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FHB Contributions towards a Nelson genealogy : pt. I., some Neilsons of Scotland

HT Dear cousins; genealogical information about some Forbes, Van Curlers, Nelsons, Nobles, Hastings, Sheldons, Cheneys and many other related families by Pearl Duncan Larmoyeux. 1961

HT Genealogical notes collected by George Lockhart Rives, 1849-1917. 1914

Arc Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia. Also a condensed account of the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton and Randolph families, with references to the Byrd, Carter, Cary, Duke, Gilmer, Harrison, Rives, Thornton, Wellford, Washington,

FHB Nelson [Nelson family; Babcock family] by Lowther, Luella (Luella Arlene Loving), b. 1929

FHB Nelson families of the Suffolk/Essex borders : genealogical working data

FHB Nelson Family History by Richard C. Nelson,

FHB Nelson/Warp and Norman/Humphrey families : England, Norway and Sweden, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, 1754-2007

FHB The descendants of Simpson-Roach families of South Carolina : including allied famlies and genealogical briefs of Berry, Bratton, Pickens, Moffett, Drennan, Boyd, Wylie, Mecklin, Sadler, Farmer, Sanders, Nelson, Springs

FHB The family of John Bernhard Nelson and his wife, Ellen Matilda Westman, an early twentieth-century family of Ironwood, Michigan : other families included: Nilsson, Pålsson, Westman, and Peterson

FHB The Nelson family record from midseventeen hundreds to October 1959
Aaron FHB Bless their memory : a history of the family of Aaron Alma Nelson and Rosa Lorena Rencher
Afton FHB Leo Eldon & Afton Haywood Nelson : family history
Deborah FHB The American ancestors and descendants of Simon Newcomb Pratt : : and his wife, Deborah Isabel Nelson, of Cossayuna, New York
Even FHB The Even (Ed) Nelson--August Schwanke family history, or, A pound of nails, two pounds of herring and two quarts of sauerkraut by George C. Nelson, (George Carl Quenton),
Frances FHB Family History -- Clarence Smith & Frances Belle Nelson family : the early years
Glen FHB Glen T. Nelson history
Ingeborg FHB A history of our families : Reginald Nelson Burt = Mary Amelia Wight and their parents, Thomas Albert Burt = Ingeborg Lenora Nelson and Thaddues Wight = Harriet Elizabeth Wight
Isaac FHB In memoriam, Isaac DeGroff Nelson
James FHB Autobiography of James Horace Nelson, Sr. : son of David Nelson and Mary Thompson Miller Nelson, born at Jacksonville, Morgan county Illinois, U.S.A., March 28, 1839, from the original manuscript of the author
James FHB James Rulon Nelson : a gentleman and a farmer, 19 May 1901 - 6 Oct 1992
John FHB Descendants of John Nelson, Sr.- Mary Toby, Stafford County, Virginia 1740-1959 with related families by Olive Nelson Gibson, b. 1877
John FHB Descent of John Nelson and of his children : with notes on the families of Tailer and Stoughton
Jonas FHB Jonas Peter (Nilson) Nelson and Anna Louisa Samuelsdotter (1833-1896) : Parkers Prairie Twp., Otter Tail Co., MN. U.S.A
Knud FHB The Knud Nelson family from Denmark to America by Ardell Hogan Mills
Knute FHB The life of Knute Nelson
Wibbie FHB Some ancestors and some descendants of Wibbie Reams Nelson and John Andrew Franklin Morrow
William Goo William Rockhill Nelson: The Story of a Man, a Newspaper and a City by Kansas City Star 1915

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