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The bench and bar of Mississippi ‎ James Daniel Lynch       Goo   1881

Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi   FHA

Cemetery at Old Ladies Homes, Jackson, Mississippi, Hinds County    FHA

The Cherry Hill - Poplar Springs - Reid Community in Calhoun County, Mississippi 2nd    by Monette Morgan Young Second Edition  SCR

A complete history of Mississippi Baptists from the earliest times   FHA   vol 2

The First Push Westward of the Albany Traders (Miss V Hist Rev).   by Helen Broshar.   link

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1874 ,      by Louis Alfred Wiltz   MoA

Encyclopedia of Mississippi history: comprising sketches of counties, towns ... ‎ Dunbar Rowland   1907    Goo

Historical Discourse Delivered on the Quarter-Centennial Anniversary of the University of Mississippi    by John Newton Waddel    MoA

Letter to the Honorable, the Board of Trustees of the University of Mississippi    by Frederick A. P. Barnard    MoA

Minutes of a meeting of the Board of trustees of the University of ... ‎   University of Mississippi   1870   Goo

A History of Mississippi: from the discovery of the great river by Hernando DeSoto, including the...      by Robert Lowry, William H. McCardle   1891    Goo 

History of Newton County, Mississippi: from 1834 to 1894    Goo

Journal of the Proceedings and Debates in the Constitutional Convention of the State of Mississippi, August, 1865 ,    by Mississippi Constitutional Convention     MoA

The Kloran of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Realm of Mississippi    by Ku Klux Klan    MSU

Leake County History   by Mac and Louise Spence     Joe

Mississippi, as a Province, Territory, and State: With Biographical Notices ...‎    by John Francis Hamtramck Claiborne  1880  Goo

The Mississippi basin ...: The struggle in America between England and ... ‎   by Justin Winsor - Mississippi River Valley - 1895   Goo

Mississippi : comprising sketches of towns, events, institutions ...     by Dunbar Rowland   1907   Goo

Mississippi : Contemporary biography ‎     by Dunbar Rowland   1907  Goo

Mississippi decisions: containing the unreported opinions of the ...     Mississippi. Supreme Court   1906   Goo   vol 1    vol 2

Mississippi. Dept. of Archives and History, Dunbar Rowland, Mississippi. Governor (1798-1801 : Sargent),  Governor (1801-1804 : Claiborne)  1905  Goo   vol 2

Mississippi digest annotated: a complete digest of all reported annotated  in which are digested all cases in volumes 100-119 Mississippi reports...decisions reported in vols 56-82 Southern reported.  Goo   vol 5

Mississippi negro lore ‎     by Sidney Fant Davis - Biography & Autobiography - 1914   Goo

Mississippi provincial archives: English dominion     1911   Goo   vol 1

Mississippi Slave Narratives‎   Applewood Books   2006       Goo

Mississippi state cases: being criminal cases decided in the High ...    Mississippi. High Court of Errors and Appeals, Mississippi. Supreme Court   1872   Goo    vol 1

The Mississippi territorial archives, 1798-18- ‎     1905  Goo   vol 1

The Mississippi Valley    by J. W. Foster    MoA  

Mississippi Valley beginnings: an outline of the early history of the ... ‎      by Henry Edward Chambers   1922  Goo

The Mississippi valley in the civil war ‎    by John Fiske    1902   Goo

Mostly Mississippi    by Harold Speakman      LC

Natchez City Directory 1892   Ntc

City of Natchez, Mississippi, Aug, 1886 Census of Inhabitants, Buildings, Churches & Schools, Orphan Asylums…    1886   Nat

Natchez, Adams Co., Mississippi Yearbook "Bubbles"   1921

Spanish 1792 Census, Natchez District of the Mississippi Territory    NBe

Native villages and village sites east of the Mississippi     by  David I. Bushnell, (David Ives), 1875-1941  Arc

Negro progress in a Mississippi town, being a study of conditions in Jackson , Mississippi    by  D. W Woodard, 1909   Arc

New Hope Cemetery Pages [ north of Walnut Grove ]    by Wynell (Crane) Parrish   Joe

The Official and statistical register of the state of Mississippi   Mississippi. Dept. of Archives and History, Dunbar Rowland   1917   Goo    vol 4

Official proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Railroad Convention: held at ... ‎  1852   Goo

...Pioneers of the Mississippi Valley      by Charles Alexander McMurry   1904  Goo   bk 2

The Pioneers, Preachers and People of the Mississippi Valley    by William Henry Milburn   1860    Goo   MoA

Proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association      1914  Goo    vol 7

Proceedings of the Mississippi State Convention, Held January 7th to 26th, A. D. 1861     by Mississippi    UNC

Recollections of Mississippi and Mississippians ‎    by Reuben Davis   1890    Goo

Reconstruction in Mississippi.    by James Wilford Garner.   1902    Goo   

Rozier's History of the Early Settlement of the Mississippi Valley    by Firmin A. Rozier,   1890    UMo

Statutes of the Mississippi Territory: the Constitution of the United States ...    by  Edward Turner  1824     Goo

Stevens Cemetery, Perry County, Mississippi     FHA

Tourist's Guide to the Upper Mississippi River     by John Disturnell     MoA

Tragic Story of America's Greatest Disaster: Tornado, Flood and Fire in Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska and Mississippi Valley     by Marshall Everett    1913    Gnet