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The Governance of the City University of New York: A System At Odds with Itself ,   by Brian P. Gill    Rnd

College Settlements Assn. [rpts. of headworkers, etc., 1914]   (95 Rivington St - settlement houses)    NY College Settlements Assn.   1914    Har

Annual rpt of the University Settlement Society of NY[C], (24-25th) [formerly Neighborhood Guil…   NY    1910-11    1895     1896 - 1900

Columbia college commencement, 1889.     by Henry Codman Potter   OpL  1888   1889  

The class of 1902, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York City by Columbia University   OpL   1902  

A History of Columbia University, 1754-1904.  Goo 

Official Positions Held by Alumni of Yale , Princeton, Columbia, Brown ...   by Richard Henry Greene   1890   Goo

Quarter centenary record of the class of 1898 of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University in the City of New York    OpL

Decennial record of the Class of 1898 of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University in the City of New York  OpL

Telephone guide to Ithaca and Cornell University   1907   TCPL

Cornell University, a History   by Waterman Thomas Hewett, Frank R. Holmes, Lewis A. Williams 1905   Goo

Annual report of President for the year  Cor    1881-4    1885-8    1889-92    1897-9

The Class Book     Cor  1897   1898  1899   1901    1902   1903    1904    

Cornell Daily Sun  Newspaper  Collection 1880-1979    

The Cornell Era ,    1868-69    1869-70   1870-71

Directory of Cornell men pra`cticing law in New York City     by Erle W  Whitfield     Arc

Exercises at the Dedication of Barnes Hall, June 16, 1889 By Cornell University Christian Association   Goo

Cornell stories      by James Gardner Sanderson  C. Scribner's sons, 1908    OpL

Cornell's University Archives

A Catalogue of the Cornell chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (Theta of New York)        1912    OpL

The Ten Year Book of Cornell University     by Cornell University, Cornell University   1908    Goo

Proceedings at the laying of the corner stone of the Sage college of the Cornell University.   Ithaca: University press, 1873. MoA  

University Register   Cor   

   1884-5     1885-6    1886-7    1887-8   1888-9   1889-90  1890-93   1901-2   1902-3   1903-4   1904-5   1905-6   1907-8   1908-9   1909-10

The laws of Hamilton College ...     by Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.) D.P. White, printer, 1867    OpL   

A narrative of the embarrassments and decline of Hamilton College [Clinton, NY]     by Henry Davis,   1833    OpL

The first half century of Madison university, (1819-1869) or, The jubilee volume, containing sketches of eleven hundred living and deceased alumni; with fifteen portraits of founders, presidents, and patrons. Also, the exercises of the semi-centennial anniversary; the historical address; Richards ' and Taylors' poems; the missionary record; the war record; lists of collegiate and theological graduates ... and other historical matter ..   Colgate University - , Hamilton, N.Y  Arc

New York State Agriculture College . Charter, ordinances and regulations.    by New York State Agricultural College, Ovid.    Cor   1853   1859

General alumni catalogue of New York University, 1833-1905.      by New York University.   General Alumni Society, 1906   Goo

First Commencement. Assembly chamber, New capitol, July 10,1879    by New York (State) University   Cor

History of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1824-1894      by Chamberlain Ricketts Palmer  Arc   OpL

Biographical Record of the Officers and Graduates of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1824-1886...    by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1887      Goo

Addresses and Other Exercises at the Inauguration of Alexander Winchell as Chancellor of the Syracuse University ,   by Syracuse University   MoA

Alumni Record and General Catalogue of Syracuse University ...  Genesee College , Geneva Medical College (Geneva, N.Y.)  Arc   1999  1904

The golden jubilee of Syracuse university, 1870-1920   Arc

Syracuse chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa of New York .. - Phi Beta Kappa. New York, Syracuse University  1905  Arc

Syracuse University publications: Contributions from the ...   Syracuse University. Zoological Laboratory   vol 2

The centenary of Alpha of New York of Phi Beta Kappa         Alpha of New York (Union College) Gazette Press, 1917   OpL

History of the class of 1913, Union Theological Seminary    FHA 

Union University: [Albany NY ]   Its History, Influence, Characteristics and Equipment ...‎    by Andrew Van Vranken Raymond   1907   Goo

A history of the University of Buffalo, 1846-1917, by Julian Park     by Julian Park,  1888-    Cor

Historical Sketch of Vassar College,    by Vassar College    MoA

Vassar     by James Monroe Taylor, 1848-1916   Arc

Addresses at the celebration of the completion of the twenty-fifth academic year of Vassar College, June, 1890.    Vassar College.  1890   OpL

The fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Vassar college, October 10 to 13, 1915    Vassar college, 1916    OpL   

A list of references on college and university government and administration, 1819-1920    by Vassar College. Library. 1921    OpL

Vassar College: A College for Women, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.     by John Howard Raymond    Cor    MoA

Vassar College and its Founder ,    by Benson John Lossing    MoA

Vassar College   by, John H. Raymond    S.W. Green, Printer, 1873    OpL

Wells College [ Auroral, NY ] and its founders by Lowe, Walter Irenaeus.   College, 1901   OpL

Reminiscences of West Point in the olden time. Derived from various sources, and register of graduates of the United States Military Academy    by   A. B. Berard, (Augusta Blanche), 1824-1901, ed   Arc

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