Maryland African Americans

Maryland African Americans

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Ancestors Who Were Slaves      vol 365    MDArch

The First Colored Professional, Clerical & Business Directory of Baltimore City, Maryland.   MDArch 

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The free Negro in Maryland, 1634-1860      by   James M. Wright,    Columbia University; selling agents: Longmans, Green, New York; P.S. King    OpL

Free Arfican Americans of Maryland and Delaware   link  adiditional info

Hagerstown City Directory, 1893   The first listing of the residents of Hagerstown includes name, address and also occupation of the populace. In addition, it records "coloreds", county officials, churches and secret societies   WMH

Notes on the Progress of the Colored People of Maryland Since the War     by Jeffrey Richardson Brackett 1890    McD

Searching for Ancestors who were Slaves: An Index to the Freedom Records of Prince George's County Maryland,   by Louise Joyner Hienton,    MDArch

Slave Statistics of St. Mary's County Maryland,   Statistics consist of lists of slaves owned as of 1 November 1864, when the Constitution abolished slavery in Maryland) Agnes Kane Callum   1864, Commissioner George B. Dent      vol 369 (1993 )    MDArch  

Slavery in Maryland Briefly Considered    by John L Carey.   1845   Goo - Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom and Antebellum Communities in Maryland   vol 670  MDArch 

Twelve Years Among the Colored People: A Record of the Work of Mount Calvary Chapel of S. Mary the Virgin, Baltimore...     by Calbraith Bourn Perry - African American Episcopalians 1884  Goo    

The Witness: Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Carroll County, Maryland     ed. by Jesse Glass  2004   link

Work of the Colored law and order league, Baltimore, Md.  [includes list of officiers]   by James H. N. Waring. Cheyney, Pa., Committee of twelve for the advancement of the interests of the negro race. 1908   LC

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