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The Art & Artists of Buffalo    Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society   BFT

Atlas of the City of Buffalo, New York  1894    BFT 

The Beginnings of Buffalo Industry  Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society  NYL

The braves' rest; or, The old Seneca Mission Cemetery. Communicated to the Society.   by William Clement Bryant   Cor

Buffalo cemetaries. Read before the Society, February 4, 1879.    by William Hodge,   1804-1887. Cor

Buffalo City Directories  [from multiple sources]  

1828 1848 1853 1860 1865 1888
1832 1849-50 1854 1860 1869  
1832 1850-51 1854 1861 1870 1890
1832 1851-52 1855 1862 1873 1890
1842 1852 1855 1861-62 1883 1892
1844 1853 1859 1863 1884 1894
1864 1887

The Buffalo free library movement in the year 1897.     by Henry Livingston Elmendorf,   1852-1906    Cor

Buffalo Historical Society Publications and Index (1837-1838)    by Buffalo Historical Society    Cor

Appendix A, B, C,   Index (1837-1838) Appendix          Index  vol   7
Appendix A, B,       Index (1906) Appendix          Index  vol 17
Appendix                Index  vol   4   Appendix          Index  vol 18
Appendix                Index  vol   6 Appendix          Index  vol 19

Buffalo Historical Society Publications.  1905   Goo    vol  1, 1879        vol  7, 1904      vol  8, 1905   

The Buffalo common schools. Read before the society, January 23, 1863.  by Oliver Gray Steele, 1805-1879.  Cor

Buffalo in 1825. Reprinted from a pamphlet published in that year.    by Sheldon  Ball,   Cor

Buffalo past and present.     Cor

The case of Benjamin Rathbun; this remarkable financier's own statement of his operations in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, culminating in forgery and imprisonment…his own manuscript written in jail    by  Benjamin Rathbun,   Cor

"The Charles Lamb of Buffalo."  Memoir of Guy H. Salisbury, first secretary of the Buffalo historical society--paper read before the society March 7, 1871   by Gray, David, 1836-1888.   Cor

Contributions towards a bibliography of Buffalo and Niagara region.   by Frank Hayward  Severance, 1856-1931,  Cor

Dance Halls: Ordinances Governing the Conduct of Public Dances and Dance Halls, City of Buffalo,    by Buffalo (New York)   LC

Early recollections of Buffalo.   by Julia F Snow, (Miller)  Cor

Early reminiscences of Buffalo and vicinity.  Read before the society, Mar. 19, 1866.   by James L Barton,  d.1869.   Cor

Early trade routes. Adventures and recollections of a pioneer trader...his share in the building of Buffalo harbor    by James Sloan, 1788?-1868   Cor

First appearance, in 1832, of the cholera in Buffalo. With inicidental notices of the late Roswell W. Haskins    by Lewis Falley Allen,  1800-1890   Cor

From ox-cart to aeroplane : one hundred years of successful business, 1818-1918   by James Wallen for Weed & Co   HT

Half century discourse : the first church in Buffalo       by   Walter Clarke, et al.   T. Butler    1862    Cor

An historical sketch of the Buffalo library, prior to the free library movement.    by Josephus Nelson Larned,   1836-1913   Cor

A History of Buffalo: Delineating the Evolution of the City‎    by Josephus Nelson Larned, Charles Elliott Fitch, Ellis Henry Roberts,  1911   Goo

History of Buffalo harbor, Its construction and improvement during the nineteenth century    by Thomas William Symons, 1849-1920.   Cor

History of the abolition of railroad grade crossings in the city of Buffalo.    by Robert Borthwick Adam,   1833-1904.   Cor

History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers      by H. P. Smith Syracuse, NY: D. Mason and Co, 1884 Goo   Nia

A history of the Israelites in Buffalo. Read the society, March 20, 1876, and revised and continued to the present time     by Sampson Falk   Cor

Home history. Recollections of Buffalo during the decade from 1830 to 1840, or fifty years since.     by   Samuel Manning Welch.   Cor

