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Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Blue Book of Cambridge for ... Cambridge (Mass.)   1907   Goo

Cambridge, Massachusetts City Directory   DC  1859  

The Cambridge of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-six: A Picture of the City and ...    by Arthur Gilman Cambridge (Mass.) – 1896    Goo

The Cambridge public library. Its history , rules and regulations, list of officers, past and present, etc - Cambridge Public Library (Cambridge, Mass.)  Arc

Cambridge Sketches by Cambridge Authors     by Estelle Minerva Hatch Merrill, Alexander McKenzie  Cambridge (Mass.) 1896    Goo

Historic Houses and Spots in Cambridge , Massachusetts and Near-by Towns     by John Wesley Freese   1898    Goo History of Cambridge Massachusetts. 1630-1877: With a Genealogical Register.     by Lucius Robinson Paige. 1877    Goo   OpL

Mount Auburn Cemetery : Catalogue of the Lots ... With Names of the ...   by Mount Auburn Cemetery , Cambridge , Mass  1857   Goo

       An Address Delivered on the Dedication ... Sept ... by Joseph Story - Mount Auburn Cemetery ( Watertown and Cambridge, Mass.)   1831 Goo

     Catalogue of Lot Owners in the Cemeter Mount Auburn , 1891      Mount Auburn Cemetery (Watertown and Cambridge, Mass.)    1891   Goo

      A Concise History of, and Guide Through Mount Auburn: With a Catalogue...    by Nathaniel Dearborn  (Watertown, Cambridge, Mass.)   1843    Goo    OpL

       Dearborn's Guide Through Mount Auburn: With Eighty Engravings for the ...   by Nathaniel Dearborn - Sepulchral monuments   1857    Goo  

     Guide Through Mount Auburn: A Hand-book for Passenger Over the Cambridge ...   by Levi Merriam Stevens Mount Auburn Cemetery   Goo

     A Hand-book for Passengers Over the Cambridge Railroad, with a Description Levi Merriam Stevens - Mount Auburn Cemetery 1858   Goo  

       Mount Auburn Cemetery : Visitor's Reference Book   1864   Goo

Records of the Church of Christ at Cambridge in New England: 1632-1830, Comprising the...   by Stephen Paschall Sharples  1906  Goo

The Records of the Town of Cambridge (formerly New-towne) Massachusets: 1630-1703    1901    Goo    OpL  

The Register Book of the Lands and Houses in the "New Towne" and the Town of ...  1634-1829        by Cambridge (Mass) Proprietors   1896    Goo  

The Sumner Outrage: A Full Report of the Speeches at the Meeting of Citizens ...     by Cambridge (Mass.). Citizens - Slavery – 1856  Goo