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American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-made Men... Michigan Volume    by F. A. Barnard. 1878   Goo     MoA   vol 1    vol 2

Men of Progress: Embracing Biographical Sketches of Representative Michigan Men:    by Mich Evening News Association (Detroit) 1900    Goo     LC    MoA

An index of pioneers from Massachusetts to the West : specially the state of Michigan     by Charles A. Flagg, 1870-1920. 1915    HT

The pioneers of Massachusetts, a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns and churches and other contemporaneous documents    by Pope, Charles Henry    Arc   

Supplement to An index of pioneers from Massachusetts   by Pope, Charles Henry   HT

Annual Minutes of the Michigan Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church    ONB   1846-1924

Minutes of the Annual Session of Detroit Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church    ONB   1856-1922

Protestantism in Michigan: being a special history of the Methodist Episcopal Church and ... other denominations        by Elijah Holmes Pilcher, 1810-87    Detroit: R.D.S. Tyler, 1878    OpL

Ballads And Songs Of Southern Michigan    by  Emelyon Elizabeth Gardner, Geraldine Jencks Chickering.  The University Of Michigan Press, 1939     OpL  

Biographical illstory of Northern Michigan  1905   Goo

Detroit and the pleasure resorts of northern Michigan.   Compliments of passenger dept.      Arc

A history of northern Michigan and its people      Goo   vol 1    vol 2    vol 3

Portrait and biographical record of northern Michigan     Record Publishing Co., 1895   OpL

The Catholic Church in the Grand River Valley, 1833-1950   HT

Memorials of the Grand River Valley    by Franklin Everett, Earl W. De La Vergne  1878   Goo   MoA

Detroit and the pleasure resorts of northern Michigan.   Compliments of passenger dept.      Arc

Detroit, Lansing & northern railroad co.  1883    LC    text

Lake Superior Railroad ,    by Morgan L. Drake   MoA

Pere Marquette Railroad Company & Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company    U.S. Interstate Commerce Comm.   1917   GPO     Goo

A Gallery of Pen Sketches in Black and White of Our Michigan Friends "As We See 'Em." , by Newspaper Cartoonists' Association of Michigan    Detroit, W. Graham printing co, 1905    LC   text    images

Genealogy and American local history in the Michigan state library     by Michigan State Library    Lansing, Mich, 1915   OpL  

The Germanic influence in the making of Michigan. Germanic influence in the making of Michigan. by Russell, John Andrew, 1865-   1927     HT

Inaugural Proceedings at the Dedication of the New Capitol of Michigan, at the City of Lansing, on the First Day of January, 1879   by Michigan Board of State Building Commissioners    MoA

Legends of Michigan and the Old North West: Or, A Cluster of Unpublished Waifs, Gleaned Along the...     by Flavius Josephus Littlejohn. 1875   Goo

Lower Peninsula , 1896-1900     by Michigan Geological Survey.   1900   Goo   

Medical History of Michigan        by Michigan State Medical Society  2 vols    LC

Michigan historical collections.  Michigan Historical Commission. MoA      INDEX-1 to vol 1-15     INDEX-2

vol  17     vol  24     vol  28 vol  32    vol  36    vol  40
vol  20    vol  24    vol  29 vol  33    vol  37   
vol  21     vol  26 vol  30 vol  34 vol  38
vol  22          vol  27    vol  31      vol  35    vol  39   

Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory for ...    1867-68

Michigan Trailmakers      by Henry Ormal Severance,     George Wahr, Pub. 1930   Arc   OpL

Pioneer collections: report of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan   Goo   vol 3    vol 4   vol 5   vol  6   vol 7   vol 8    vol 9 

Circular, act, constitution, by-laws, and list of officers of the ...  Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan  1874   Goo

Collections and researches made by the Michigan Pioneer and ... Goo    vol 3    vol 4   vol 13    vol 16-30

Proceedings in Congress upon the acceptance of the statue of Lewis Cass, presented by the state of Michigan     US Congress (50th, 2nd session: 1888-89)   Memorial addresses   1889      OpL

Sketch of the life and public services of General Lewis Cass    by William T. Young,    of Michigan    Detroit, Markham & Elwood, 1852    OpL  

R.L. Polk and Co.'s marine directory of the Great Lakes   ["Comprising a complete list of all vessels navigating the lakes, arranged alphabetically, and showing the name, rig, tonnage, where and when built and by whom, port of hail, owner's name, insurance rating, etc."]   HT  1884  vol 3

The Story of the Great Lakes.     by Edward Channing, Marion Florence Lansing.   1909    Goo

History of the Lake Huron shore... biographical sketches of some of its men & pioneers.   1883    MoA

A summer holiday. A brief description of some of the most popular summer resorts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, and the routes by which they can be reached.     by Chicago and North Western Railway Company    LC

Tourist guide of the West Michigan Pike: (Michigan State Trunk Line M-11) a ...   By Louis H. Conger, West Michigan Pike Association     1915    1922

Tracking The Underground Rail Road .    by Jean M. Fox . The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1993.   FCL

The western tourist and emigrant's guide through the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and the territories of Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska… large and minute map, exhibiting the township lines...counties…cities, villages and settlements, etc,    by  J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) Colton, 1800-1893. New York, J.H.Colton & Co. 1855    MoA

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