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                   U.S. Army Medical Department Journal

American medical biography : or, Memoirs of eminent physicians who have flourished in America. To which is prefixed a succinct history of medical science in the United States, from the first settlement of the country. Thacher , James, 1754-1844   Arc   vol 1    vol 2

American medical biography; or, Memoirs of eminent physicians; embracing principally those who have died since the publication of Dr. Thacher 's initial work on the same subject by Stephen W. Williams, (Stephen West), 1790-1855   Arc

American Medical Gazette and Journal of Health      Goo

Biographical Directory Of Fellows & Members Of The Amer. Psychiatric Assn. [some pages scramble w/another book    1950     DLI

Catalogue of the Alumni, Officers and Fellows, 1807-1880.   College of Physicians & Surgeons, Medical Dept. of Colunbia College in the City of NY  1880    Goo

Cleave's biographical cyclopedia of homeopathic physicians & surgeons.    By Cleave Egbert.   Phila.   1873     MoA    OpL

The Cherokee Physician, or Indian Guide to Health, as Given by Richard Foreman, a Cherokee Doctor;… Use of Medicines… Description of…Herbs and Roots,.. Medical Virtues have Hitherto been Unknown to the Whites…      by Richard Foreman,   and Mahoney, Jas. W. (James W.) Asheville, N.C.: Edney & Dedman, 1849    UNC

Cookbook ["Manuscript recipe book, 1705, containing medical & cooking recipes"; digital facsimile]    by D. Tetre, fl. 1705   UPa

Conspectus of the medical colleges of America    by Illinois State Board of Health 1884    Goo

Correspondence, 1896-1905 [describes her MD training at Johns Hopkins & practice in Boston; superintendent of…  Hannah Glidden Myrick, 1871   Har

Daniel Drake & his followers; historical & biographical sketches [early western medicine]   1785-1909:    by Otto Juettner, 1865-.    1909  KDL

A Directory of sanatoria, hospitals and day camps for the treatment of ...     by National Tuberculosis Association (US)   1919   Goo

A Directory of tuberculosis associations and committees in the United States    by National Tuberculosis Association (U.S.).   1919    Goo

Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers, Addressed to the Officers of the Army of the United States     by Benjamin Rush    Philadelphia:   Printed for Thomas Dobson, 1808   NIH

A Doctor's Memories [illus.; Missouri; medical school (UMich.); Spanish-Amer. war; typhoid comm.; WWI]    by Victor C. Vaughan, Indian, 1926   CMU

Early days on the Lakes, with an account of the cholera visitation of 1832.   From manuscript records of Captain Augustus Walker nbsp;    Cor

An Epitome of Practical Surgery, for Field and Hospital    by Edward Warren, 1828-1893   Richmond, Va.: West & Johnson, 1863   UNC

History of American Red Cross Nursing      by Lavinia L. Dock   (World War, 1914-1918)   1922  Goo

History of homeopathy and its institutions in America      edited by William Harvey King   1905  Arc   vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4   Goo   vol 4  

History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills Robert B. Shaw    MBk

Homoeopathic Home and Self Treatment of Disease: For the Use of Families and ...   by Charles Woodhouse  1868  Goo

The homoenopathic pocket companion : or, a simplified abridgment... Designed expressly for the use of families and travellers,       By Dr. Martin Freligh   MoA

Hospitals, Dispensaries and Nursing    The Johns Hopkins Press; 1894  Goo

Hospitals: Their History, Organization, and Construction. Boylston Prize ...    by Walker Gill Wylie   1877   Goo

International Causes of death in 1916.    A bit macabre, but an intriguing window into medicine in the early 1900s. CMU 

Manual of homoeopathic theory and practice, designed for the use of physicians and families.    by Arthur Lutze, M.D, 1813-70. Tr. from the German by Charles J. Hempel, M.D.  1862  MoA

Masters of medicine v. 5, 1897    1897    Goo

Medical Inquiries and Observations    second American edition, revised and expanded,    by Benjamin Rush Philadelphia: J. Conrad and Co. et al., 1805,    vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4

Medical Problems of Immigration: ... papers, 38th ann. meeting, Amer. Acad. of Medicine, Atlantic City, 1912   Har

Medical and surgical directory of the United States, comprising ... list of all the physicians in the United States ..     R.L. Polk & Co.  1886   1893   1896

Medical Women: A Thesis and a History   by Sophia Jex-Blake     1886    Drx

Medicinal Recipe Book [cookbook; digital facsimile]    by   D. Petre, fl. 1705    UPa

A New medical dictionary.       by George M. (George Milbry) Gould.   1890   Goo

New Warren 's household physician, enlarged and revised: being a brief description in plain language of all the diseases of men, women and children, with the latest and most approved methods of treatment -    by Ira Warren , 1806-1864    Arc

The office and duties of coroners in Pennsylvania   by Graham Cox Woodward   International print. co., 1911   OpL

Pioneers In Mental Health    by Robin Mckown   Dodd, Mead & Company, 1961   OpL  

Pharmaceutical Directory of All the Crude Drugs Now in General Use: Their Etymology and Names ...    by John Rudolphy.    1872   Goo

The Physicians and Surgeons of the United States.     edited by William B. (William Biddle) Atkinson.  C. Robson Publisher, 1878    Goo

Pioneer work in opening the medical profession to women : Autobiographical sketches     by Elizabeth Blackwell, 1895   Har

Proceedings of the American Medico-Psychological Association Annual Meeting      by American Medico-Psychological Association   1908      Goo

The Surgeon Generals of the Army of the USA: Biographical Sketches of the Senior Officers ... Assn. Military…      by James Evelyn Pilcher,   1905     Goo

Surgery in war    by Alfred John Hull,   J. [and] A. Churchill, 1916    OpL

The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review      1914   Goo

Transactions of the National Dental Association at the 6 th annual session at Niagara Falls ...     by National Dental Association 1897-1922, 1903   Goo

Beecher's Dental Directory  Of the United States      1890

Who who in Dentistry: Biographical Sketches of Prominent Dentists in the ...    by Samuel Greif   1916   Goo