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Baltimore & The Nineteenth Of April 1861:  A Study Of The War [Johns Hopkins U Studies in Hist. & Polit. Sci.]    by George William Brown,   Balt. 1887   CMU      LC

The Baltimore Book: A Resume of the Commercial, Industrial and Financial ...   by Baltimore (Md.), Wilber Franklin Coyle    1912    Goo

Baltimore County: Its History, Progress, and Opportunities with Snapshots...Some of Its Prominent Men     vol 704   by Logie Bonnett (1916)    MDArch

Baltimore Directory.     R.J. Matchett.   multiple sources   1812   1827     1829     1833    1835    1837   1842    1848    1854    1855    1856    1888  1915

Thompson's Mercantile and Professional Directory, 1851   NRv

Baltimore Directory (Woods' ) for 1856-57, containing the Names of Housekeepers, Clers, Salesmen…      by John W. Woods (Pub)   MDArch

Baltimore illustrated in albertype.    New York, The Albertype Co., 1889  LC

Baltimore : Its History and Its People   by Clayton Coleman Hall, Lewis Historical Publishing Co - Baltimore (Md.)   1912   Goo    vol 1      vol 2       vol 3

Past and Present : with Biographical Sketches of Its Representive Men   ...      by Brantz Mayer   1871  Arc    Goo

Baltimore : the book of the fire : a word picture and a series of illustrations showing the progress of the great conflagration and its disastrous results.    by   Daniel McIntyre Henderson, 1851-1906.    Baltimore : D.M. Henderson,   1904   LC

Baltimore Wholesale Business Directory & Business Circular for the Year 1845.   Baltimore (Md.)   1845    1852    1853

A brief statement of facts, shewing the importance of a bridge over the river Susquehanna, at Connowingo creek, and of the roads to the river Susquehanna, to the growth of the city of Baltimore, and to the comfort and convenience of its inhabitants; with a map, shewing the different routes to Lancaster and Philadelphia.   Baltimore : Printed by J. Wane & co., 1816   LC

Celebration in Baltimore of the Triumph of Liberty in France: With the ...    by Baltimore (Md)   Citizens, William Wirt 1830   Goo

The chronicles of Baltimore : being a complete history of "Baltimore town" and Baltimore city from the earliest period to the present time      by John Thomas Scharf, 1843-98  1874    Goo   LC    MoA

The City Government of Baltimore    by Thaddeus Peter Thomas - Baltimore (Md.)   1896     Goo

A Complete View of Baltimore: With a Statistical Sketch, of All the Commercial, Mercantile,...     by Charles Varle. 1833    Goo

Curtis' Bay : ... Advantages ... as the only existing ... Deep Water Harbor contiguous to the City of Baltimore    Patapsco Land Co., Baltimore    1874    MoA

Defence of Baltimore, and Death of General Ross  by Richard Emmons - Baltimore, Battle of, Baltimore, Md   1814    Goo

Epidemiological studies on diphtheria in Baltimore, 1920-1921   by Reginald M. Atwater    1921    OpL

An exact and authentic narrative, of the events [ massacre ] which took place in Baltimore, on the 27th and 28th of July last. Carefully collected from some of the sufferers and eyewitnesses. To which is added a narrative of Mr. John Thomson, one of the unfortunate sufferers, ...      Printed for the purchasers, Sept 1, 1812.    LC

The Financial History of Baltimore     by Jacob Harry Hollander   1899   Goo

The First Colored Professional, Clerical & Business Directory of Baltimore City, Maryland.    Mar  

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First Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Md: Rise and Progress      by Baltimore First Presbyterian church, John Chester Backus, Patrick Allison   1859     Goo

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Genealogy and Biography of Leading Families of the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County, Maryland       vol 706 MDArch

History of Baltimore City and County including Biographical Sketches of Representative Men    vol 705   by J. Thomas Scharf   1881  Goo     MDArch

History of Har Sinai Congregation of the City of Baltimore   by Charles Aaron Rubenstein   1918    Goo

A history of the third Plenary council of Baltimore, November 9-December 7, 1884    The Baltimore publishing company, 1885       OpL

A.D. 1862; or, How they act in Baltimore,      by Thomas Hollingsworth Morris, 1817-1872Baltimore , J. S. Waters   1862    LC

A Hundred Years of Merchant Banking: A History of Brown Brothers and Company ...    by John Crosby Brown    Goo

Laws, Documents and Judicial Decisions , Relating to the Baltimore and ... by Maryland   Goo

Memorials Concerning Several Ministers and Others, Deceased: Of the Religious Society of Friends … Baltimore Yearly Meeting ...     1875    Goo

The monumental city, its past history and present resources:     by George W. Howard, 1814-88. Baltimore,: J.D. Ehlers, 1873   MoA

Narrative of events which occured in Baltimore town during the Revolutionary War. To which are appended, various documents and letters, the greater part of which have never been heretofore published.   by Robert Purviance.   Baltimore, Printed by J. Robinson, 1849   LC

The New Charter of Baltimore City      by Baltimore (Md)   1900    Goo

Occasional Papers: Baltimore . 1-29, 1894-1935       by John F. Slater Fund   1895     Goo

Official History of the Fire Department of the City of Baltimore: Together with Biographies and...     by Clarence H. Forrest   1898    Goo

The Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore : The Founder's Letters and ...   by Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University   1868    Goo

Annual Reports Provost to Trustees   1876    1881      1886

Photographic views and description of the great Baltimore $175,000,000 fire, February 7, 8, 9, 1904.     Balts: ed. Read & Sons, Printers, 1904   LC

Records of the city ... by Baltimore (Md.) — History, 1729-1817.    Eastern precincts 1812-17   Western 1810-17   precincts commissioners     OpL

Reminiscences of Baltimore,    by Jacob Frey.   Baltimore, Maryland book concern, 1893.   LC

Report of the "Citizens' relief committee" appointed after the great Baltimore fire, February 7 and 8, 1904.    Baltimore , 1904     LC

Saleswomen in Mercantile Stores, Baltimore , 1909   by Elizabeth Beardsley Butler    1912   Goo

Sermons Preached in Memorial Church Baltimore    by Octavius Perinchief   1870    Goo   

A short account of the establishment of the new See of Baltimore in Maryland : and of consecrating the Right Rev. Dr. John Carroll first bishop thereof on the feast of the assumption, 1790...     by Charles Plowden, 1743-1821.   London : Coghlan, 1790.     LC

The Slums of Baltimore , Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia     by United States Bureau of Labor, Victor Hugo Olmsted, Alfred S. Houghton   1894    Goo

The Taylor Family Digital Portfolio is composed primarily of Lillian Gary Taylor's Memories... recollections of growing up in Baltimore society   UVA

A.D. 1862, or The volunteer zouave in Baltimore,    by an officer of the “Guards”.   By N.G. Ridgely   Baltimore: J. Davis & Co.   1862    LC

Woods' Baltimore Directory for 1856-57, containing the Names of Housekeepers, Clers, Salesmen, Seamstresses...     by John W. Woods (Pub)   MDArch

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