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Official army register of the volunteer force of the United States    Army and Navy  

1813 1870 1882 1894 1913  1925 1935 1945 1953 v 2 1958 v 2-3   1964 v 1 1968 v 3 
1815  1872 1883 1895 1914 1926 1936 1946 1954 v 1 1959 v 2-3 1964 v 2 1969 v 1
1851 1873 1884 1897 1915 1927 1937   1947   1954 v 2 1960 v 1 1965 v 1 1969 v 2
1856 1874 1885 1898 1916 1928   1938 1948 A-Q 1955  v1 1960 v 2-3 1965 v 2-3 1969 v 3
1861  1875 1886 1899 1918 1929 1939 1948  R-- 1955  v 2 -3 1961 v 1 1966 v 1  
1863 1876 1888 1908 1920 1930   1940 1949 1956 v 1 1961 v 2 1966 v 2-3  
1865 1877 1889 1909 1921 1931 1941 1950 1956 v 2 1962 v 1 1967 v 1  
1866 1878   1891 1910 1922 1932 1942 1951 1957 v 1 1962 v 2 1967 v 2-3  
1867 1880 1892 1911 1923 1933 1943 1952 1957 v 2 1963 v 1 1968 v 1  
1868 1881 1893 1912 1924 1934 1944 1953  v1 1958 v 1 1963 v 2-3 1968 v 2  

List of officers of the army of the United States from 1779 to 1900, embracing a register of all appointments by the President of the United States in the volunteer service during the civil war, and of volunteer officers in the service...    by William H. Powell    OpL

A dictionary of all officers who have been commissioned, or have been appointed and served, in the army of the United States, since the inauguration of their first president, in 1789, to the first January, 1853 ... including the distinguished officers of the volunteers and militia of the states ... navy and marine corps, who have served with the land forces ...    by Charles Kitchell Gardner  1960   OpL

Acts of Congress, General Orders, and Instructions for the Guidance of Boards of Registration: In...   by United States Army. 1867   Goo

Air Force combat wings: lineage and honors histories 1947-1977   by Charles A. Ravenstein  1984  Goo

The American Merchant Marine: Its History and Romance from 1620 to 1902     by Winthrop Lippitt Marvin   1902   Goo

Armor-Cavalry Regiments: Army National Guard Lineage  by Jeffrey Lynn Pope, Leonid E. Kondratiuk 1999  Goo

The Army of the United States: Historical Sketches of Staff and Line (portraits omitted),   ed Theophilus F. Rodenbough & William L. Haskin  1896  CMH

The Army of the United States   Historical Sketches of the Army branches, its regiments, and its Commanders, through the 1880's  Arm

Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the U.S. Military ...   by George Washington Cullum  1891  Goo

Boots and Saddles, Or, Life in Dakota with General Custer  by Elizabeth (Bacon) Custer  1885  Goo

Camp Douglas Military Reservation, Utah - United States. Congress. House. Committee on Military Affairs   Arc   Goo

Cavalry: Its History, Management, and Uses in War   by Jean Roemer  1863   Goo

Department of the Army Historical Summary,  by Center of Military History Arm

A Dictionary of All Officers, who Have Been Commissioned ... Army of the United States…1789 –January, 1858 ….   by Charles Kitchell Gardner  1853   Arc  Goo

Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers, Addressed to the Officers of the Army of the US    by Benjamin Rush   Printed for Thomas Dobson, 1808   NIH

Federal Military Pensions in the United States   by William Henry Glasson  1918   Goo

From Huffman Prairie to the Moon: The History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,    by Lois E. Walker and Shelby E. Wickam   III

A general register of the navy and Marine corps of the United ...    Goo    1848

Guide to similar surnames : for use in the Adjutant-General's Office, War Department    1920    Arc

Location of graves and disposition of bodies of American soldiers ...   1920   Goo

Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army...  1903  Goo

History of Military Pension Legislation in the United States   by William Henry Glasson 1900  Goo

A history of the organization and movements of the 4th regiment of Infantry  U.S.A., 1796-1870.    by William H. Powell,   M'Gill & Witherow, 1871   OpL

History of the Gatling Gun Detachment, Fifth Army Corps, at Santiago... Few Unvarnished Truths Concerning that Expedition,    by John Henry Parker   Gut

History of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: With a Complete Guide-book...   by J. C. Gobrecht  1875     Goo

History of the North-western Soldiers' Fair, Held in Chicago the Last Week of October and the...    by US Sanitary Commission. Northwestern Sanitary Commission. Ladies Auxiliary.  1864    Goo

History of the "Soldiers; Home," Washington, D.C.     by Eba (Anderson) Lawton   1914   Goo

History of the United States Cavalry: From the Formation of the Federal ...  by Albert Gallatin Brackett  1865   Goo

History of the United States cavalry: from the formation of the federal government to the 1st of June, 1863;...list of all the cavalry regiments, with the names of their commanders, which have been in the United States service since the breaking out of the rebellion.    by Brackett, 1829-96   MoA  

