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Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Background of the Plymouth Trial [Road to Freedom Group] 1926?]    by Bartolomeo Vanzetti,  Bost  MSL

Bibiography: History of Plymouth Colony, The Pilgrims, Town of Plymouth, Native Americans    PHM

Bradford's History of the Plymouth Settlement, 1608-1650.     by William Bradford, Harold Paget.   1920      Goo 

Governor William Bradford's letter book    Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants - Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony) 1906  Goo

A brief history of the First Church in Plymouth, from 1606 to 1901 - Cuckson, John, 1846-1907    Arc

Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth Granted to William Bradford & Associates Jan13, 1629     Yale

Chief of the Pilgrims: ruling elder of the Pilgrim company that founded New Plymouth, the parent...     by Ashbel Steele. 1857     Goo

Chronicles of the Pilgrim fathers of the colony of Plymouth, from 1602-1625     by Alexander Young,  1800-1854   Arc

Church semi-centennials: Plymouth Church, South Third St. ...  1900  Goo

Corresp. between the Colonies of New Netherlands & New-Plymouth, 1627.  New Plymouth colony. Governor, 1621-1657.    Cor

The First Winter in Plymouth (in: Pumphrey: Stories of the Pilgrims) Baldwin Pjt  1912. Html

Galeacius Secundus: The Life of William Bradford, Esq., Governor of Plymouth Colony ( Bk 2, chp 1 of Magnalia )  By Cotton Mather.   Html

Guide to Plymouth: And Recollections of the Pilgrims     by William Shaw Russell.   1846    Goo   Goo

Handbook of Old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts : its history, its famous dead, and its quaint epitaphs    by Frank H. Perkins  1902  Goo   HT

An historical memoir of the colony of New Plymouth, from the flight of the Pilgrims into Holland in the year 1608, to the union of that colony with Massachusetts in 1692   by  Francis Baylies,1783-1852   Arc

History of North Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts: From Its First ...  by Bradford Kingman  1866  Goo

History of Plymouth Plantation [partial; chpts: 1-9, 36]   by William Bradfprd 1980   May

The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in New England, in 1620: Reprinted ...   by George Barrell Cheever 1848  Goo  Goo 2

The May-Flower and Her Log, July 15, 1620 - May 6, 1621: Chiefly from Original Sources,  by Azel Ames   Gut

Mourt's Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth  by Edward & William Bradford Winslow, 1622   Html

Oration on the 250th ann. of the landing of the Pilgrim fathers at Plymouth . 21 Dec 1870.   by, Robert Charles Winthrop,   1871  Mol 

Pilgrim Memorials, and Guide to Plymouth: With a Lithographic Map and Eight Copperplate Engravings   by William Shaw Russell. 1855   Goo

Plymouth and the Pilgrims: Or, Incidents of Adventure in the History of the First Settlers    by Joseph Banvard.  Boston. 1851   Cor   Goo   MoA

Plymouth Bay (in: Pumphrey: Stories of the Pilgrims) 1912 Chi.  PB  

Plymouth Brethrenism unveiled & refuted    by William Reid,  1814-1896 1876 Edinbg UT

Plymouth church & its pastor, Henry Ward Beecher & his accusers.   Comp by John E. P. Doyle, (Comp.)   MoA

Plymouth Church Records, 1620-1859      by Plymouth Mass. First Church , First Church ...   1920    Goo

Plymouth ColonyArchive Project Glossary [history]  Vir

Plymouth, Massachusetts  City Directory   DC  1909  

Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims 1881  by Mark Twain.  UVir

The Pilgrim republic; an historical review of the colony of New Plymouth, with sketches of the rise of other New England settlements, the history of Congregationalism, and the creeds of the period    by John Abbot  Goodwin, 1888   Cor 

Pritts, Joseph Mirror of Olden Time Border Life: ...the discovery of America, the landing of our forefathers at Plymouth & th 1849   KDL

The proceedings at the Cushman celebration, at Plymouth, August 15, 1855, in commemoration of the embarkation of the Plymouth pilgrims from Southampton, England; together with an account of the services at the grave of Elder Thomas Cushman, August 16, 1855.    MoA 

Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, in New England   by New Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts General Court, Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff, David Pulsifer. 1859   Goo  OpL

Records of the Town of Plymouth   by William Thomas Davis - Plymouth Mass  1892  Goo

Unveiling of the windows of Plymouth Church Brooklyn; depicting the hist. of Puritanism...Dec 1907  Cor

William Bradford, & Surrender of the Patent of Plymouth Colony to the Freeman; March 2, 1640     Yale

White's Letter Book, 1620-1623, Plymouth, New England... [fiction?]    by M. H Faith Whiting, 1866   WAF

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