Saginaw, Michigan

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Amended charter & ordinances of the city of Saginaw...   MoA

The American ancestors of George W. Merrill of Saginaw , Michigan, with other family records - Merrill, William, 1851-    Arc

Annual Statement of the Salt and Lumber Business of the Saginaw Valley ...  1876   Goo

Census  1840 Population schedules of the sixth census of the U S, Michigan      [Saginaw , Shiawassee, St. Clair, and St. Joseph Counties]  Arc  Reel 0210

The Charter of the City of East Saginaw ,      by Saginaw      MoA

Charter of the City of Saginaw, Michigan, with Amendments Thereto and the ... by   Saginaw (Mich.). Common Council     1917    Goo

City directories   multiple sources  1861-62     1874     1879/80    1881   1881/82     1909   1909   1915    1921    1923

Saginaw Valley Directory, Brown,   1873    1874    1878  

East Saginaw - Umberhine & Gustin's Lake shore gazetteer and business directory     Arc   1861-62

Municipal manual and official directory of the city of Saginaw.    HT   1907    1911/12  

Compiled ordinances of the city of East Saginaw [Michigan]   MoA

Deed of trust and articles of association of the Sagina bay company    Arc

Evil its own destroyer : A discourse delivered before the united societies of the Congregational and Baptist churches at the Congregational church in the city of East Saginaw , April 19th, 1865, on the occasion of the death of President Abraham Lincoln - Morehouse, Henry Lyman, 1834-1917   Arc

History of Saginaw County, Michigan: Historical, Commercial, Biographical.   by James Cooke Mills.1918  Arc     MoA   vol 1    vol 2     Goo

History of Saginaw county, Michigan; together w/... portraits ... & biographies ... History of Michigan ...     by Michael A. Leeson.   1881    Arc    MoA

History of the Saginaw Valley, its resources, progress and business interests    by Truman B Fox,   Arc

History, resources, ... of the Saginaw Valley: the RR excursion, the Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad.   1862    MoA

Indian and Pioneer History of the Saginaw Valley :  With Histories of East Saginaw, Saginaw City,...  by Thomas & Galatian . 1866   Arc    Goo    MoA

Industries of the Saginaws; historical, descriptive and statistical ..    by  J. W  Leonard   1887   Arc

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan ...    by Biographical Publishing Company, Biographical publishing company, Chicago,  1892  Arc  vol 1   vol 2    Goo    OpL

The Saginaw Valley collection     by Harlan Ingersoll Smith, 1872-1940   Arc

Saginaw Valley   it’s resources, progress and business interests     by Thorman Fox   1868  Goo

Summary of the archeology of Saginaw Valley, Michigan - Smith, Harlan Ingersoll, 1872-1940    Arc

What is spiritualism ? An address delivered before the Society of spiritualists, at Penny's Hall, in the city of East Saginaw , Mich...     by George A. Lathrop,     MoA

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