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Annual report relating to the registry and return of births, marriages, and deaths, in Michigan,...  1894   Goo

Census and Statistics of the State of Michigan May,     by William Graves.   1854   1854    1884

Law and instructions for taking the census of the state of Michigan, in the year 1874. Issued by the secretary of state.    MoA

Cyclopedia of Michigan: historical & biographical, ...general history of the state, & biographical sketches ..   1900   MoA

Edwards' historical, statistical and commercial review of the state of Michigan by Edwards, Richard. 1862    HT

Facts and figures about Michigan; a hand-book of the state, statistical, political, financial, economical, commercial.    by Frank James   Bramhall,   1846-1907.      1885    LC    text    images

Gazetteer of the state of Michigan, in three parts ... with a succinct history of the state, from the earliest period to the present time ... with an appendix, containing the usual statistical tables, and a directory for emigrants...     by John T. Blois. Detroit, S.L. Rood & co; 1839     LC     text  images

Polk's  Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory  1856    1860   1863 vol 1   1867    1873   1875   1897   1907

General history of the state of Michigan with biographical sketches, portrait engravings, and numerous illustrations. A complete history of the Peninsular state from its earliest settlement to the present time     by Charles Richard Tuttle,  b1848 Detroit, R. D. S. Tyler & co, 1873    Goo     MoA      OpL   

Beginnings of Michigan   Burton, Clarence Monroe      HT

The Early History of Michigan, from the First Settlement to 1815.     by Electa Maria Sheldon , 1817-1902.    1856     Goo    MoA    OpL

Early History of Michigan: With Biographies of State Officers, Members of Congress, Judges and...   by S. D. (Stephen D.) Bingham. 1888     Goo      MoA

Historical memoranda of the territory of Michigan.    By: Burton, Clarence Monroe    1904   HT

History of Michigan.  by Charles Moore. 1915    Goo

Michigan as a province, territory and state, the twenty-sixth member of the federal union.    by: Utley, Henry Munson   1906   HT  vol 1-4

Memorials of a Half-Century in Michigan and the Lake Region  by Bela Hubbard   LC

Michigan,  by Alexander Winchell   MoA   

Michigan and the Centennial: Being a Memorial Record Appropriate to the Centennial Year     by Michigan. State centennial board of managers. 1876   Goo

Michigan as a Province, Territory and State: The Twenty-sixth Member of the Federal Union.    by Henry Munson Utley, Byron M. Cutcheon, Clarence Monroe Burton  1906  Goo

Michigan Biographies,   by Michigan Historical Commission.  1924   LC

Michigan state gazetteer(s) and business directory(s)     1856    1860   1863   1863-4   1867   1873   1875   1877   1897

Young & Co.'s Business and Professional Directory of Central Michigan   1902

Outlines of the political history of Michigan,  by James V. Campbell., 1876   Goo   MoA  

Political Parties in Michigan, 1837-1860: An Historical Study of Political ...    by Floyd Benjamin Streeter   1918   Goo

Rand McNally & Co.'s indexed county and township map of Michigan...  RHB  1883 

The red book of Michigan: a civil, military and biographical history.,   by Charles Lanman, 1819-1895. Detroit,  E. B. Smith & company  1871  Goo    MoA     OpL

Sadliers' catholic directory, almanac and clergy list quarterly      1884

Sketches of the city of Detroit, state of Michigan, past and present. 1855:    by Robert E.. (Robert Ellis) Roberts, 1809-1888.   1855.  MoA

A summer holiday. A brief description of some of the most popular summer resorts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, and the routes by which they can be reached.     by Chicago and North Western Railway Company    LC


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