An Index-catalogue of Books in the Department of Local History and Genealogy    by Grosvenor library, Buffalo, N.Y.   1908     Goo

The industries of Buffalo: a resume of the mercantile and manufacturning progress of the Queen City of the Lakes     Elstner Publishing Co, Buffalo.    Cor

Journals of Henry A. S. Dearborn. A record of councils with the Seneca and Tuscarora Indians...   by Dearborn, Henry Alexander Scammell, 1783-1851   Cor

Memorial of the city and county hall opening ceromonies, buffalo, N. Y.     by Francis F Fargo,   Cor

Memories of early days in Buffalo.   by Sylvester J. Mathews,   Cor

Minutes of the eightieth anniversary of the Broome and Tioga Baptist Association, held with the Calvary Baptist Church..    Baptists. New York (State) Broome and Tioga Association.    Cor

Mounted clippings relating to the early settlers and history of the town of Owego, and boston purchase.    by Owego gazette, Owego, N. Y.   Cor

The new home of the historical society in Delaware park    by Buffalo historical society.   Cor

The origin and progress of the Buffalo Historical Society.   Read before the Society, June 26, 1873.    by Oliver Gray Steele, 1805-79.   Cor

The origin of the name of Buffalo. Read before the Buffalo historical society, April 7, 1863.    by William Ketchum,   Cor

Orlando Allen. Glimpses of life in the village of Buffalo.   Read before the society, April 16, 1877.    by William Clement Bryant,   Cor

Narrative of Colonel Samuel Blakeslee, a defender of Buffalo in the war of 1812.    by Samuel Blakeslee   Cor

Picture book of earlier Buffalo     bySeverance, Frank H. (Frank Hayward), 1856-1931  Cor

Papers relating to the burning of Buffalo, and to the Niagara frontier prior to and during the war of 1812    by Buffalo historical society   Cor 

Periodical press of Buffalo; a few reminiscences and a bibliography    by Periodical Press    Cor

Personal recollections of Captain Jones and Parrish, and of the payment of Indian annuities in Buffalo.    by Allen, Orlando, 1803-1874.    Cor

The Pictorial year-book and calendar for 1888. with Buffalo events in 1887, valuable statistics, etc.    by Buffalo express    Cor

The postal service of the United States in connection with the local history of Buffalo.    by Nathan Kelsey Hall, 1810-1974  Cor

Proceedings of the Buffalo Historical   Cor

The progress of the Empire State a work devoted to the historical, financial, industrial, and literary development of New York  by Conant, Charles A. (Charles Arthur)  Arc   vol 2   Buffalo   vol 3  Buffalo,Rochester, Utica

Public speeches, delivered at the village of buffalo, on the 6th and 8th days of July, 1812, by Hon. Erastus Granger   Cor

Random notes on the authors of Buffalo. Paper read before the society March 18, 1889.   by Frank Hayward Severance,   1856-1931  Cor

Red Jacket.    by Buffalo historical society.   Cor

Sketches of Early Buffalo and the Niagara Region     by Sophie C.   Becker, Arc

Society 1915, 1916, 1917. The semi-centennial of the Buffalo historical society, May 20, 1912    by Buffalo Historical Society   Cor

Seneca mission at Buffalo Creek     by Henry Raymond Howland,   1844     Cor  

Social life in earlier Buffalo, by Martha Fitch Poole.    by Mrs. Martha Poole, (Fitch) 1818-1903   Cor

Some early Buffalo characters.    by Frank Merrick Hollister,   1843-1916   Cor

The Village of Buffalo 1800-1832     Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society   NYL

The village of Buffalo during the war of 1812. Read before the society, March 13, 1863.    by William Dorsheimer, 1832-1888.   Cor

Where is Buffalo? The determination of its latitude and longitude in 1861.    by Buffalo Historical Society    Cor

The woman's educational and industrial union of Buffalo    by Ellie Josephine Shepard,   (Sumner) "Mrs. F.J. Shepard"   Cor

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