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Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive       Hispanic Digital Collections  Library of Congress 

German Immigrants Database Indexes to German emigrants from ship manifests 1820-97 

A collection of Swiss genealogies   Genealogy of the Bommeli family of Mauren-Berg and Sulgen, Thurgau; Ammann family of Bussnang and Affeltrangen, Thurgau; Brunschweiler and Schuepp families of Sirnach, Thurgau; Credig family of Safien   FHA

A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 :  with a statement of the names of ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival at Philadelphia, chronologically arranged, together with the necessary historical and other notes : also, an appendix containing lists of more than one thousand German and French names in New York prior to 1712     by I. Daniel Rupp.   FHA   Har

Americans by adoption : brief biographies of great citizens born in foreign lands . Husband, Joseph, 1930, c1920.  Har

Aliens or Americans? .    by Howard B. Grose,  1906.   Har

All about California, and the inducements to settle there California Immigrant Union, San Francisco. 1873.  Har

Almshouse women; a study of two hundred and twenty-eight women in the city and county almshouse of San Francisco . Coolidge, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs Roberts Smith, 1896  Har

America and her immigrants    by Harold Ordway Rugg,  1925?  Har

America and the British colonies : an abstract of all the most useful information relative to the United States of America ... Canada, the Cape of Good Hope, New South Wales, and Van Diemen's island ... Second edition . Kingdom, William. 1820   Har

The American foreign-born workers by Clarissa S. Ware 1923?  Har

The Armenians and their present persecutions : sermon, preached in First Presbyterian Church, Utica, N.Y., January 12, 1896 .     by R. L.   Bachman, 1896?  Har

The Armenians in America . Malcom, Malcolm Vartan  c1919   Har

The Complete Book of Emigrants:   1751-1776     Goo

The Czecho-Slovaks in America     by Kenneth D. Miller ; with an introduction by Charles Hatch Sears  1922   Har     HT

Czech and Slovak history : an American bibliography     compiled by George J. Kovtun ; introduction by Stanley B. Winters. by Kovtun, George J. 1996   HT

The Czechs and Slovaks in American banking    by Capek, Thomas    1920   HT

The English register of Oseney Abbey : written about 1460    Arc

Emigrants from England , 1773-1776.    Arc

Directoryof Filipino Students in the United States     1917   1920   1922

History of the French in America: with six years of life and travel in the ... By R. A. N. Harvey     Goo

The French blood in America - Fosdick, Lucian J. (Lucian John), b. 1849   Arc

The French in America during the war of independence of the United States, 1777-1783     by  Thomas Balch, 1821-1877   Arc  vol 2

History of the French Protestant refugees, from the revocation of ...  By Charles Weiss   Goo  vol 1     vol 2

New France and New England    by John Fiske  1902  ABC

Pioneers of France in the New world   1867   Arc

The story of a French homestead in the Old Northwest       by Frances R Howe   Arc

A list of works relating to the Germans in the United States. Compiled under the direction of A.P.C. Griffin, chief bibliographer - Library of Congress. Division of Bibliography  Arc

Annual report of his labors among the German emigrants in New York and neighborhood for the year . Bogen, F. W. 1854.   Har

The German-Americans: An Ethnic Experience : A Publication of the Max Kade German-American Center. Published in German in 1990, translated in 1993  Iui

The German in America.   by F. W. Bogen,  Boston : B.H. Greene, 1852.   Goo

The Hispanic Society of America (founded 1904) by Hispanic Society of America. The De Vinne Press, 1904    OpL   UNC

Hungarians in the American Civil War      by Eugene Pivány  Arc

The American diary of a Japanese girl by Yon Noguchi, 1902  Har

Japanese Immigration and the Japanese in California San Francisco:  California Farmers Co-operative Association, c. 1920    Har

Japanese and Other Immigrant Races in the Pacific Coast and Rocky Mountain States, Presented by Mr. Dillingham.   Washington : G.P.O., 1911   Har

Norwegian-American Studies. Volumes 1-33 Initially entitled Studies and Records a scholarly journal of Norwegian-American History  ABC   NAHA

Polish genealogy & heraldry : an introduction to research     by Janina W. Hoskins, Hoskins, Janina W. 1987   HT

After bread; a story of Polish emigrant life to America .   by Henryk Sienkiewicz, c1897  Har

The Polish peasant in Europe and America: monograph of an ...  by By William Isaac Thomas, Florian Znaniecki   1918-1920    Goo    vol      vol 2    vol 3    vol 4   vol 5 

 The Russians and Ruthenians in America :  Bolsheviks or brothers ? /  by Jerome Davis ; with an introduction by Charles Hatch Sears. 1922   Har

The Russian immigrant    by Jerome Davis     1922  Har

Studies in Greek genealogical chronology,    by Prakken, Donald Wilson. 1943   HT


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