   Goo     MoA

Portrait and Biographical Record of Northern Michigan, Containing Portraits and Biographical.      Chicago, Record Pub Co  1895    Goo     MoA    OpL 

Owosso city directories    Goo   1896-7

Owosso city directories. [ includes Perry, Durand, Corunna ]    1896/1897

Port Huron - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory ..   Arc    1861-62

Port Huron City Directory, Brown  

1870   1871   1873   1877   1881   1883   1885   1887   1890   1891   1893   1899   1900   1901  1902   1904  1907  1924   1926   1928   1930  1933   1936    1938  

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT   

1868-9   1868-9   1871-72   1879/80    1881-82    1883    1884-85    1886      1887-88    1889/90    1890/91    1891/92  

An illustrated souvenir edition of Branch county, Michigan, comprising Coldwater, Union City, Quincy [and] Bronson; December, 1900    HT

Polk's Wyandotte and River Rouge (Wayne County, Mich.) City Directory   BMDL   1933   1936  1938   1940

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT  

1868-9   1871-72    1879/80    1881-82    1883    1884-85    1886      1887-88    1889/90     1890/91    1891/92  

 Pioneer History of Springport Township ; a story of the settlement of the township & the pioneer life…    by Ben A Joy, 1847-   1910 MoA  

St Clair - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory ...     Arc      1861-62

Gazetteer of the St. Joseph Valley, Michigan and Indiana ,   by Timothy Gilman Turner    MoA

Sturgis, Michigan. Pictorial city directory and year book, September, 1915   HT

Charter of the city of Sturgis, Sturgis, Michigan. 1939   HT

Memoirs of a country pastor     Harvey E. Swihart.   HT

Chapin & Page's Tecumseh directory and historical record, containing an authentic history of the early settlement and subsequent growth of the place, together with a complete set of residents, also a classified business mirror   HT

Brown's directory of Three Rivers, Mich., with a complete list of resident citizens, also a classified business directory showing the addresses of merchants, manufacturers, and those following the various pursuits and professions in the city    1871

Traverse City city directories ‎   Traverse City (Mich.)   Goo  1901

Mackinac, the Wonderful isle, Petoskey, Traverse City and other northern Michigan summer resorts      Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Company  Arc

Sprague's history of Grand Traverse and Leelanaw counties, Michigan a concise review of their early settlement, industrial development and present conditions, together with interesting reminiscences    by Elvin L. Sprague and Mrs. George N. Smith 1903   OpL

Directory of Union City : Branch County, Michigan  1909   Arc   OpL    EVE

Catalogue of the Union City Public Schools of Union City, Michigan, for ...     HT    1991-92   1892-93    1891-92    1895-96   

An illustrated souvenir edition of Branch county, Michigan, comprising Coldwater, Union City, Quincy [and] Bronson; December, 1900    HT

Vassar, Mich. : an illustrated description of its enterprises and the men who built them     by Will O  Clyne,   Arc

The Vermontville colony [ Thornapple River Valley, Mich in 1836]  its genesis and history, with personal sketches of the colonists,    by Edward W. Barber . 1897      text    images

Brown's Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona, Essexville, Banks and Salzburg    HT   

         1868-9   1871-72    1879-80   1881-82    1883    1884-85    1886     1887-88    1889-90    1890-91    1891-92  

Wyandotte City Directories    BMDL   1898-99   1901-02  1907-08 1915  1921  1921-22  1926   1933   1936   1938  1940

The past of Ypsilanti   by G.L. Foster   Goo

City directories     1916     1888-9    1894    1906    1910

Polk's Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County directory   HT

1886   1888   1890   1906   1907  1908  1909    1910  1911   1912   1913   1914   1915   1916  1917 1918   1919   1920   1921    1922

 A history of the Michigan State Normal School (now Normal College ) at Ypsilanti, Michigan , 1849-1899     by Daniel  Putnam    Arc

Methodist Episcopal Church Directory (Ypsilanti), Methodist Episcopal Church,     1902   1909