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Contributions towards a bibliography of Buffalo and Niagara region.   by Frank Hayward  Severance, 1856-1931,  Cor

Contributions towards a bibliography of the Niagara region. The Upper Canada rebellion of 1837-'38.  by no author  Cor

The case of Benjamin Rathbun; this remarkable financier's own statement of his operations in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, culminating in forgery and imprisonment…his own manuscript written in jail    by  Benjamin Rathbun,   Cor

Historical sketch of Niagara ship canal projects, or, A ship channel between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario     by Henry Wayland Hill    Buffalo Historical Society, 1918   Cor   OpL

How Niagara was made free. The passage of the Niagara reservation act in 1885.     by Thomas V. Welch   Cor  

Journal of a tour to Niagara Falls in the year 1805      by Timothy Bigelow, et al.   Cor

Narratives of Early Mission Work on the Niagara Frontier & Buffalo Creek.    Cor

A Niagara Falls tourist of the 1817.   Being the journal of Captain Richard Langslow of the honorable East India service.  by Richard Langslow,   Cor

The Niagara frontier landmarks association.    by Niagara frontier landmarks association.   Cor

Niagara One Hundred Years Ago: The Ancient Capital and Its Vicinity ,    by Janet Carnochan   Can

Niagara Portage & Its First Attempted Settlement under British Rule.   by Henry Raymond Howland, 1844-.     Cor

An old frontier of France; the Niagara region and adjacent lakes under French...    by Frank Hayward Severance, 1856-1931. 1917 Cor     vol 1   vol  2

Old trails on the Niagara frontier.     by   Frank H. Severance.   1899   Arc   Cor      

Papers relating to the war of 1812 on the Niagara frontier.    no author  Cor

Peace Mission to Niagara of Ephraim Douglas in 1783.    by Frank Hayward Severance, 1856-1931.    Cor

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Ride to Niagara in 1809    by T. C.    Cor

The story of David Ramsay, trapper, smuggler, Indian Slayer...of Lake Erie & Niagara [NY].     by David Ramsay, 1763-92.     Cor

Studies of the Niagara frontier,    by Frank H. Severance.   Buffalo Historical Society 1911   Cor

The tale of captives at Fort Niagara.   by Frank Hayward Severance   Cor

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