A History of the United States Navy, from 1775 to 1893  by Edgar Stanton Maclay, Roy Campbell Smith  1894   Goo

A History of the War Department of the United States: With Biographical ...    by Lurton Dunham Ingersoll  1879     Goo

List of Officers of the Army of the United States from 1779 to 1900 ...  by William Henry Powell  1900   Goo

Manual for Army Cooks Prepared Under The Direction Of The Commissary General Of Subsistence [garrison & camp;  U.S. War Dept. Off. Commissary Gen. Subs  GPO 1896    MSU

Measures Short of War: The George F. Kennan Lectures at the National War College, 1946-47,      ed. by Giles D. Harlow and George C. Maerz     ndu

The Naval Miscellany,   ed John Knox Laughton, Publ. Navy Records Soc. 1894    Goo     vol 1

Naval officers.  by Charles Benedict Davenport  1919  Goo

The Ninety-first, the First at Camp Lewis      by Alice Palmer Henderson   1918    Arc

The Official Record of a Court of Inquiry Convened at Chicago, Illinois, January 13, 1879, by the President of the United States Upon the Request of Major Marcus A. Reno, 7th U.S. Cavalry, to Investigate His Conduct at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25-26, 1876    by US Army Courts of Inquiry   Wis

Official Register of Officers of Volunteers in the Service of the United ...    by US Adjutant-General's Office - Military service, Voluntary 1900   Goo

On the plains with Custer : the western life and deeds of the chief with the yellow hair, under whom served boy bugler Ned Fletcher, when in the troublous years 1866-1876 the fighting Seventh cavalry helped to win pioneer Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakota for white civilization and today's peace     by Edwin Legrand Sabin, 1870-1952 Charles H Stephens, Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Co., 1913   OpL

The Organization and Lineage of the United States Air Force   by Charles A. Ravenstein 1986   Goo

Powell's Records of Living Officers of the United States Army    by William Henry Powell - 1890   Goo

Prelude to Army XXI: U.S. Army Division Design Initiatives and Experiments, 1917-1995   by Glen R. Hawkins and James Jay Carafano      Arm

Quaint and Historic Forts of North Americaby     by John Martin Hammond 1915  Goo

The Reestablishment of the Navy, 1787-1801: Historical Overview and Select Bibliography,  by Michael J. Crawford and Christine F. Hughes    Nav

Register of Officers and Members of the Society of Colonial Wars, 1897-1898 ... by General Society of  Colonial Wars  Goo   1895    1898     1906 Supp

Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and... by US Bureau of Naval Personnel, United States. Navy Dept, United States.   Goo

Register of the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States ...United States History, Military Societies  1900   Goo

Register of the War Department: Containing the Names of All Persons Connected with the War...   by U S War Dept.   Goo    1886    1887   1889   

Regulations for the Uniform and Dress of the Army of the United States      by United States War Department 1839    CMH

Reminiscences of the Old Navy: From the Journals and Private Papers of Captain Edward Trenchard, and Rear-Admiral Stephen Decatur Trenchard...    by Edgar Stanton Maclay 1898   Goo

Revised United States Army Regulations of 1861...Containing the Changes and Laws Affecting Army Regulations and Articles of War to June 25, 1863   MoA

Roster of the Organized Militia of the United States, by Divisions, Brigades ...  by United States War Dept 1908    Goo

Secretaries and chiefs of staff of the United States Air Force Biographical sketches and portraits    by George M. Watson, Jr.  Air Force History and Museums Program Wash DC 2001  Goo

Sketches of Fort Presque Isle.   by Winifred Sackville Stoner   1903   OpL

Story of the Forty - seventh : Being the History of a Regiment of Heavy Artillery Made Up of Men ...    47th coast artillery , by   George W. Small    Arc

The Surgeon Generals of the Army of the USA: Biographical Sketches of the Senior Officers ...     by James Evelyn Pilcher,   1905     Goo

Uncle Sam's Army Boys in Khaki Under Canvas,    by Andrew S. Burley   Xoo

A United States Army "Scottsboro Case",    by Vito Marcantonio and William H. Hastie    MSU

U.S. Army Regulations from 1861   CMU

Veterans Administration pension payment cards,    United States. Veterans Administration   1907-1933  

Reel 1332   -  Lee, Aaron - Lee, Furman D

Reel 1333  -  Lee, Gardner W. - Lee, King David  

Reel 1334  -  Lee , Lafayette - Lee , Ruth Ann   

          Reel 1335  -  Lee, Sabina E. - Leedy, William C

West Point an intimate picture of the national Military academy and of the life of the cadet   by Robert Charlwood Richardson   1917    OpL

Reminiscences of West Point in the olden time. Derived from various sources, and register of graduates of the U. S. Military Academy    by A. B. Berard, (Augusta Blanche), 1824-1901, ed   Arc

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