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Brigham's Destroying Angel: Being the Life, Confession, and Startling Disclosures of the Notorious Bill Hickman, the Danite chief of Utah,    by William Adams Hickman 1904   MoA 

Encyclopedia of Mormonism   BYU

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   by Brigham Henry Roberts. 1902   Goo 

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints    by Heman C. Smith,  1916   OpL  

The husband in Utah: or, Sights and scenes among the Mormons: with remarks on their moral and social economy.   By Austin N. Ward. New York, Cincinnati,: Derby & Jackson;, H. W. Derby & co. 1857.    MoA  

Life in Utah: or the mysteries and crimes of Mormonism, being an expose of the secret rites and ceremonies of the Latter Day Saints...    by  John Hanson Beadle, 1840-97. Philadelphia, Pa, Chicago, Ill: National publishing company, [1870]    MoA  

Mormonism: its rise, progress, and present condition. Embracing the narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith, of her residence and experience of fifteen years with the Mormons ... together with the speech recently delivered before the "elders" in Utah, by Vice President Schuyler Colfax, and the answer of John Taylor.   by  Nelson Winch Green.  Hartford,: Belknap & Bliss, 1870.    MoA  

The Mormons, or, Latter-day saints, in the valley of the Great Salt Lake: a history of their rise and progress, peculiar doctrines, present condition, and prospects, derived from personal observation : during a residence among them.   by John Williams Gunnison,  1812-1853.   Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1856   MoA

Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism: Biography of Its Founders and ...   by Pomeroy Tucker - Mormons and Mormonism  1867  Goo

The Religious, Social, and Political History of the Mormons, Or Latter-day Saints...   by Henry Mayhew, Samuel Mosheim Smucker. 1857   Goo 

Twelve Mormon homes Visited in Succession on a Journey Through Utah to Arizona,    by Elizabeth Wood Kane, ed. by Everett L. Cooley  UUt

Under the Prophet in Utah.   (Mormon History/Utah History)   by  Frank J. Cannon & Harvey J. O'Higgins.   1911  Ca    UPa