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The Colonization of the Middle States and Maryland.  by Frederick Robertson Jones. 1904  Goo

The Day-star of American Freedom: Or, The Birth and Early Growth of Toleration in the Province of Maryland .    by George Lynn-Lachlan Davis. 1855     Goo

Genealogica and Memorial Encyclopedia of the State of Maryland: A Record of ...   by Richard Henry Spencer,Amer Historical Society 1919   Goo

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-6    MDArch    vol 367 pt 1     pt 2

The History of Maryland: from its first settlement, in 1633, to the restoration, in 1660.   by John Leeds Bozman. 1837    Goo

John Kilty, Land-Holder's Assistant, and Land Office Guide   1808   MDArch    vol 73

Leading Events of Maryland History: With Topical Analyses, References, and ...    by John Montgomery Gambrill, M. Bates Stephens 1904   Goo

Maryland as a Proprietary Province.     b y Newton  Dennison Mereness. 1901   Goo

Maryland not a Roman Catholic colony, stated in three letters.    by Edward Duffield Neill.   Minn   1875     Goo        MoA

Maryland: The History of a Palatinate.    by William Hand Browne.   1884   Goo

Maryland's Colonial Eastern Shore.    by Swepson Earle. 1916   Goo

Nineteenth-Century County Maps , Indexed by Residents      MDArch

The Origin and Growth of Civil Liberty in Maryland: A Discourse.     by George William Brown. 1850  Goo

Religious Liberty in Maryland and Rhode Island by Lucian Johnston - Catholics – 1903   Goo

Terra Mariæ; or, Threads of Maryland colonial history.    by Edward D. (Duffield) Neill., 1823-1893. 1887   Goo   MoA

The Turnpikes of New England and Evolution of the Same Through England, Virginia, and Maryland.    by Frederic James Wood, 1919    Goo

Woods' Baltimore Directory for 1856-57, containing the Names of Housekeepers, Clers, Salesmen, Seamstresses, &    by John W. Woods (Pub)  MDArch

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