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Annals of Fifty Years: A History of Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass., 1829-1879     by Philena McKeen   Arc

General catalogue of the Theological Seminary, Andover, Massachusetts    Goo  1908

The courses leading to the baccalaureate in Harvard College and Boston College     by Timothy Brosnahan,    Woodstock College, 1900   OpL   

General catalog  - Brandeis University    Arc   1948-49   1949-50   1950-51   1951- 52    1952-53    1953-54      195-55    1955-56    1956-57    1957-58   1958-59  

Graduate school of arts and sciences   Arc   1953-54  

The Justice [microform]    Sachar, Abram Leon, 1899-

 roll 1; v.1: no.1-v.10: no.8 (Mar.1949-Dec.1957)     roll 2; v.10: no.9-v.11: no.26 (Sept.1958-June1959)    roll 3; v.12: no.1-v.14: no.21 (Sept.1959-June1962) -

Clark University Worcester, Mass. directory of alumni, faculty and students 1915   Arc     OpL  

Inauguration of Wallace Walter Atwood, 1872-1949 as President of Clark University, February 1, 1921.    (Worcester, Mass.) 1921  Arc   OpL

Lectures delivered at the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Clark University      (Worcester, Mass.)  1912    OpL

List of degrees granted at Clark University and Clark College, 1889-1920     Clark University (Worcester, Mass.)  1920  Arc   OpL

List of degrees granted at Clark university and Clark college, 1889-1914 ... by Wilson, Louis N.   Clark university press, 1914    OpL

            The war collection at Clark university library     Library.   Clark university press, 1918 OpL

Clark University, 1889-1899: Decennial Celebration - William Edward Story , Louis N. Wilson , Clark University Arc

The First Century of Dummer Academy (Newbury Mass): A Historical Discourse, Delivered at ...  by Nehemiah Cleaveland 1865     Goo    

The history of the Lowell institute    by Mrs. Harriette (Knight) Smith  1898   Goo

An account of the proceedings preliminary to the organization of the Massachusetts institute of technology;     1861    MoA

General catalogue of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, including the officers of government ...sketches of the alumni, occupations and addresses of the non-graduates... .      Massachusetts State College.    J.E. Williams, printer         1862-86     May 1916

The Mount Holyoke.  by Mount Holyoke College, 1902    Goo

Catalogue of the Memorandum Society, of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, for Thirty Years, Ending 1867     Bridgman & Childs, 1867   Goo 

Mount Holyoke College, the seventy-fifth anniversary.  1912    OpL

Quinquennial Catalogue of Officers and Students of Mount Holyoke College: South Hadley, Mass.,...  Mount Holyoke College, 1895   Goo

Catalogue of the Memorandum Society, of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, for 34 Years, Ending 1867     1867  Goo

Newton Theological Institution: a sketch of its history, and an account of ...  By Gardner Colby, Alvah Hovey, Baron Stow   Goo

The Newton chapel: chapel talks by members of the faculty of the ...  Newton Theological Institution   1920   Goo

Annual report of Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind...    1848   Goo  

General catalogue  Phillips Exeter Academy     Goo   1903

Catalog of Officers, Graduates and Non Graduates of Smith College , Northampton, Mass.    by  Alumnae Assoc      1875-1905    1875-1910   Goo    HT   OpL    1875-1915

Annual register of the Alumnae Association of Smith College  College  1908-9

An address at the centennial of the birth of Sophia Smith, the founder of Smith College at Northampton, Massachusetts. Delivered May 27, 1896, by John M. Greene. With notes appended    HT

The Smith College Monthly     1900     1901    1902    1904

Smith College Verse - Anne Coe.. Mitchell , Dorothy Donnell nbsp; Arc

Sophia Smith and the beginnings of Smith college     by Hanscom, Elizabeth Deering 1925    HT

Celebration of the Quarter-centenary of Smith College: October Second and ... by Smith College - 1900   Goo

Development of history and government in Smith college, 1875-1920     by Mary Breese Fuller,   1920    OpL

Alumni Record of State Normal School or the Bridgewater, Mass    by Albert Gardner Boyden  1900  Goo

History and Alumni Record of the State Normal School: Bridgewater, Mass., to July, 1876.    by Albert Gardner Boyden, 1876   Arc    Goo

Register of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association   Arc   1901     1904-05    1908-09

General catalogue of the officers and graduates of Williams college,     by Williams College    OpL   1900    1905      1910      1920

Alumni register , 1884-1900, 1905-'10, 1911-'13, 1914-'18, 1923-'26, 1927-'30, 1931-'35.    by Williams College. 1884   OpL

An Address Delivered Before the Alumni of Williams College, in Love and ... by David Dudley Field -College presidents - 1888   Goo

A biographical record of the Kappa Alpha Society in Williams College,Williamstown, Mass.     1881   OpL

Williams Biographical Annals of Williams College     by Calvin Durfee   1871  Arc    Goo

Gamma of Massachusetts, Williams College.    by Phi Beta Kappa. Massachusetts Gamma Williams College.    Ingram printing and publishing co, 1903   OpL

General catalogue of the non-graduates of Williams College,      by Williams College. The College    OpL   1905     1910   1920

A biographical record of the Kappa Alpha Society in Williams College, Williamstown, Mass   1881    Goo     OpL

A history of Williams College   by Calvin Durfee Williams, 1860  Arc   OpL  

A History of Williams College    by Leverett Wilson Spring  1917    Goo

A Record of the Commemoration, October Eighth to Tenth, 1893: On the ...   by Williams College 1894   Goo

Sketches of Williams College‎   by David Ames Wells, Samuel Henry Davis   1847   Goo   OpL

Social Forces, Philanthropy. Williams College, 1867: An Oration by John Metcalf Taylor, Granville Stanley Hall -Social problems - 1867   Goo   OpL

Williams College    1884     1908   

Williams College and Foreign Missions: Biographical Sketches of Williams ... by John Haskell Hewitt  Pilgrim Press, 1914   OpL

The Williams quarterly‎      by Williams College   1857   Goo

Williams Sketches ‎  by Arthur Ketchum, Herbert Henry Lehman, Percival H. Truman, Henry R. Conger, Isaac H. Vrooman, jr   1898  Goo 

Williamstown and Williams college    by Arthur Latham Perry,   The Author,    1899    1904

Alumni records from 1842 to 1874.    by Williston Seminary (Easthampton, Mass.)  C. W. Bryan and co, printers, 1875    OpL

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